Pie shell detail

A pie shell is an uncooked pie without filling. To make it, use a pie dish (crafted from soft clay or, more commonly, purchased) with pastry dough (made from combining flour and water). Players can fill a pie shell with any of several fillings, and then cook it on a range to make a pie.

Possible fillings for non-members include redberries (to make a redberry pie), cooked meat or cooked chicken (to make a meat pie), or apples (to make an apple pie). Members have access to a wider variety of dishes: from Mud pies all the way to Summer pies. They can even add 3 pieces of cooked bacon to make a pork pie.

Buying the pie shell components on the Grand Exchange and making these can be profitable. You gain about 6020 coins per inventory (14 pie shells). Such a method however, is often hindered by the low supply of Pie dishes and flour.

Possible profit examples

Pastry dough Pie dish Pie shell Profit/Loss
-565 -172 824 87
Pot of flour Water source Pie dish Pie shell Profit/Loss
-222 0 -172 824 430
Pot of flour Clay Water source Pie shell Profit/Loss
-222 -459 0 824 143


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