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Penance Healers are creatures only encountered during the Barbarian Assault minigame. Their role consists of two objectives:

  • Heal other Penance creatures, which they accomplish by breathing a white cloud onto them.
  • Poison players, which they accomplish by breathing a green cloud of toxic gas. The poison starts at over 400 life points.

Penance healers can only be killed with poisoned foods, or by firing the Egg Launcher at them. When the correct piece of poisoned food is used on a Penance healer, it will poison it, starting at about 3000 life points. The Healer can continue to feed the Penance healer poisoned food to damage it. Each correct piece of food causes the same damage to the Penance healer, and resets its poison damage. The Healer does not need to wait for the initial poison to stop hitting; this can easily speed up the process of killing the penance healers. The food required to kill them changes over time; it is the job of the Defender to inform the Healer of these changes.

In hard mode, these creatures will move faster when attempting to heal other Penance, and will heal them for more life points as well. In addition, their toxic breath will cause more poison damage.

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