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Perien the Blue was the first archmage of the new Wizards' Tower, and a member of the Blue Order. He was an apprentice of Unaia the Blue. He authored the book The Harmony of the Runes. He is viewed in flashbacks during Rune Memories where he voices dissent at the idea of the Power Beam, believing it to encroach on something only the Gods should do.

Perien was one of only two wizards to survive the destruction of the first Wizards' Tower, the other being Kelavan the Red. Following this cataclysm, he rebuilt the Blue order and the Wizards' Tower, now as a Saradominist organisation. He also blamed the Red order for destroying the first Tower, forcing Kelavan to live the rest of his life as an outlaw mage seeking revenge. He even sealed the underground remains of the first tower and hid the key, presumably to conceal the far less one-sided truth.

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Concept art of the Wraith Wizard's apprentices.

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Position established Archmage of the Wizards' Tower Eventually an unnamed female
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