Pet of Summer
Pet of Summer pet
Pet of Summer
Release date 8 October 2015 (Update)
Members No
Race Sprout
Source Treasure Hunter
Interface No
Food None
Growth time None
Colour variations 1
Examine Made from lush blossoms. Combine with Pets of Spring, Autumn, and Winter to create a Pet of Seasons token.
Pet of Summer chathead

The Pet of Summer is obtained from combining Lush blossoms. Lush blossoms are won through playing Treasure Hunter, Woodcutting, or handing in a daily challenge. When combined with a Pet of Spring, Pet of Autumn, and Pet of Winter, a Pet of Seasons token is created. It cannot be talked with, nor does it have an emote. It cannot be reclaimed from Diango or any way if lost. Also, it cannot be stored in a player-owned house Menagerie.

Pet of Seasons concept art

Concept art of the seasonal pets

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