This article is about the Temple Trekking companion. For the pyrelord, see Pazuzu (pyrelord).

Script error Pazuzu is one of the three characters players may escort to Burgh de Rott in the Burgh de Rott Ramble minigame, and is the replacement of the mage. She is the "easy" option for the minigame, and thus has the easiest time levelling up. At higher levels she will assist you by doing things like chopping logs to fix the broken bridge.

Pazuzu's basic equipment is blue mystic robe top, blue mystic gloves, staff of air/air battlestaff, blue mystic robe bottom and white mystic boots. Her cape is possibly a team-29 cape. She uses Earth Blast to attack her targets.


Training Pazuzu

Training notes

  • Ghast events are by far the easiest. See below.
  • Swamp snakes may be an alternative, but are very accurate themselves. At lower levels, this could be dangerous. Giant Snails are even more of a worry, since they attack with ranged. It is possible to train Pazuzu in the Giant Snail encounter by killing all but one snail in the north west corner and have her over the pond farcasting further than the snail can attack.
  • Nail beasts may be considered a good alternative to Ghasts. It has also been discovered that in a nail beast event that it is possible to trap nail beasts behind the lake on the east side of the map and have Pazuzu safespot them.
  • If companions are able to predict what happens ahead, it may be a good idea to pack some prayer potions and pray accordingly against the adversaries' attacks, taking all the hits and making sure companions will not be hurt.
    • In addition it maybe faster and easier if players were to cast Defence lowering spells like Curse or Vulnerability. This will make their companions even more effective in combat.


The most effective way to level Pazuzu (as well as Zachory Bragg) is by letting them kill Ghasts. This can be done during a normal Ghast event, or during the event where adventurers have to be fed in order to not turn into a Ghast (hence do not feed them).

  • At the regular event, as soon as you start the event, run back to the start and trap the ghasts on the rocks and trees. This means Pazuzu is able to kill them, without taking any damage and without taking damage for yourself. You can also do this at the 'escape' path. You can do this with any of the people who use Range or Mage attacks, Such as Jayene Kliyn.
  • The latter event is 100% safe. Walk all the way up north, behind the bushes, and wait there until the adventurers turn into Ghast. See image below
Ghast Safespot Temple Trekking


  • In Assyro-Babylonian mythology, Pazuzu was the king of the wind demons, and has been referenced many times in modern media.
  • Like the other followers, Pazuzu seems to be a follower of Guthix.
  • A glitch used to exist where her Ahrim's armour had been updated outside of the trek, yet once the trek had been started, the robes and hood reverted to the old look. This was the opposite of Dean Vellio's situation and has since been fixed.
  • There is currently an audio glitch that causes a pre-EoC spear sound to play when she shoots a spell at her target. Zachory Bragg is also affected by this glitch, and a similar audio glitch affects Jayene Kliyn.
  • Her staff of light uses the old texture.
  • Zachory Bragg is likely a reference to Futurama (See his page for more details), thus Pazuzu may also be a reference to Pazuzu found in the episode "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles" of Futurama

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