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Pernix chathead
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Pernix in the video "Origins of Gielinor". He appears to be wielding a Zaryte bow.

Pernix was a mysterious Zarosian who lived during the times of the Second Age, and was a dedicated and extremely proficient ranged combatant. He was recruited by Nex after he challenged her to combat and impressed her with his agility and combat abilities. He never fell in battle and died as an old and respected man. The Pernix armour's appearance is based on the design of his armour.

Pernix is involved in the Children of Mah quest, where he overlooks the Empty Throne Room at a vantage point. He is initially suspicious of Kharshai, believing that he is a spy and gives him a few questions to prove his loyalty. After Kharshai correctly answers his questions, Pernix apologises for his doubts and lets him go. He and the other Zarosians later battle Zamorak and his forces shortly after this.

Pernix was a mystery, even to Nex. Their first encounter was at the steps of Viggora's sunken fortress, where Pernix openly challenged her to battle. He hoped to save his village if he beat her in combat. Pernix moved swiftly, jumping from parapet to parapet, firing his bow before moving, Nex had to run to keep up with her target - the first time she could recall that happening. A loose battlement caused Pernix to stumble, giving Nex the opportunity to strike, but he dodged her blow - again something that rarely happened to Nex. In admiration, Nex offered to take him under her wing. While Pernix spoke little, he had a keen eye for prey and would often return to camp with an enormous creature in tow.

According to Nex's journal, Nex mentions that Pernix's perception on everything helped her also, as she learned how to spot the slightest of changes and was able to interact better with society as a result.


  • Pernix is Latin for nimble or swift.[1].
  • That he died as an old and respected man is an impressive feat, considering he was alive during the beginning of the God Wars.

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