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Release date Unknown edit
Hunter level See article
Experience See article
Location Penguin Hunting Area
Trap Net
Preferred bait Raw cod
Retaliation Unknown edit
Loot Normal penguin or Kgp agent
Examine A gentoo penguin.
This article is about the Hunter creature. For other uses, see Penguin (disambiguation).

Penguins are Hunter creatures which may be hunted in the Penguin Hunting Area after the completion of the quest Hunt for Red Raktuber. There are four ways to capture a penguin, each requiring a different Hunter level. The loot will be either a Normal penguin or a Kgp agent.

Kgp agents can be exchanged for extra Hunter experience with the PBJ Agent across the ice from the hunter area, but many players just release the KGP Penguins as they are only worth 2 experience each. The PBJ agent will not accept ordinary penguins, and the only option is to release them or alchemize them.

At level 60 and above, players report that it is very rare to see a trap fail using Box traps.

A player catching a penguin using a box trap.

Level Caught with Experience
45 Noose wand Tracking 250
50 Small net Net trap 250
51 Knife Deadfall 210
56 Box trap Box trap 150