Peer the Seer chathead

Peer the Seer is a member of the Fremennik Council with precognitive abilities, found south of the Rellekka market. He votes for the player to be allowed to join the Fremennik Tribe during the Fremennik Trials quest, if they can pass his test. After the quest, he will also tell the player their future, mainly on what skill to train that day.

After completing the Fremennik Province Tasks, he will deposit a player's items. You don't need to wear the Fremennik sea boots received upon completing the tasks in order to use the deposit service.


  • Peer states "Uuuh... what was that dark presence I felt?" when talked to, referencing the strange power.
  • During Hero's Welcome he will mention he 'disagrees with the use of magic' even though he is wielding a Staff of air.
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