Pie detail

A Pie is any one of several food items that players can make with the Cooking skill. They all take two bites to eat; it used to be three bites, but this changed, and all parts of pies were either deleted or changed to half a pie. After both bites of the pie have been eaten, a pie dish remains. This dish can be used to make another pie.

Pies heal from 125 (for redberry pies) to 1187 (for summer pies) life points per bite, and are made with pastry dough and a pie dish, along with other ingredients for the filling. Some pies are members-only, whereas others can also be made by non-members. Players can eat one slice of pie after another in quick succession.

Pies cannot be cooked on a fire or a fireplace, only a range (which the in-game message refers to as an "oven").

Players with level 65 Magic and who have completed Lunar Diplomacy can use the spell Bake Pie, which cooks pies with a 100% success rate. It must be cast one pie at a time, though one click will cast it one spell at a time on every unbaked pie in your inventory. Although uncommon, this spell can yield quick yet expensive Cooking experience.

Pie effects

Name Members Cooking level Heals per serving Special effect Ingredients G.E. Price
Half a redberry pieRedberry pie F2P icon 10 125 None Redberries 1,883
Half a meat pieMeat pie F2P icon 20 250 None Cooked chicken or cooked meat 100
Mud pieMud pie P2P icon 29 Not edible Decreases run energy of target, is used in a level 3 emote clue Compost, bucket of water, clay 2,767
Half an apple pieApple pie F2P icon 30 375 None Cooking apple 251
Half a garden pieGarden pie P2P icon 34 425 Temporary Farming boost of +3 Tomato, onion, cabbage (not from Draynor Manor) 303
Half a fish pieFish pie P2P icon 47 587 Temporary Fishing boost of +3 Cod, trout, raw potato 283
Half an admiral pieAdmiral pie P2P icon 70 875 Temporary Fishing boost of +5 Salmon, tuna, raw potato 3,407
Pork piePork pie P2P icon 74 1350* Temporary Farming boost of +5, +5 Summoning points Bacon, bacon, and more bacon 4,165
Half a wild pieWild pie P2P icon 85 1062 Temporary Ranged boost of +4 and Slayer boost of +5 Raw bear meat, raw chompy, raw rabbit 2,194
Half a wilder pieWilder pie P2P icon 90 1100 Temporary Ranged boost of +5 and Slayer boost of +6 for 6 minutes Raw bear meat, raw chompy, raw rabbit, crushed dragonstone 20,050
Half a summer pieSummer pie P2P icon 95 1187 Temporary Agility boost of +5, restore 20% Run Strawberry, watermelon, cooking apple 1,192

* Eaten in one bite.

Due to the quick exp of cooking pies, players (including nonmembers) can make up to 500,000 gp an hour by putting together uncooked pies (if they have all the ingredients).

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