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Philipe Carnillean is the son of Sir Ceril Carnillean and Henryeta Carnillean, and the heir of the Carnillean Family, featured in the Hazeel Cult and Carnillean Rising quests. He can be found in the Carnillean Mansion in the south-western part of East Ardougne, close to the large wall separating it from West Ardougne prior to completing Carnillean Rising. After completing the quest, you should refer to the the chart below for his location based on your amount of quest points.

Initially he seems quite snobbish and spoiled. When you talk to him, he will demand toys from you and is rude to the player. If you talk to him with purple sweets or a toy horsey in your inventory, he demands that you give him them. He will first demand the horsey, then the sweets, but your character will refuse to give him either.

After a brief pseudo-adventuring session under your tutelage, Philipe enjoys the thrill of adventuring and decides to venture out on his own as a proper adventurer. He becomes far less snobbish, far more compassionate for those in need of aid, far more curious and understanding of others different from him, and far more respectful of you. He offers experience rewards to you, depending on how far in your adventuring career you have advanced as measured by your quest points, as a thank-you for having advanced his adventurer career as well.

Players doing Treasure Trails clues are sometimes directed to him with the anagram 'PIN HEIR ALL IN PLACE'.

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Philipe's future plans

As a child

Carnillean child

The following takes place during Hazeel Cult.

Philipe is introduced to the adventurer as the son of Sir Ceril and Lady Henryeta Carnillean. The adventurer learns that the family butler, as a member of the Cult of Hazeel, is plotting against the life of his father, in revenge for their ancestors' prior defeat of the Zamorakian Mahjarrat Hazeel, and has the opportunity to choose to side with either the Carnillean family or the Cult of Hazeel.

If choosing to side with the Cult of Hazeel, players will poison the Carnillean household's soup. Sometime after this, Philipe gives his serving to Scruffy, the Carnillean's pet dog. As the soup was poisoned, Scruffy died after consuming the soup. After this, Philipe will act very upset about Scruffy's death, and the adventurer will say "Who would do such a thing?". Regardless, the adventurer is not suspected of poisoning their soup, even after the quest.

Discovering adventure

Philipe level up

Philipe levels up while battling the Cave Wolf Matriarch

The following takes place during Carnillean Rising.

Philipe's father has decided to hire a tutor to set up a quest for Philipe in order to make him less snobbish and more brave. Initially he requests Xenia for the role, but after she refuses, Sir Ceril Carnillean then hires the adventurer, who he had hired before to help them deal with the Cult of Hazeel. By stealing his sweets and promising "new ones" as a reward, the adventurer persuades Philipe into doing the quest.

Initially bored at first (due to not being that special), Philipe gets excited when an unexpectedly large wolf appears, which the adventurer had not placed in the quest; rather, Xenia had released the wolf. With the help of the adventurer, Philipe defeats the wolf and frees the girl pretending to be the damsel in distress, the "boring, dull and cootie-filled" girl Sarsaparilla, enjoying the thrill of adventuring. He then decides to travel the world and become a real adventurer.

Adventures of his own

After the Carnillean Rising quest, Philipe will travel the world on his own adventures, and if you speak to him he will give you his experience lamps. You can speak to Ceril Carnillean to find out more about Philipe's current location.

Rover the red dragon is a baby wolf with a red dragon head stuck on her head. She is given to the player by Henryeta Carnillean if they have at least 200 quest points and have claimed the first 4 lamps Philipe Carnillean has to offer after completing Carnillean Rising.

Spot the black dragon is a baby wolf that Henryeta Carnillean will give to the player if they have at least 400 quest points and have claimed the first 8 lamps Philipe Carnillean has to offer after completing Carnillean Rising. It was added to the game on 16 January 2017, at which time there were not enough quest points to claim the pet. This has now been made obtainable along with the release of The Needle Skips.

The list of locations is the same for every player; however, you need a certain number of quest points for him to appear. Ceril will say that he doesn't know where he is if you don't have the sufficient amount of quest points to receive the next reward. You will have to use the lamp before Philipe will appear at the next location. These are the locations he can be found at in order:

Location QP req. Lamp experience Combat level Reason for being there
Inside the Ardougne Combat Training Camp, near the entrance. 50 2,000 30 To use the family's privileges and train in the training camp to become stronger.
At the entrance to the Mountain Camp of Hamal's tribe, in the Fremennik Province. 100 5,000 50 To study the mountain tribes, but finds out that they are neither ignorant nor savages as his father had told him.
On the Paramaya Inn's top floor in Shilo Village. You will need 35 coins to go to the top floor. 150 5,000 70 Heard that the village had zombies he could fight and to find a decent hotel.
Port Phasmatys, inside The Green Ghost Inn. 200 10,000 80 Heard stories about the monsters in the Eastern Lands and wanted to go see them himself as well as to witness the horrible living conditions.
The Polypore Dungeon, close to the Ramokee Skinweaver on the very bottom. 250 10,000 90 To get to know the Skinweaver who created the dungeon out of fungi.
Outside Oldak's house in the north-west of Dorgesh-Kaan. 300 10,000 100 To meet Oldak, as he heard that he's a good inventor. His father told him that goblins were stupid creatures, but he thinks these goblins are more advanced than humans are.
Inside the machine room in the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. 350 10,000 110 To learn the full story of a couple of adventurers who saved the colony from an attack by the sea trolls. He thinks the Wise Old Man is an amazing chap, but neglects to mention you.
At the entrance of the Fight Cave, in Tzhaar City. 400 10,000 120 To put his combat skills to the test.
Future content (currently not possible to complete)



Philippe and Sarsaparilla art

Concept art of Philippe and Sarsaparilla

  • Philipe doesn't move from his location or appear in the next one until you use the lamp he gave you.
  • Before the quest was released, his examine text used to be: "The newest member of the Carnillean family."
  • In the alternate timeline where the player was never born (and therefore caused Philipe to be snobbish and cowardly), Philipe eventually betrays his own family by helping Hazeel's cult revive their master Hazeel, who then proceeded to recapture Ardougne.


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