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The Penguin agility course is located on the Iceberg, and requires an Agility level of 30. Players also need to complete the quest Cold War, and must be wearing the Penguin suit.

The course

File:Penguin Agility Course.png
Penguin course

Manoeuvring underneath the icicles.

This course offers slightly higher experience than the Barbarian Agility Course, but requires a lower Agility level. However, all four obstacles can be failed, so food and agility potions are recommended if the Agility level is low. Players are also recommended to bring Boots of lightness to decrease their weight as well as to run longer.

Obstacle Experience
Ice Crushers 55
Complete platform jumps 80
Icicles 40 each or 160 total
Ice slope 180
Agility bonus 65
Total Gain 540

Completing the course grants 540 experience per lap, should you clear all four obstacles (about 12,000 experience per hour).


  • When doing the crushers, players should click on the first stepping stone just as the first crusher comes out to block them.
  • The platform jump depends on a player's Agility level.
  • If "tread softly" is not clicked while going under the icicles, players will always get hurt. Also note that if the player clicks the spot under the icicles farther away from them, they will first go on the spot closer to them and automatically get hurt.
  • For the ice slope, players should click on it when it is plain without sparkles.
  • Players cannot fail the first jump of the stepping stones and the last step on the ice slope.
  • Cakes and Lobsters are recommended because of their light weight.
  • The Regen bracelet and the Rapid Heal prayer work well together.


  • Players cannot drop anything while swimming. Also, if a player is moving and tries to eat or drink while swimming, the player will stop.
  • Players cannot do anything during the ice slope animation.
  • Players cannot rest while in the penguin suit.
  • Players cannot teleport in the penguin suit, thus, due to the high amount of food used during the ice slope obstacle, players have to wait for their lifepoints to raise to avoid dying.
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