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This article is about the pay-to-play guide. For the free players' guide, see Free-to-play Firemaking training.

NOTE: For the duration of the 2013 Christmas Seasonal event, players can train their Firemaking at the bonfire in the lumbridge crater to receive an additional 1% experience bonus for every piece of Christmas holiday apparel they are wearing (up to 5%). Players are highly encouraged to take advantage of this, as the special bonfire will only be around for the duration of the event. It should also be noted that there are bank chests directly beside the Christmas bonfire.

This article gives tips on training the Firemaking skill for Members. Firemaking is trained in much the same way in P2P as in F2P; however, Members offers some additional content to firemaking such as Eucalyptus logs, Teak logs, Mahogany logs, Magic logs, the Firemaking ring the Ring of fire, Flame gloves, and the Inferno Adze. Members firemaking also offers burning shades in Mort'ton, but for actual firemaking training the vast majority of people burn logs. Firemaking is essentially a money-losing skill, but can be much less expensive to train than other skills usually considered to be buyables such as Herblore, Crafting, Prayer, Smithing, or Construction.


These basics of training firemaking are relevant on both F2P and P2P.

  • This guide assumes the use of a single, possibly shared bonfire, and not the creation of multiple fires in a location.
  • Training firemaking typically involves training near a bank for the highest efficiency, and repeatedly withdrawing banked logs and burning them.
  • Training at the Lumbridge dungeon bank chest (After Recipe for Disaster) is a highly used location as a fire can be made right outside the bank. Contrary to popular belief, making a fire beside the bank is faster than making it beside the stool. Making the fire next to the bank will allow you to not have to manually click to move, otherwise, you will have to manually move to the stool, place the fire and move back.
Logs used Where to cut Level XP/log Cost Notes
Logs Normal logs Everywhere 1-15 40 291 About 60 logs have to be burnt to reach level 15.
Oak logs Oak logs Everywhere 15-30 60 591 About 182 oak logs have to be burnt to reach level 30.
Willow logs Willow logs Near water, e.g. along rivers, sea or lakes 30-45 105 248 Very cheap, can be quickly bought in G.E.. About 545 willow logs have to be burnt to reach level 45.
Maple logs Maple logs Seer's Village, or in the Daemonheim Peninsula resource dungeon 45-99 135 108 Much faster than willow logs. Approx 1208 needed to reach level 58, and approx 96100 to level 99.
Eucalyptus logs Eucalyptus logs West of Oo'glog 58-99 193.5 751 These are a possible cheaper alternative to yew logs, depending on current GE Price.
Yew logs Yew logs Assorted areas 60-99 202.5 167 More expensive than maple logs, but faster.
Magic logs Magic logs See Tree locations 75-99 308.8 380 Very expensive, rarely used.

Assuming that 1200 logs are burnt per hour:

  • Players who value their time at under -2,851,200 coins per hour should burn Willow logs.
  • Players who value their time between -2,851,200 coins per hour and 12k coins per hour should burn Maple logs.
  • Players who value their time between 12k coins per hour and 311k coins per hour should burn Yew logs.
  • Players who value their time at over 311k coins per hour should burn Magic logs.

Level 1-15

At first, only normal logs, which give 40 experience each, can be burnt, Trees, evergreens, dead and dying trees can be cut nearly everywhere in RuneScape, ranging from Lumbridge to the Wilderness. Also, on the second floor of Lumbridge castle, there are four logs spawns that can be lit along with logs brought by the player. Purchasing the logs for 1 to 15 firemaking is not necessary as getting level 15 is only several minute's work; only 60 logs have to be burnt to raise firemaking from level 1 to 15.

Level 15-30

After level 15, Oak logs, which give 60 experience each, should be burnt. Oak trees can be cut almost everywhere. Level 15 woodcutting to cut the oak logs may be useful; oak logs also can be easily bought from the Grand Exchange. About 183 oak logs have to be burnt to get from 15 firemaking to 30.

Level 30-45/99

After level 30, Willow logs, which give 90 experience each for lighting and 105 experience for adding to bonfire, should be burnt. Willow logs are always available at Grand Exchange for 248 coins each, or they can be cut with 30+ woodcutting. Willow trees can be cut near the River Lum in Lumbridge, near Edgeville, near the sea south of Draynor bank, south of the cabbage patch north-west of Draynor Village, a little west of Catherby bank, in Rimmington, just northwest of the bank in Seers' Village, Or in Barbarian outpost. You could also go to a crowded world and go to a spot where many woodcutters are, and pick up the logs they often drop. The typical cost, if buying the logs, is 2.756 coins per experience. Burning willow logs is essentially the cheapest way to train firemaking. After burning 535 willow logs, you will reach 45 firemaking

Level 45-99

At level 45+ Firemaking Maple logs, which give 135 experience each and cost 108 coins each, can be burnt. The typical cost, if purchasing the logs, is 0.8 coins per experience. They are much faster experience than willows but are still very cheap. In general, the amount of time saved burning these instead of willow logs to a high level (such as 99) outweighs the extra cost of using maple logs. Otherwise, maples are the best option until the player reaches higher levels. If you have done the quest Throne of Miscellania, you can get many maple logs (892 plus bird's nests for every 100 logs to cover costs) every 24 hours for only 50,000 per day (75,000 a day if you have done Royal Trouble.)

Level 58-99

People who want to train Firemaking faster than allowed by Maple logs can now move up to better, more expensive logs.

After level 58, Eucalyptus logs, which give 193.5 experience each, can be burnt. The power levelling cost is 3.881 coins per experience, which is far higher than willow and maple logs. However, this can be a good alternative to yews, for they are much less expensive.

Yew, which give 202.5 (only 9 more experience than eucalyptus) experience per log. The power levelling cost is 0.872 coins per experience.

Level 75-99

After level 75, Magic logs, which give 303.8 experience each, can be burnt. The power levelling cost is Expression error: Unexpected < operator. coins per experience (or if you are using a Penance horn or a Penance master horn, the cost per experience is Expression error: Unexpected < operator.). Magic logs are the fastest and most expensive way to train firemaking.

They are rarely burnt because of the large cost of burning them. Most players who train firemaking choose not to use magic logs as there are cheaper alternatives, though the experience gained is slower. Only players who have spare cash should train with magic logs. At a rate of 1200 logs per hour, the player would have gained 364,560 experience (729,120 if you are using a Penance horn or a Penance master horn) much more compared to using other logs.

It would take only 38,921 Magic logs (or only 19461 if you are using a Penance horn or a Penance master horn) to get from Level 75-99. At current Grand Exchange prices, this would cost about 14,789,980 gold or about 7,395,180 gold if you are using a Penance horn or a Penance master horn.

Level 83-99

After level 83 Firemaking, Curly roots, which give 378.5 experience each, can be burned in special firepits found in the Jadinko Lair. They must first be chopped from curly (not straight) Jade Roots hanging from the ceiling near the slayer monsters there, requiring 83 Woodcutting. Four roots are received for each vine chopped, the vines chop quickly even at only 85 Woodcutting. At the minimum required levels with a Ring of fire, a player can expect to get about 235k Firemaking experience per hour as well as 23.5k woodcutting experience. At high levels with full Lumberjack equipment, the Inferno Adze, Flame Gloves and the Ring of fire equipped (the Penance horn does not work), one can expect to get about 35k Woodcutting experience and around 305k Firemaking experience per hour, as well as over 1100 Jadinko Favour, making this second in speed only to Magic Logs, but for free (and potentially profitable), as well as being partially AFKable (the character burns all the roots in the inventory automatically). The animation is the same as cooking.

Combining Woodcutting and Firemaking

Woodcutting and firemaking can be combined by cutting an inventory of logs, then burning them. This allows simultaneous woodcutting and firemaking training without the need to buy supplies and visit the bank. The most effective logs to perform this method on are teaks. A great location for this is the teaks by Tai Bwo Wannai. Alternative locations are in the Kharazi Jungle and on Ape Atoll.

Logs requiring a higher level than teaks will result in slower woodcutting and firemaking experience per hour because of reduced woodcutting speed.


Using logs with a Bonfire instead of starting a new fire grants the following increased experience values. These values may change depending on your Firemaking level and any applicable boost. In general, it is always better to create a bonfire. This will reward you with more xp, a max life points boost, and on occasion, charms, runes, etc. from fire spirits.

Log type Experience
Regular Bonfire (1 Player) Bonfire (5+ Players) Bonfire (5+ Players) with:

Regular 40 50 52.5 58
Oak 60 85 89.25 96
Willow 90 105 110.25 115.8
Teak (m) 105 120 126 132.2
Maple* 135 135 to 175 140.4 to 182 147.4 to 191.1
Mahogany (m) 157.5 180 189 198.5
Arctic Pine (m) 125 130 136.5 143.3
Eucalyptus (m) 193 195 204.75 215
Yew 202.5 260 270.25 283.8
Magic (m) 303.8 309.5 320 341.2
  • The experience rate of Maple logs are dependent on the player's Firemaking level. The table shows "#1 to #2", #1 being the exp gained at level 45 firemaking, #2 being the exp gained at level 99 firemaking.


  • When worn together, the Ring of fire and Flame gloves give +5% experience total when burning logs.
  • The Inferno adze randomly burns logs while woodcutting. Thus, when using the Inferno adze, is as if the player gains firemaking experience as an "extra" while training woodcutting. Many players power-cut teak logs to achieve 99 woodcutting. Gaining 13M woodcutting experience cutting teaks with an Inferno adze would give approximately 4.82M firemaking experience extra, this is an average of 2.7 Woodcutting experience for every 1 Firemaking exp. As the inferno adze requires 92 firemaking, it may be useful to get 92 firemaking before doing any serious amount of woodcutting for experience. This method is especially useful for Curly roots, where more than one root can be incinerated by the Inferno Adze at a time.
  • It is possible to light fires using a bow instead of a tinderbox after completing Barbarian Training. This ability could be argued to be useless as a bow may be accidentally wielded. However, if you have the same bow equipped and you use the log on the bow, instead of bow on the log, it isn't any more useless than a tinderbox. However, after the addition of the toolbelt, this technique has become totally pointless.
  • When wielding a Penance Horn or a Penance master horn acquired from Barbarian Assault, the experience you earn from burning a log is doubled, netting a much higher amount of experience for cost, making burning maple logs about the same as burning yews normally. However, it takes much time and effort to fill the horn with experience, making it slower overall. This bonus does not apply to burning Curly roots however.
  • The Book of Char can be used if you have completed The Firemaker's Curse, it will give double the xp for walking over logs, but dropping the logs beforehand is very tedious. A much more efficient way of getting logs lined up on the ground is to fill BoBs with logs and dismiss them in a line. This allows a player to run continuously over the same line, burning 1 log in each stack of logs at a time, gaining a large amount of exp in the limited time the Book is activated.
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