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A pet is a non-combat NPC loyal to a player that generally requires a certain level in Summoning to own. Typically, a player must raise a pet to maturity by having it follow them. Many pets can also be fed and interacted with. Most pets do not serve a purpose other than decoration, however, some pets are used in quests and have other additional benefits.

A player may only have one pet, familiar, or NPC (e.g. Zanik, or the Zanaris choir) following them at one time. Players can manage pets while active through the familiar interface, by using food on them, by left-clicking, and with direct interaction by right-clicking.

Pets that exist as objects may be stored in the bank or inventory, and follow the player when dropped. Other pets are automatically stored in the Customisations interface and can be called to follow the player at any time. Players can store up to 25 pets in the menagerie of a player-owned house (with the highest-level pet houses). Unlike familiars, pets may be brought into Summoning-free zones.

Summoning-related pets

A baby blue dragon, available with level 99 Summoning

Many pets require an appropriate Summoning level to be obtained, raised, and kept. With some exceptions, such as god birds for protection in the God Wars Dungeon, these pets have no real use other than decoration, or a way to show the player's killcount and/or Summoning level.

Caring for pets

When a pet is first obtained, it is in its lowest growth stage and grows as it follows the player, with the exception of several pets which only have one growth stage such as the broav.

A player can monitor a pet's growth and hunger in the Summoning menu. Younger pets become hungrier faster than their adult counterparts, but the frequency of feeding does not affect a pet's growth rate.

Unlike other pets, kittens must be stroked and fed regularly or they run away. Once they reach adult stage, they no longer need to be fed.

At 100% growth, the pet matures into its next form. Pets can have up to three growth stages. Legendary pets obtained from Solomon's General Store can be interacted with and can be fed different types of food that can also be obtained from the store, which speeds up their growth significantly.

Pets that hatch from eggs need to be incubated before they hatch, which requires them to be placed in an egg incubator found in the Pet shops in Taverley and Yanille. Players receive a chat box notification when the egg has hatched. Any pet hatched in an incubator remains there until the player chooses to retrieve it. Pet shop owners are also the only NPCs that sell specific food for pets.

A player may speak with a pet once they are 10 or more Summoning levels above the required Summoning level to obtain that pet. Communication with pets above the level of 90 is possible, with the exception of the baby dragon, which cannot be understood regardless of how high the player boosts their Summoning level. The monkey can be spoken to if the player wears the monkeyspeak amulet from Monkey Madness, and the TzRek-Jad is naturally capable of speech. Players with 99 summoning can communicate with a chameleon after using the cape's right click "boost" option to temporarily achieve level 100 summoning.

Pets that are stored in the 'Customisations' interface function differently from other pets. These are separated into five categories: Follower, Legendary, Companion, Boss, and Skilling. These do not need any feeding, although legendary pets can be given treats to make them grow more quickly.

Object pets

These pets exist as objects. When dropped, they follow the player. If a player dies while their pet is following them, it disappears and the player has to find a new one.


These pets require a specific Summoning level to obtain, as well as other requirements.

Requirements Stages Pet Food Obtained


4 Summoning Bulldog puppy (white).png - Bulldog (white).png Bulldog Raw meat and Bones Purchased from pet shop 3
Dalmatian puppy (black).png - Dalmatian (black).png Dalmatian
Greyhound puppy (light brown).png - Greyhound (light brown).png Greyhound
Labrador puppy (white).png - Labrador (white).png Labrador
Sheepdog puppy (grey).png - Sheepdog (grey).png Sheepdog
Terrier puppy (tan).png - Terrier (tan).png Terrier
4 Summoning, 5 Slayer Creeping hand.png Creeping hand Leather gloves Soul Wars 1
4 Summoning, 25 Slayer Minitrice.png Minitrice Limpwurt root
4 Summoning, 40 Slayer Baby basilisk.png Baby basilisk Eye of newt
4 Summoning, 70 Slayer Baby kurask.png Baby kurask Bones
4 Summoning, 85 Slayer Abyssal minion.png Abyssal minion Ashes
4 Summoning, Rune Mechanics Rune guardian.png Rune guardian Revitalisation near a Runecrafting altar Quest reward 14
10 Summoning, 27 Hunter Baby form - Adult form Gecko Flies and beetle bits Caught 4
10 Summoning, 48 Hunter, As a First Resort Baby form - Adult form Platypus Raw fish, Ground fishing bait as a baby, Fishing bait as adult Caught (quest reward) 3
14 Summoning, Bringing Home the Bacon Pig (pet).png Pig Wheat, Onions Quest reward 3
23 Summoning, While Guthix Sleeps Broav.png Broav Mort Myre Fungus Caught (quest reward) 1
30 Summoning Chick form - Adult form Penguin Raw fish Hatched (Zookeeper) 3
37 Summoning, Fairytale III Milk Tooth form - Healthy Adult Form / Decayed Adult Form Tooth creature Bucket of milk or Chocolatey milk Bought for several teeth after quest. Free afterwards. 1
40 Summoning, 32 Slayer, Pirate Pete subquest RFD Baby form - Adult form Giant crab Raw fish Traded for a crunchy claw token 5
50 Summoning Raven chick (blue).png - Adult form Raven Ground fishing bait as a chick, fishing bait as adult Hatched (Nest) 6

60 Summoning, 29 Hunter

Baby form - Adult form Squirrel Nuts Caught 5
70 Summoning Chick form - Bird form - Adult form Guthix raptor Ground fishing bait as a chick, fishing bait as adult Hatched (Nest) 1
Chick form - Bird form - Adult form Saradomin owl Hatched (Nest)
Chick form - Bird form - Adult form Zamorak hawk Hatched (Nest)
71 Summoning, Rocking Out Ex-ex-parrot.png Ex-ex-parrot Revive an ex-parrot obtained from 50 Ships Mufassah 1
75 Summoning Hermit crab.png Hermit crab Raw fish Found during Prifddinas Waterfall Fishing 1
80 Summoning, 27 Hunter Baby form - Adult form Raccoon Raw meat and fish Caught 3
80 Summoning, 80 Dungeoneering Baby form - Adult form Sneakerpeeper spawn Eye of newt Bought for 85,000 Dungeoneering Tokens 1
85 Summoning Baby form - Adult form Vulture Ground fishing bait as a chick, fishing bait as adult Hatched (Vulture drop) 6
90 Summoning Baby form - Adult form Chameleon Flies Hatched (found) 10
95 Summoning, 27 Hunter Baby form - Adult form Monkey Bananas Caught in Karamja 10
99 Summoning Hatchling form - Baby form Baby dragon Vast amounts of raw meat, fish and chicken Hatched (Chromatic Dragon drop) 4


These pets do not have Summoning requirements and instead have other requirements.

Icon Pet Food Obtained Colours
Pet kitten (white and black).png - Pet cat (white and black).png - Overgrown cat (white and black).png
Pet kitten (white).png - Pet cat (white).png - Overgrown cat (white).png
Pet kitten (brown).png - Pet cat (brown).png - Overgrown cat (brown).png
Pet kitten (black).png - Pet cat (black).png - Overgrown cat (black).png
Pet kitten (white and brown).png - Pet cat (white and brown).png - Overgrown cat (white and brown).png
Pet kitten (white and blue).png - Pet cat (white and blue).png - Overgrown cat (white and blue).png
Normal Cat Cooked and raw fish, or milk
(only needs to eat as a kitten)
Gertrude, after completing Gertrude's cat 6
Kitten Form - Adult form - Overgrown hellcat.png Hellcat Created from a normal cat during or after Recipe for Disaster/Freeing Evil Dave by catching several Hellrats 1
Kitten Form - Pet cat (purple).png - Overgrown cat (purple).png Purple Cat Created from a normal cat by talking to Wendy after completing Swept Away & Purple Cat Miniquest
Clockwok Cat Clockwork cat Nothing POH Workshop 1
Fishbowl (blue fish).pngFishbowl (green fish).pngFishbowl (orange fish).png Pet fish Fish food Caught in Harry's Fishing Shop using a tiny net, with a fishbowl (containing water and seaweed) in the inventory 3
Pet rock.png Pet rock Nothing Askeladden after Fremennik Trials 1
Corgi.png Corgi 2012 Diamond Jubilee; Find Minnie Coop's six missing corgis.
Sparkles.png Sparkles Wizards' Tower basement during 2011 Christmas Event
Eek.png Eek Nothing 2009 Hallowe'en event
Mackers.png Mackers (Chocolate) Cake: including 1/3s and 2/3s 2011 Thanksgiving event
San'tar spawnling.png San'tar spawnling Nothing 2013 Christmas event 1
Searing Flame.png
Glowing Ember.png
Warming Flame.png
Twisted Firestarter.png
Fire creature Nothing Char's training cave after The Firemaker's Curse (With level 91 Firemaking) 4
Baby Troll.png Baby Troll Any tradeable item, plus some untradeable items, such as other pets Obtained from Challenge Mistress Fara 1
Ice strykewyrm icon.png Freezy Nothing Bought with 100 Co-op Slayer points 4

Interface pets

These pets do not exist as objects. Instead, they are accessed through the 'Pets' tab in the Customisation interface.

Boss pets

Boss pets are generally pets obtained by fighting or achievements that have to do with bosses. Most are drops that unlock the pet, but some, such as the mega ducklings and the Barrows bobbleheads are acquired differently.

Icon Name Source Requirements
Bombi.png Bombi Ancient artefact, a rare drop from Vorago (Hard Mode) Maul all rotations in hard mode (finish Vorago on phase 11)
Vitalis (pet) icon.png Vitalis Ancient summoning stone, a very rare drop by Vorago See Vorago's drop mechanics.
Chick'arra.png Chick'arra Giant feather, a rare drop from Kree'arra 15 Agility, Troll Stronghold, 70 Ranged
Commander Miniana.png Commander Miniana Auburn lock, a rare drop from Commander Zilyana Troll Stronghold, 70 Agility
K'ril Tinyroth.png K'ril Tinyroth Severed hoof, a rare drop from K'ril Tsutsaroth 15 Agility, Troll Stronghold, 70 Constitution
General Awwdor.png General Awwdor Decaying tooth, a rare drop from General Graardor 15 Agility, Troll Stronghold, 70 Strength
Nexterminator.png Nexterminator Blood-soaked feather, a rare drop from Nex 70 Agility, 70 Constitution, 70 Ranged, 70 Strength, Troll Stronghold, and a Frozen key
Reeves.png Reeves Blood tentacle, drop from Nex: Angel of Death 70 Agility, 70 Constitution, 70 Ranged, 70 Strength, Troll Stronghold, and a Frozen key
Barry.png Barry Araxyte egg, a rare drop from Araxxi Obtain all Araxyte pets first.
Mallory.png Mallory Obtain after acquiring Barry (which in turn requires all Araxyte pets)
Bill.pngDave.pngGavin.pngLana.pngPete.pngSteve.png Araxyte pet Araxxi drop, after fulfilling certain conditions
Ellie.png Ellie Ribs of chaos, a rare drop from the Chaos Elemental
Corporeal Puppy.png Corporeal Puppy Corporeal bone, a rare drop from the Corporeal Beast Summer's End
Molly (pet) icon.png Molly Rotten fang, a rare drop from the Giant Mole
Shrimpy.png Shrimpy Volcanic shard, a rare drop from Har-Aken The Elder Kiln
Kalphite Grubling.png Kalphite Grubling Kalphite claw, a rare drop from the Kalphite King
Kalphite Grublet.png Kalphite Grublet Kalphite egg, a rare drop from the Kalphite Queen
King Black Dragonling.png King Black Dragonling King black dragon scale, a rare drop from the King Black Dragon 99 Summoning
Queen Black Dragonling.png Queen Black Dragonling Queen black dragon scale, a rare drop from the Queen Black Dragon 99 Summoning
Prime hatchling.png Prime hatchling Dagannoth egg, a rare drop from Dagannoth Prime
Rex hatchling.png Rex hatchling Shrivelled Dagannoth claw, a rare drop from Dagannoth Rex
Supreme hatchling.png Supreme hatchling Dagannoth scale, a rare drop from Dagannoth Supreme
Mega ducklings.png Mega ducklings Luring Mega Duck to Mrs Duck
Legio Primulus.png Legio Primulus Corrupted Ascension signet I, a rare drop from Legio Primus 95 Slayer
Legio Secundulus.png Legio Secundulus Corrupted Ascension signet II, a rare drop from Legio Secundus 95 Slayer
Legio Tertiolus.png Legio Tertiolus Corrupted Ascension signet III, a rare drop from Legio Tertius 95 Slayer
Legio Quartulus.png Legio Quartulus Corrupted Ascension signet IV, a rare drop from Legio Quartus 95 Slayer
Legio Quintulus.png Legio Quintulus Corrupted Ascension signet V, a rare drop from Legio Quintus 95 Slayer
Legio Sextulus.png Legio Sextulus Corrupted Ascension signet VI, a rare drop from Legio Sextus 95 Slayer
Verac bobblehead.png Verac the Bobbled Made using 250 Malevolent energy and Barrows - Verac's set
Dharok bobblehead.png Dharok the Bobbled Made using 250 Malevolent energy and Barrows - Dharok's set
Ahrim bobblehead.png Ahrim the Bobbled Made using 250 Malevolent energy and Barrows - Ahrim's set
Torag bobblehead.png Torag the Bobbled Made using 250 Malevolent energy and Barrows - Torag's set
Karil bobblehead.png Karil the Bobbled Made using 250 Malevolent energy and Barrows - Karil's set
Guthan bobblehead.png Guthan the Bobbled Made using 250 Malevolent energy and Barrows - Guthan's set
Lil' Tuzzy.png Lil' Tuzzy Rare drop from Beastmaster Durzag
Krar jnr.png Krar Jnr Rare spawn in Nemi Forest
Diddyzag.png Diddyzag Durzag's helmet, a rare drop from Beastmaster Durzag
Yakaminu.png Yakaminu Yakamaru's helmet, a rare drop from Yakamaru
Vindiddy.png Vindiddy Imbued blade slice, a rare drop from Vindicta 80 Attack
Rawrvek.png Rawrvek Glimmering scale, a rare drop from Vindicta 99 Summoning, 80 Attack
Nylessa.png Nylessa Nymora's braid, a rare drop from Avaryss, the Unceasing 80 Ranged
Ava (pet) icon.png Ava Avaryss' braid, a rare drop from Avaryss, the Unceasing 80 Ranged
Lilwyr.png Lilwyr Twisted antler, a rare drop from Helwyr 80 Magic
Greg.png Greg Faceless mask, a rare drop from Gregorovic 80 Prayer
Tess.png Tess Telos' tendril, a rare drop from Telos, the Warden 80 Attack, Magic, Prayer and Ranged.
The Minister.png The Minister Soul fragment, a rare drop from The Magister 115 Slayer
TzRek-Jad.png TzRek-Jad Bought at Soul wars with 100 Zeal points and Fire cape 99 Summoning, 99 Slayer
Kuroryu.png Kuroryu Chipped black stone crystal, a rare drop from Seiryu the Azure Serpent

Skilling pets

Icon Name Unlock Item Skill
Dojo Mojo pet.png Dojo Mojo Dojo Mojo pet Agility
Sifu pet.png Sifu Sifu pet Attack
Morty pet.png Morty Morty pet Constitution
Baby Yaga's House.png Baby Yaga's House Baby Yaga's House pet Construction
Ramsay.png Ramsay Ramsay pet Cooking
Gemi.png Gemi Gemi pet Crafting
Wallace pet.png Wallace Wallace pet Defence
Willow pet.png Willow Willow pet Divination
Gordie.png Gordie Gordie pet Dungeoneering
Brains.png Brains Brains pet Farming
Bernie.png Bernie Bernie pet Firemaking
Bubbles.png Bubbles Bubbles pet Fishing
Flo.png Flo Flo pet Fletching
Herbert.png Herbert Herbert pet Herblore
Ace.png Ace Ace pet Hunter
Malcolm.png Malcolm Malcolm pet Invention
Newton pet.png Newton Newton pet Magic
Rocky.png Rocky Rocky pet Mining
Ghostly pet.png Ghostly Ghostly pet Prayer
Sparky pet.png Sparky Sparky pet Ranging
Rue.png Rue Rue pet Runecrafting
Crabbe.png Crabbe Crabbe pet Slayer
Shamini pet.png Shamini Shamini pet Summoning
Smithy.png Smithy Smithy pet Smithing
Kangali pet.png Kangali Kangali pet Strength
Ralph.png Ralph Ralph pet Thieving
Woody.png Woody Woody pet Woodcutting

Quest and reward pets

Icon Name Source Requirements
Tiny Lucien.png Tiny Lucien Mahjarrat Memories miniquest 60 Divination
Tiny Hazeel.png Tiny Hazeel Dishonour among Thieves
Tiny Zemouregal (pet) icon.png Tiny Zemouregal Bought after Dimension of Disaster from Gypsy Aris' Reward Shop 5 silver pennies
Tiny Kharshai.png Tiny Kharshai Children of Mah quest
Tiny Sliske.png Tiny Sliske Sliske's Endgame quest
Tiny Death.png Tiny Death Auto unlocked after completing 200 reaper assignments
Kipple Nano.png Kipple Nano Heart of Stone quest
Crispy.png Crispy the Cabbage Gower Quest
Tim (pet) icon.png Tim Talk to Tim
Crunchy (pet) icon.png Crunchy Talk to Crunchy
Rowena icon.png Rowena Broken Home challenge 2
Mini-Blink.png Mini-Blink Rewards trader 95 Dungeoneering, 500,000 Dungeoneering Tokens, defeated Blink once
Hope Nibbler.png Hope Nibbler Rewards trader 101 Dungeoneering, 1,000,000 Dungeoneering Tokens, defeated Hope Devourer once
Frosty.png Frosty Rewards trader 99 Summoning, 85 Dungeoneering, 250,000 Dungeoneering Tokens, entered Asgarnian Ice Dungeon resource dungeon once
Eddy.png Eddy Rare drop from the Powerful Edimmu 115 Dungoneering and 90 slayer
Penny.png Penny Obtained by combining Dark soul, Dark mind and Dark body Access to shadow creatures in the Amlodd clan district of Prifddinas
Goebie (pet).png Goebie Collect 2,500 Goebie Reputation
Sayln the Shark.png Sayln the Shark Tier 5 Prawn Perk from the Prawnbroker 63 Construction
Cornellius.png Cornellius Earn 500 training points through the boss assistance system
Rover the red dragon.png Rover the red dragon Post quest reward after collecting the first four lamps from Philipe Carnillean after the quest Carnillean Rising 200 QP; Carnillean Rising
Spot the black dragon.png Spot the black dragon Post quest reward after collecting the first eight lamps from Philipe Carnillean after the quest Carnillean Rising 400 QP; Carnillean Rising (unobtainable at the moment since max QP is 399)
Spirit dragon.png Spirit dragon Purchase from Boni 25,000 chimes, and 15 taijitu
Idol crabletine.png Idol crabletine Purchase an Idol crabletine token from Boni 2,500 chimes, 3 taijitu, and 2 Golden idols per token
Iago.png Iago Iago is a pet from The Arc. It can be obtained from Odd Billy on Cyclosis, once the player has found all the birds in the Arc Journal
Revenant Pet icon.png Revenant Pet A companion pet rewarded from Bounty Hunter. It can be unlocked from the Bounty Hunter & Deathmatch Reward Shop, run by Mandrith in Edgeville, for 4,000 BH points
Abyssal hound.png Abyssal hound Shattered Worlds
Aniwisp.png Aniwisp Shattered Worlds reward store 900,000 shattered anima
Animist.png Animist 2,700,000 shattered anima
Animagu.png Animagu 6,700,000 shattered anima
Animawhal.png Animawhal 12,700,000 shattered anima
Animaroo.png Animaroo 23,700,000 shattered anima
Animaptor.png Animaptor 41,700,000 shattered anima
Animasaur.png Animasaur 70,700,000 shattered anima
Animasaurus.png Animasaurus 117,700,000 shattered anima
Animasaurus rex.png Animasaurus rex 175,700,000 shattered anima
Squeck.png Squeck Slimy egg obtainable when fishing in the ports district of Menaphos Access to Menaphos
Jewelled Scarab.png Jewelled Scarab Reward for finding all the Jewels of the Elid for the Menaphos journal Access to Menaphos
Magic carpet (Golden Path).png Magic carpet A reward for completing the Golden Path Challenge and variants are also rewards for meeting a threshold for district-specific reputation Access to Menaphos
Ishhara.png Ishhara Inspecting a Corrupted egg very rarely found around Menaphos and Sophanem Access to Menaphos
Squidge.png Squidge Social Slayer reward store Bought with 50 Co-op Slayer points
Runtstable.png Runtstable Social Slayer reward store Bought with 200 Co-op Slayer points
Cresbot (unpoked).png - Cresbot.png Cresbot Dropped by Automatons as a very rare drop after The World Wakes The World Wakes
Baby Soulgazer.png Baby Soulgazer Unlocked via using the Soulgazer's Charm on the portal inside the Stalker dungeon 99 SlayerDishonour among Thieves
Phoenix eggling (cute).png Phoenix eggling (cute) Unlocked by choosing 'clap' or 'kick' (for the respective eggling) with the shaking Large egg, a possible drop from Phoenix Lair Distractions and Diversions 72 Summoning, 51 Slayer, In Pyre Need
Phoenix eggling (mean).png Phoenix eggling (mean)
Clover.png Clover Unlocked by using a mossy rock on the headless moss golem in the The Lost Grove None
Vinny.png Vinny Possible drop after completing the Wisps of the Grove Distractions and Diversion in The Lost Grove None
Blue.png Blue Treasure Trails Reward Shop Bought with 2,500 Treasure Trail points
Effy.png Effy Possible drop from opening dragonkin lamps after Rebuilding Edgeville Ritual of the Mahjarrat, Rebuilding Edgeville
Perdita (pet).png Perdita Merethiel Claimed after having accumulated 1,000 total killcount at Solak
Blightbound lasher (pet).png Blightbound lasher Purple mushroom

Holiday and event pets

Icon Name Source Requirements
Buddy.png Buddy Opening Christmas presents and Big Christmas presents during the 2014 Christmas Event
White royal rhino icon.png White royal rhino 2014 Rhino Awareness event
Black royal rhino icon.png Black royal rhino
Cheeky monkey icon.png Cheeky Monkey Completed all of the 2014 Runescape Road Trip tasks
Piggles icon.png Piggles Buy any 2014 Premier Club
Commander Porkins icon.png Commander Porkins Buy 2014 Silver or Gold Premier Club
Jadinko (pet) icon.png Jadinko 2015 Easter event
Fluffie.png Fluffie Completed all of the 2015 RuneScape Road Trip tasks
Tiny White Knight.png Tiny White Knight Unlocked from a supply cache during the 2015 Invasion of Falador
Tiny Black Knight.png Tiny Black Knight Unlocked from a supply cache during the 2015 Invasion of Falador
Lava hawk icon.png Lava hawk Buy 2015 Gold Premier Club
Kirin icon.png Kirin Buy any 2015 Premier Club using PayPal
Pumpkincrow icon.png Pumpkincrow 2015 Hallowe'en event and promotion 1,000 Candy corn
Kharidian cat.png Kharidian cat 2015 Hallowe'en event 10,000 Noumenon favour
Jaguar cub.png Jaguar cub 2015 Big Cats Sanctuary event 9 points
Tiger cub.png Tiger cub 9 points
Lion cub.png Lion cub 1 bond
Snow leopard cub.png Snow leopard cub 5 bonds
RuneFest dragonling.png RuneFest dragonling Attend RuneFest 2015
Sockroth.png Sockroth Completed 20 Meg's cases during the 2016 Mega May event
Postie Pete (pet) icon.png Postie Pete (pet) Buy 2016 Gold premier Premier Club
Crystal peacock.png Crystal peacock Redeemed a membership card in August 2016 or were a Premier Club member
Roooots.png Roooots 2016 Attack of the Zombie Sprouts event Unlock both sets of wings (decaying and inflorescent)
Dr Spider MD.png Dr Spider MD 2016 Hallowe'en event 500 grey matter and finding 8 mechanical spider legs
Stringy.png Stringy 2016 Christmas event
Chronicle, Book of legends.png Chronicle, Book of legends Answered 14 questions from the Gorajo hoardstalker during the 2016 beta of Chronicle: RuneScape Legends or now obtainable by entering the Legends' Guild
RuneFest Foo Lion.png RuneFest Foo Lion Could be obtained from Diango or Ianto by entering the redeem code RFLiveStream2016 during Runefest 2016
RuneFest Honourable Foo Lion.png RuneFest Honourable Foo Lion Was given to atendees of RuneFest 2016
Sandra.png Sandra Unlocked from a starfish follower pet token
Winston.png Winston Unlocked from a prize token
Phoebe.png Phoebe Unlocked from a Phoebe pet token
Gillbert.png Gillbert Unlocked from a Gillbert pet token
Gus (pet) icon.png Gus Unlocked from a pufferfish follower pet token
Coraline.png Coraline Unlocked from a seahorse follower pet token
Scurvy.png Scurvy Reward after turning in 10,000 Phantom doubloons during the Deathbeard's Demise event
Gnorm.png Gnorm Reward after turning in 10,000 clockwork pieces to Eira during the Going Like Clockwork event
Devotion sprite.png Devotion sprite Reward after turning in 10,000 Fabric scraps during the 2017 Valentine's event
Rudolph Reborn.png Rudolph Reborn Completing the 2017 Christmas event
Tony.png Tony Unlocked from snowman pet token
Zoltan.png Zoltan Unlocked from a Zoltan pet token
Angelic Inari.png Angelic Inari Reward after turning in 10,000 Charity tokens during the Gielinorian Giving event
Sandy (pet).png Sandy Unlocked from a sandcastle companion pet token
Octo.png Octo Unlocked from an octopus companion pet token
Tinger.png Tinger Unlocked from an Wolpertinger companion pet token
Keggy.png Keggy Unlocked from an Keg companion pet token
Eggos.png Eggos Unlocked from an Easter egg follower pet token
Scoop.png Scoop Unlocked by handing in 4,000 charity tokens during the Mental Health Awareness Week event
Percy.png Percy Unlocked by handing in 10,000 charity tokens during the Mental Health Awareness Week event
Foo.png Foo Unlocked handing in 12,600 zodiac talismans to Yinteng during the Zodiac Festival promotion
Crusty companion pet token.png Crusty Unlocked from a Crusty companion pet token
Arthur companion pet token.png Arthur Unlocked from an Arthur companion pet token

Treasure Hunter promotions and exclusive pets

Icon Name Source Requirements
Tumbleweed.png Tumbleweed Treasure Hunter
Skully.png Skully Treasure Hunter
Sq'irks the parrot.png Sq'irks the parrot Treasure Hunter
Hype train.png Hype train Treasure Hunter
Pirate sheep icon.png Pirate sheep Treasure Hunter/Promotions (Talk Like A Pirate Day 2014) 3,000 doubloons
Saradomin Banner.png Saradomin Banner Turn in credits for the Saradomin faction during the 2015 Astromancer outfit promotion 750 Astromancer credits
Zamorak Banner.png Zamorak Banner Turn in credits for the Zamorak faction during the 2015 Astromancer outfit promotion 750 Astromancer credits
Armadyl Banner.png Armadyl Banner Turn in credits for the Armadyl faction during the 2015 Astromancer outfit promotion 750 Astromancer credits
Godless Banner.png Godless Banner Turn in credits for the Godless faction during the 2015 Astromancer outfit promotion 750 Astromancer credits
Helps.png Helps Valentine's Day Treasure Hunter promotion 2016 1,000 Valentine's petals
Pet of Seasons icon.png Pet of Seasons Pet of Seasons (Treasure hunter) Win token or combine all 4 season pets (spring, summer, autumn, winter)
Mimic.png Mimic Treasure Hunter and rare drop from the Giant Mimic
Twitching orb.png Twitching orb Unlocked by watching a LootScape-enabled livestream on for the first time
Treborn.png Treborn Unlocked by talking with either Diango or Ianto about recalling memories, and entering the code '0800488449' from 8 to 22 January 2017
Springy.png Springy Treasure Hunter
Howie.png Howie Treasure Hunter Tribal Trials promotion Use tribal pet token
Tomb gorilla.png Tomb gorilla Treasure Hunter Boneyard promotion Use Tomb gorilla pet token
Forsaken graahk.png Forsaken graahk Treasure Hunter Boneyard promotion Use Forsaken graahk pet token
Joseph (pet).png Joseph Treasure Hunter Rainbow's End promotion Use Rainbow pet token

Solomon's General Store pets

Summoning your pet

All Solomon's General Store pets are accessed and customized through the pet interface. This interface can be accessed via two ways: by right-clicking the summoning icon on the action bar and selecting "pet interface," or by opening the customisations interface and selecting the "pets" tab. Pets can also be summoned without entering the pet interface by right-clicking the summoning icon on the action bar and selecting "summon pet."

Renaming your pet

All Solomon's General Store pets can be renamed via the pet interface. Currently, the legendary and companion pets can be renamed to one of the following names:

Available pet names
MagmaMagnusMateyMoleyMr Punchy
Mr StampyMs PunchyMs StampyNemeaNibbles
PuffyRed FangRexReynardRiddle
TinyTitusToastyTrampleTreasure Holder

The Follower pets (Golden Chinchompa, Tiny Lucien, Piggles) can be renamed to one of the following names:

  • Boomer
  • Stan
  • Fluffy
  • Tiddles
  • Sparks
  • Jane
  • Flopsy
  • Peter
  • Nuke
  • Kibbles
  • Daisy
  • Jack
  • Timmy
  • Ruth
  • Penny
  • Woobie
  • Squishy
  • Widget
  • Snookums
  • Chloe

Recolouring your pet

Most legendary pets and some companion pets have the option to be recoloured on certain parts of their model.

Dim grey
Slate grey
Navy blue
Lawn green
Hot pink
Royal blue
Forest green
Ivory white
Sky blue
Saddle brown

Companion pets

Companion pets may have 16 colour variations and no growth stages. Most companion pets have a unique emote that can be performed by interacting with it by right-clicking the Summoning icon on the action bar (near the minimap in legacy interfaces). Companion pets are also able to override familiars.

Icon Name Source Price
Adult golden chinchompa.png Golden chinchompa Solomon's General Store Free:
Fimberzizz icon.png Fimberzizz Members Only:
Loyalty Points
Vorago shard.png Vorago shard Free:
Dawn icon.png Dawn Free:
Dusk icon.png Dusk Free:
Elvis pressie icon.png Elvis Pressie Free:
Drakefire Warship.png Drakefire Warship Free:
Inari.png Inari Free:
Brightflame ancient icon.png Brightflame ancient Free:
Zenn icon.png Zenn Members Only:
Loyalty Points:
Repentant horror icon.png Repentant horror Free:
Repentant beast icon.png Repentant beast Free:
Repentant ogre icon.png Repentant ogre Free:
Biscuit icon.png Biscuit Part of the Nautilus Pack
Douglas.png Douglas Free:

Legendary pets

Icon Name Source Price
Bloodpouncer adult icon.png Bloodpouncer Available with Game Card promotions, the Gold premier club in 2013 and the Premier Club reward token N/A
Skypouncer adult icon.png Skypouncer Solomon's General Store Free:
Blazehound adult icon.png Blazehound Free:
Dragon wolf adult icon.png Dragon Wolf Free:
Warborn behemoth phase iii icon.png Warborn behemoth Free:
Prototype colossus mk iii icon.png Prototype colossus Free:
Rory the reindeer icon.png Rory the Reindeer Free:


Shadow Drake icon.png Shadow Drake Free:
Fire Drake icon.png Fire Drake Free:
Shadow Gorilla adult icon.png Shadow Gorilla Free:
Jungle Gorilla adult icon.png Jungle Gorilla Free:
Prime Colossus Mk 3 icon.png Prime colossus Twitch Prime promotion in April 2017 N/A
Fire lycan adult.png Fire Lycan PC Gamer Club promotion in September 2017 N/A
Water lycan adult.png Water lycan Paid RunePass N/A


Legendary pets have several unique abilities, described below. Pets in the baby stage can have one active ability, adolescent pets can have two, and adult pets can have three. Abilities can be switched out at any time unless that ability is on cooldown. Active abilites are switched via the pet interface by clicking on the "Abilities" button at the bottom right corner.

Life Saver, Slayer Finisher, Repair Item and Fertiliser are not available for Ironman accounts.

Ability Description
Forage ability icon.png Forage The pet can randomly forage items when they are summoned. This can also be triggered actively. The foraged item is always one of the following:
Banking ability icon.png Banking The pet is able to take an item to your bank; they can take one item every 10 minutes, and a stack of noted items are banked all at once. The pet's ability to bank does not work beyond level 1 Wilderness. If one just crosses the Wilderness wall (and the Wilderness level display does not actually appear; thus can be considered "Wilderness level 0") and does not walk north, then the pet's banking ability still can be used.
Scavenge ability icon.png Scavenge The pet is able to scavenge dropped items from the moment it is obtained. To access the scavenge feature, 'Interact' with the pet and select 'Convenience', then select 'Scavenge'. When scavenge is selected, a menu interface will appear; the pet will automatically collect charms, but is able to pick up other items too. You can make the pet scavenge: Gold, Runes & Talismans, Herbs & Seeds, Weapons, Armour, Metal Bars & Ore, Bones & Ashes, Raw & Cooked food and Miscellaneous.

The pet will only pick up one item from a slain enemy; if an enemy drops two or more items, the pet will only pick up one. The pet will not always pick up items after a kill. There is a chance that the item picked up by the pet will appear in your bank rather than being in your inventory. This ability has a cooldown of 10 seconds.

To deactivate scavenge, 'interact' with your pet, select 'convenience' and select 'Heel'.

Life Saver ability icon.png Life Saver Your pet will save you from death, as per a ring of life. This does not work in PvP areas and has a two-hour cooldown (logged-in time).
Slayer Finisher ability icon.png Slayer Finisher Your pet will automatically finish off Slayer monsters that usually require an item, saving you an inventory slot.
Item Repair ability icon.png Item Repair Once per hour, you can use a repairable degrading item on your pet to repair it immediately. This works – and costs – the same as using the POH armour stand.
Beast of Burden ability icon.png Beast of Burden Using a Beast of Burden familiar pouch on the pet allows it to act as a version of that familiar with 10,600 life points and the same time limit. Using multiple pouches on the pet lets you extend the time for up to two hours. Unlike most Beasts of Burden, legendary pets do not use Summoning points. This ability cannot be used in the Wilderness.
High Level Alchemy ability icon.png High Level Alchemy Once per 10 minutes, use an item on your pet to convert it to coins, as per the High Alchemy spell. This requires 55 Magic, but does not need runes and gives no experience.
Fertiliser ability icon.png Fertiliser Every hour (of logged in time), the pet can be interacted to spawn pet droppings. It can be picked up for six buckets of compost or supercompost if the player is on a member's world. It also has a 1 in 10,000 chance of spawning Mod Daze's homework or Mod Dolan's rubber duck.

Pet growth

All legendary pets have three stages of growth - baby, adolescent, and adult. 900 pet points are required for a legendary pet to reach the adolescent state, and a further 1500 points for it to reach the adult stage. A pet will take approximately 15 hours to reach the adolescent stage and an additional 25 hours to reach the adult stage.

This time can be halved by "playing" with your pet by making it do one of its two emotes. It appears that while the pet is with you, it generates its own pet points up to a cap of 30 points. When this cap is reached, simply making the pet do an emote will allow you to retrieve the generated points, making it possible to raise the pet in half the time. The legendary pets generate their own points that you obtain through doing their emotes. The rate is around a point a minute meaning if you do an emote every 5 minutes, you will get roughly 5 points each time on average. However, the rate at which the pet points are generated is unpredictable; your pet could generate 2 pet points in one minute or no points after several minutes. Also, if you do one pet emote per day, you will get only 30 pet points since you have reached the cap of 30.

Although a legendary pet does not need to be fed like normal pets, feeding it a tasty treat will increase the rate at which it grows by 50%, and feeding it a jelly treat will increase it by 100%.

Companion and Follower pets do not grow, nor can they be fed.


Each pet from the store has individual emotes. See their individual pages for details.


Legendary pets are able to override familiars.

Use and reception

When pets were first released, many players complained that pets still required food even when fully grown, unlike the cats, which required no feeding once a kitten had grown up. This was explained as stress on the server as having a pet or familiar out all the time would inevitably slow them down. This is also the reason why timers are implemented and no familiars are visible in high player density areas such as the Grand Exchange. Pets being high maintenance was too much bother to some players that would likely have the ability to own the higher level pets and wouldn't consider keeping them out other than for passive activities. This was especially true for pets with non-stackable food of which is currently the majority. Familiars however filled the gap that many thought pets would take, as skill/combat aids and beasts of burden, leaving pets largely ignored for lack of any ability.

As part of an update on 19 December 2012, pets no longer run away as a result of hunger, with the exception of pet cats.


  • Initially, players could have mature god birds of differing gods. God bird ownership was initially limited to one bird for a time, but with the introduction of the menagerie, it became possible to own all three God birds at once.
  • Zamorak hawks and Saradomin owls prevent warriors from said allegiances attacking you while in the God Wars Dungeon. This can be extremely useful for players who do not wish to be forced to wear a particular armour showing allegiance to said groups.
  • Eek, the reward for completing the 2009 Hallowe'en Event, could be considered the first pet allowed to non-members. However, because Eek won't follow you, she could be considered similar to a pet rock or pet fish. Eek can also be put into the menagerie, where the player has the option to 'Interact' with her, resulting in the same dialogue.
  • Players originally had a limit on the number of pets they could own. This started with 2 pets of different types at level 1 Summoning, along with 2 more for every ten levels starting at level 11. However, the limit on different types of pets was removed on 16 January 2012.
  • Prior to the introduction of Summoning, the only pets in Gielinor were cats, fish and pet rocks.
  • On 5 December 2016, a bug allowed multiple pets to be summonable. A hotfix made right-clicking pets without owners to be deleted.[1]
  • The pet name "Nuke" may be a reference to the pet cat in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.
  • When attempting to rename or recolour an interface pet while the options are locked for them the messages "This pet can not be renamed." and "This pet cannot be recoloured" will respectively be shown in the chatbox. These messages can only be seen through exploiting a bug in the Customisations interface.
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