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Phoenix Lair is part of Distractions and Diversions and was released on 6 January 2009 along with the quest In Pyre Need. Players must have completed the quest to do Phoenix Lair. Players are able to complete this once per day, similar to killing Bork in the Chaos Tunnels: The Hunt for Surok.

Players must navigate through a series of caverns and fight against massive, magma-filled 'reborn' monstrosities. There are three types of guardians, each covering one side of the combat triangle and have levels ranging up to 128. The cavern is multicombat and will most likely kill players who are not properly prepared.

In each of the first five caverns, players must use Secateurs to cut twigs from the trees in the caverns, so that they can build the phoenix's pyre in the last cavern. Sacred clay armour is handy here as players can use the "operate" feature while it is equiped to switch between melee and ranged armour.

In the final cavern, the player uses a Knife to fletch each twig into a ribbon. Using the ribbons on the large pyre area will then call the phoenix to battle.

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The phoenix is level 235 and its main attack is magic based. It also has a dust attack, which lowers Attack, Range, and Magic level by approximately 50 percent for a short time, nullifying Attack potions. Dust attacks are not affected by Protect from Magic, perhaps because they do no damage to health.

When the Phoenix has been defeated, it crawls onto the pyre. The player can use a Tinderbox to set the pyre alight. The phoenix is consumed by the flames and then reborn. Once it reappears, talk to it to receive the reward.

Cavern effects

The caverns have some strange effects that seem to hinder some abilities:

  • Summoning familiars may not move from cavern to cavern with you. Familiars seem to have a tendency to get stuck in the caverns and cannot be 'called' from the Summoning interface. So, players should not plan to have access to any ability of a familiar (such as supplies stored on a beast of burden). However, this problem can be fixed by logging out and logging back in, though this can be difficult as you are nearly always under attack.
  • Some players have reported not being able to teleport out of the caverns. If this happens, a player can right-click a cavern doorways and choose 'Escape cavern'. That action exits the player to the surface. If a player has 72 Summoning, exiting the cave is recommended over teleporting because of the chance, however small, of getting lost in the caves and finding a Phoenix (pet)


Phoenix Lair is near the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. Players can get to the area by walking or by one of these faster methods:

Maps of the lair

The order of the dungeons are different for each player, however the order of the trees are the same. An example of possible maps is shown below.


It is highly recommended that you use Prayer in this area. Since multiple foes using different Attack styles will attack you at the same time, it is also highly recommended that you use armour with high defence stats. If you are using melee armour, you should use Protect from Magic if there is a magic foe attacking you. If you are using ranged armour you should use protect from Melee if there is a melee foe attacking you.

The recommended minimum stats for going there are:

The recommended inventory is:

The outfit for going to the Phoenix Lair is pretty much your choice, but keep what mentioned earlier in mind: If you're using armour which lowers magic defence, its recommended that you use magic prayer whenever you're being attacked by a magic foe, and if you use range armour, protect from melee would be preferred when you're using range armour like dragonhide armour. Again, Sacred clay armour is useful as you can switch between armour styles while wearing it.

Suggested tactics

  • If you have completed the As a First Resort... quest, visit the spa at Oo'glog to boost your prayer, hit points, and run energy. If you can use Fairy rings, you can use AKS to go to the Feldip Hills, run south to Oo'glog, use the spa pools, run north to the fairy ring, and then use AKQ to go to the lair.
  • Make your combat preparations before you enter the first cavern: drink any potions, turn on prayer, turn on run, etc.
  • Each of the first five caverns has several choke points where the reborn monsters block you. The monster will not leave the choke point, so you must kill it before you can pass through. At a minimum, you will encounter one choke point in each of these caverns.
  • The other monsters can block you, but they can move. If one is blocking you, try running away to see if it moves. If it does, run around it and move on.
  • A very effective tactic is to wear high-defence melee armour like Barrows equipment, Bandos boots, etc. The armour will be very effective against the reborn monsters that use melee and ranged. Therefore, just use Protect from Magic to guard against the reborn mages.
  • If you are only interested in fighting the phoenix, do not wait around for the drops from the reborn to appear. This wastes time when you could be running on. One exception is if you are running out of food: sometimes the reborn monsters drop lobsters or curry.
  • Do not log out during a run of the lair or you will have to start over.
  • When you reach the phoenix's cavern, you can turn off prayer while you get ready for the final battle. The phoenix will not appear until you prepare the pyre. Drink your potions to top up your combat abilities. It may not be worth drinking super attack potions here, though, as the phoenix's dust attack will lower your attack for a few seconds, which then resets to its normal level.
  • The shrine in this cavern is not an Altar and so you cannot recharge prayer points here. If you will use prayer against the phoenix, make sure you top up with a prayer potion if you are low on points.
  • If you've gotten to this point in fairly good shape, the phoenix should not be too difficult to beat. Just use Protect from Magic constantly and attack it until its hit bar is depleted and it crawls onto the pyre.
  • Once you beat the phoenix, make sure you talk to it after it is reborn or you will not get your reward!


The reborn can travel via pools of lava that spontaneously appear in your path.


Note that the phoenix itself does not drop anything, but will give 5 Phoenix quills when talked to after the battle.








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Reward for completing the phoenix's 'challenge' each time:

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