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Penguin (2015 Christmas event) only appears during certain events and may not be currently found in game.

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Penguins feature in the 2015 Christmas event. They are responsible for luring everyone to the iceberg, and imprisoning Jack Frost, the Queen of Snow, Santa Claus and the Snow imps.

They appear in cutscenes throughout the event, and players may fight them by building Snowmen during and after the third part of the event. After the final part of the event, players may turn in festive fish to the penguins at the top of the iceberg for additional Fishing experience.

Like pet penguins, they cannot be understood without at least level 40 Summoning. They may also not be understood on Free-to-play worlds, as summoning is limited to level 5 there. The Macaroni penguin from the final part of the event may be understood no matter your summoning level.

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