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For the shop from the Summer Beach Party, see Pet Shop (Summer Beach Party).
Pet shop
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Pet Shop (Taverley) exterior.png

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Pet Shop (Yanille) exterior.png
Release date 15 January 2008 (Update)
Members No
Minimap icon Pet shop map icon.png
Location Taverley / Yanille
Owner Taverley owner / Yanille owner
Specialty Summoning
Map (Taverley)Map (Yanille)

Location of the pet shop in Taverley

Location of the pet shop in Yanille

Pet shop logo.png

Pet shops are shops that sell pets. There are two stores with identical shop stocks and functionality.

The Pet shop owner in Taverley is male, and the one in Yanille is female.


Upon completion of Wolf Whistle, it is possible to buy certain types of pets from this shop. It is also possible to purchase food for your pets that were caught by the hunter skill, such as a Gecko. The shop does not supply pets that are not related to the Summoning skill (cats, fish or pet rocks) nor any food or equipment for them.

The incubator is used to hatch eggs which are obtained as a random drop from monsters, or obtained from a nest. (Note: you cannot use the incubator to hatch a plain chicken egg or a cockatrice egg.)

If you have lost a pet, you may also check to see if the lost pet has turned up with the store clerk. This only works for holiday pets, the baby troll, and pets lost due to a glitch. This does not include pets that are manually dismissed.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
GE resale
Nuts.png Nuts 10 10 coins 3 704 6,940
Flies.png Flies 1,000 10 coins 3 1,086 1,076,000
Beetle bits.png Beetle bits 10 10 coins 3 492 4,820
Spirit shards.png Spirit shards 65,000 25 coins 8 23 -130,000
Spirit shard pack.png Spirit shard pack 65,000 125,000 coins Not sold Not sold Not sold


  • Before the release of the skill, the Yanille pet shop owner would come out of the shop and walk a bulldog every few minutes. When examining the door, the text stated that it would open soon.
  • A few days before the release it was possible for players to get the door open using a glitch, however not get in.
  • When you examine the sign it says "They know how much that dog in the window is". This is a reference to the popular 1952 song by Patti Page called "(How much) is that doggie in the window". You can even ask the pet shop owner "How much is that puppy in the window?" with a response of "The one with the waggly tail?"
  • The Yanille pet store has a cat sitting on the counter even though the shop does not sell cats.