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Phalaks is a Dactyl Dragonkin and a former student of Kerapac, responsible for creating the King Black Dragon and his successor, Verak Lith.

Phalaks originally created the King Black Dragon in an attempt to replicate Kerapac's project that saw the creation of the first dragon. While the King was smaller, weaker and less intelligent than the Queen, Kerapac saw that breeding them together and studying their progeny could be useful. Though he saw the end result as a failure, Kerapac nonetheless restrained himself from slaughtering them in case he needed their strength in the future and released Phalaks' creation into the wilds.

Some time after this, Kerapac invited Phalaks back to work for him along with his son Vicendithas in order to create a dragon strong enough to seal or destroy Kranon. Phalaks suggested harnessing the power of the white dragons to accomplish this, with Kerapac accepting his proposal. Working with Vicendithas, they manage to create a prototype for a new breed of dragon. It provided mixed results, however, and eventually it was driven mad by its own power.

Moving on from this small setback, Phalaks returned to an older project: a successor to his original creation. Since it had been completed before their arrival to their laboratory, he requested to be allowed to continue its development in order to accelerate its growth and toughness.

While Verak Lith became stronger and more ferocious, it had one critical flaw: it was unable to reproduce. Any eggs that it fertilised, the hatchlings would burn themselves due to their unceasing rage and over-advanced flame-sacs. Phalaks only learned of this after Kerapac insisted that Verak Lith attempt to reproduce, which much to his chagrin led to thousands of dragon eggs going to waste. From Phalaks' point of view, Kerapac had destroyed his work. He resigned from the project and parted ways with Kerapac after this, leaving his masterpiece behind. Phalaks then retreated within his own laboratory near Kerapac's greatest creation in order to continue studying.

During Hero's Welcome, the corrupted Dragonkin Tarshak comes to him seeking help, but he just dismisses what he says as the ravings of a maniac and offers to send him off to Kerapac in an attempt to mend their relationship. Tarshak senses the player and Phalaks tries to deescalate the situation by throwing a poisoned dragonbane dart at Tarshak. He is surprised when the dart fails to mortally wound Tarshak, and requests the player to defeat him before he grows even stronger.

After driving Tarshak away, the player questions Phalaks about where he went. Phalaks deduces that he probably went back to his "sanctum".

At the end of the quest, he reappears alongside Kerapac and Silkath to study Tarshak's body, but soon becomes involved in an argument with the Necrosyrtes.

After the quest, he returns to the sanctum to collect the Abomination's tissue samples. His experiments and studies of the tissue were met with varying levels of success, although he did discover the hide's unnatural musculature and resistance to damage and spoilage. Due to this, he showed interest in using the hide as armour or leather. In addition, he discovered the Abomination's regenerative properties and made several failed attempts to graft a new head onto its body.

Unsurprisingly, Phalaks displays an amoral attitude towards humans when he captures several of them for study as they were mining the new bane ore rocks.

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