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Rotten potato The subject of this article can only be used by Jagex Moderators.
It cannot be obtained by conventional methods and is not designed for use by players.
Pickled cabbage detail

The pickled cabbage is an item released on 13 April 2015. It is used by Jagex Moderators for their new community tools.

It can be used to start the following community scenarios:

  • A card of love
  • Balloon Madness
  • Black Knights versus White Knights
  • Carnival Dancers
  • Chickens versus Jad
  • Christmas 2015
  • Demolish the snowman
  • Diamond Jubilee
  • Easter Critter
  • Event Attendance!
  • Faction PvP
  • Fancy a cuppa?
  • Harbingers of Tuska
  • Mad May Stamping
  • Monkeys
  • Snowmens
  • Thanksgiving
  • The Flight of Goebies
  • Winter wolf
  • Zombie Monkeys
  • Zombie pirates versus Ninja monkeys
  • Zombie Survival
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