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Pazuzu was a pyrelord commander who fought for Zamorak during the God Wars. He appears only in the FunOrb strategy game Armies of Gielinor, and as such the canonicity of his exploits and history remains uncertain. Like many of Zamorak's generals, such as Thammaron, Agrith Naar, and K'ril Tsutsaroth, Pazuzu was a demon, albeit of the pyrefiend race.

Pazuzu appears frequently in the Saradomin Strikes campaign, which is based loosely on Saradomin's exploits in what is now Misthalin and Asgarnia during the early God Wars. Pazuzu along with a Fremennik mercenary known as The Chief, attempts to combat Saradominist forces west of the River Lum, near what is now the Misthalanian Gunnarsgrunn. Pazuzu plays prominently into the levels "Into the Occult," "Barbarism Starts at Home," and "Flight," during which he is gradually forced from the area that is now Falador to what is now Silvarea.

Later, in the Guthix Awakens campaign, Pazuzu is encountered once again, this time as a Zamorakian leader in the "God Wars" level. The scenario occurs near the end of the God Wars, suggesting that Pazuzu was active throughout the Third Age before finally being slain by Guthixian forces.

Pazuzu appears in four missions, being slain in every one (except Flight, if the player captures the key structure instead). It is unknown how it is possible that he participated in all four battles. It is possible that he was not killed in any of the first three missions, merely wounded to the point where retreat was the only option.


  • Pazuzu shares his name with a prominent demon in real-world Assyrian and Babylonian mythology. According to legend, Pazuzu was the king of the demons of wind.
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