Script error Penguins that are crew members of the Red Raktuber are followers of Captain Marlin, who thinks he is possessed by a sea slug and has found a greater leader than Pescaling Pax; The Sea. He wishes to 'sea' and unite all penguins with The Sea. As such, his crew wear fish hats as a start. During Hunt for Red Raktuber, they redirect the infiltrated player, who pretends to be the cabin cleaner who was sent to the Iceberg and captured, to speak to Marlin.

Later, after Marlin's imprisonment, they accompany Pescaling Pax, apparently having restored loyalty, with Larry to the Motherland and join the latter for transport in another submarine, after he has been brainwashed into believing he is a penguin. The submarine runs onto the Prisoner of Walrus Camp, however, and they are taken prisoner by the walrus and his team of seals and remain there. Script error Script error

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