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Penance Rangers are only encountered during the Barbarian Assault minigame. Like Penance Fighters, they can only be killed by the team's Attacker or by the use of the egg launchers. The attack style required to damage them changes over time. It is the job of the Collector to tell the Attacker which stance to use. Their combat level raises with every wave and starts off at 69. At wave 10, it lowers to the wave 7 combat level.

If the Attacker uses the incorrect stance, they take 100 points of unblockable damage, heal them, and will be penalised at the end of the wave.

In hard mode, these monsters gain an adrenaline bar, which slowly fills up as they attack players. When the bar fills completely, they use the ultimate ability Deadshot, which causes a large initial hit and extra damage over time. The damage over time can be cleared by using the Freedom ability.

In the Barbarian Assault hall, there is a statue and a plaque that describes them. It says: 'The Penance Ranger - These creatures store a highly corrosive liquid in the abdomen at the base of their bodies. It is believed that this was initially used for breaking up food matter to be passed on to the Queen for digestion. With the increase of easily digestible food sources (e.g. 'daring' adventurers), this functionality has been removed. It now seems to be used for offensive means in the form of projectiles. The only way to defeat this monster is to confront it with brute force, as it has no convenient weakness. That being said, the Penance Ranger can anticipate and adapt to attacks using the telekinesis common between all Penance, and hence, when taking on this monster, it is important to change attack style periodically to perform damage.'


Normal mode

Wave Level Life points Max hit
1 69 9,113 576
2 71 9,265 ?
3 72 ? ?
4 73 9,568 ?
5 75 9,720 ?
6 76 9,872 ?
7 78 10,024 ?
8 79 10,175 ?
9 80 10,328 ?
10 78 10,024 ?

Hard mode

Wave Level Life points Max hit
1 90 15,492 768
2 91 15,751 777
3 99 16,850 787
4 ? ? ?
5 ? ? ?
6 ? ? ?
7 98 ? 825
8 ? ? ?
9 ? ? ?
10 ? ? ?


  • Previously, Penance Rangers were mentioned in the Armies of Gielinor. However, they have been replaced by the Barbarian Spear Woman. None of the other penance were ever in Armies of Gielinor.
  • They are similar in appearance to wasps, and their projectiles are fired from where the stinger would be.
  • Casting Entangle on Penance Fighters or Penance Rangers would cause the player to take 20 unblockable damage as it counts as wrong attack type.
  • Out of the four common types of Penance, the Penance Rangers are the only ones that do not have a pet version.
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