Petrifying gaze scroll detail

A petrifying gaze scroll is created by using a Spirit cockatrice, coraxatrice, guthatrice, pengatrice, saratrice, vulatrice, or zamatrice pouch on a summoning obelisk. Doing this grants 10 scrolls.

Petrifying Gaze

Petrifying Gaze is a special move of the Cockatrice variants, activated by a Petrifying gaze scroll. When used, the Cockatrice variant deals up to 100 life points against an opponent and drains their Defence (Spirit cockatrice), Summoning (coraxatrice), Attack (guthatrice), Magic (pengatrice), Prayer (saratrice), Ranged (vulatrice), or Strength (zamaxatrice) level by 3. Each use of a Petrifying Gaze scroll requires 3 special move points.


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