Perfect juju potions are made by upgrading 3-dose juju potions. They have a range of skill-specific effects, including effects for several skills not affected by basic juju potions.

Perfect juju potions can be decanted into potion flasks to make 6-dose perfect juju potion flasks. A dose of perfect juju potion lasts for 1 hour (with the exception of Perfect juju dungeoneering potion, which lasts 4 hours). The perfect plus potion provides the effects of all perfect juju potions at the same time, for four hours per dose; this is a combination potion which requires the recipe to be found in Daemonheim.

A list of the available perfect juju potions and their ingredients can be found below:

Potion Level
Effect (per dose) GE Price (4 doses)
Perfect juju woodcutting potion (3).png Perfect woodcutting 75 Juju woodcutting Harmony moss
  • 5% chance of receiving double logs, or double cuts from choking ivy and crystal trees
Perfect juju farming potion (3).png Perfect farming 77 Juju farming
  • 25% chance of double harmony moss from a harmony pillar
  • 5% chance of receiving harmony moss when fully harvesting or checking another farming patch
Perfect juju mining potion (3).png Perfect mining 80 Juju mining
  • Chance of activating auto-smelting and auto-banking effects when mining
Perfect juju smithing potion (3).png Perfect smithing 82 Juju hunter 31,603
Perfect juju agility potion (3).png Perfect agility 85 Scentless potion
  • Increases the chances of the window shortcut opening and a light creature appearing on the cathedral roof
Perfect juju prayer potion (3).png Perfect prayer 87 Saradomin's blessing
  • 5% increase to XP gained from gilded altar
  • 5% increase to XP when cleansing the corrupted Seren stone
Perfect juju herblore potion (3).png Perfect herblore 90 Guthix's gift
  • 10% additional chance of finding a recipe in Dungeoneering
  • 5% additional XP when making combination potions
Perfect juju dungeoneering potion (3).png Perfect dungeoneering 91 Zamorak's favour
  • 5% addition to damage dealt when in a dungeon
  • Increased chance of finding journals in Dungeoneering
  • Dungeoneering skill doors require 2 levels less
(This potion lasts for 4 hours per dose).
Perfect juju fishing potion (3).png Perfect fishing 92 Juju fishing 10 Harmony dust
  • 5% increase to fishing catch chance
  • A one-third chance of catching a raw baron shark when fishing sharks
Perfect plus potion (6).png Perfect plus 99
Meilyr potion recipe detail.png
Overload Crystal flask,
Crystal tree blossom,
Harmony moss
  • Provides the effects of all perfect juju potions for four hours per dose
Not tradeable


  • The original eight perfect juju potions cover the skills of the Crwys, Trahaearn, Hefin and the Meilyr elven clans.
  • When talking to Lady Meilyr while able to equip a max cape, she will give you one of each perfect juju potion, except for a perfect juju fishing potion. This is most likely because the potion was released at a later date than the others.
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