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|kills =
|kills =
* [[Zogoth]]
* [[Zogoth]]
* Several [[DKS]]
* Several [[DKS]] and [[Barrelchest]].
* Many [[Zombie captain]]s
* Many [[Zombie captain]]s
* Many [[Zombie pirate]]s
* Many [[Zombie pirate]]s

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Pieces of Hate is the seventh and final quest in the Pirate quest series. The quest involves underwater expeditions, ex-Dragonkin temples, the final confrontation with Rabid Jack and the zombie pirates. Part of the quest takes place on Mos Le'Harmless, where players have to find and defeat groups of shambling zombies in order to repair barricades and stop the zombie invasion from spreading. The quest links with the Wushanko Isles, including an Eastern Lands "pirate queen" named Madame Shih.

One of the rewards from the quest is an upgraded book o' piracy that has teleports to Mos Le'Harmless, Braindeath, Dragontooth Island, and Harmony Island and is recharged using 'rum'. The quest also gives insights into the lore behind one of the locations visited in the quest.


Start pointQuest map icon
Pieces of Hate icon
Speak to Postie Pete outside your player-owned house by attempting to enter portal.
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyMaster Master
Official lengthLong
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.
Quest Quests:


Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
Enemies to defeat

Getting started

Don't use a dungeoneering cape to teleport to Braindeath Island at any point in this quest as it teleports you to the pre-quest island, and everyone you talk to acts like the quest hasn't started yet.

To start the quest, the player must stand outside their house at their player-owned house and click on it. This will make Postie Pete appear and he will give the player a letter from Bill Teach. The letter asks the player the revisit The Rock to help out Bill Teach.

The player must then make their way to the customs officer found in a house in south-east Rimmington. Players must then get arrested again in order to visit The Rock again. The player must use the dialogue option specifically designated for Pieces of Hate. Speaking to the officer and being arrested normally will not bring the player to the Rock Island Prison's instance for this quest, instead bringing them to the overworld version. The officer will not arrest the player unless they have nothing equipped or in the inventory. There is a bank deposit box in the house for use.

Escaping The Rock (Again)

Bill Teach chathead

You will arrive in the same jail cell as previous quests, however this time surrounded by different pirates, including Bill Teach, Madame Shih, Two-Eyed Eric and Jimmy the Parrot. Talk to Bill Teach by shouting through the bars. He will ask the player to aid in their escape by first picking the lock to the jail cell. However, this can't be done immediately as the guards will stop you.

After talking to Bill, talk to Two-Eyed Eric and ask if he can help a hand. Doing so, the player will receive Eric's hook. Use the hook on the bed in your cell to receive piece of cloth. Using this cloth on the hook will create Eric's hook attached to cloth. Using your newly created hook, you can go to the east coast of the island and use the hook on the fishing spot in order to receive a fish. This will also turn your hook into a sharpened version of it.

Prison guard flees

Scaring the guards away.

Next, use the fish on the perch rock just northeast of the jail cell. This will attract a seagull named Count Ludwig Koppenploppen. After some humorous dialogue, using this fish on the jail door in the jail will make the player throw it at the guard and consequently make Ludwig fly after it, scaring away the guards. They will be pushed out of the south entrance of the jail, allowing the player to pick the lock. Use the sharpened hook on the cell door to unlock it. Make sure to block the door that they left out of using the barrels found next to the door.

After leaving the cell, attempting to use the hook on Bill's jail cell will result in it being opened, but the hook will then be taken away by a rat called Wilson. In order to catch the rat, the player must construct a baited trap. Players can pick up a small crate from a pile of crates next to Bill's cell. They can also pick up a wooden spoon, a cheese sandwich and a pineapple from the desk around the corner. Searching the locker next to the desk will also give the player a custom officer's outfit.

To create the trap, the spoon has to be used on the crate, and then the cheese sandwich on the unbaited box trap. This will create a baited trap. The baited trap must be used on the rat hole found on the wall inside of Bill's cell. Doing this will catch the rat, whose name is Wilson.

Madame Shih chathead

Players must then interrogate Wilson in order to get him to give up the guard's keys. The correct chat options to choose are 3, 4, 2 and 4. Use these keys on the other jail cells in order to free the rest of the pirates. Players must then talk to Madame Shih who will say that the top floor of the prison must be reached. Attempting to use the guard's keys on the door leading to the stairs will not work. Speak to Madame Shih once again to reveal that someone has placed a ward on the door. Speak to Jimmy the Parrot and he can repeat what he heard the guards say to remove the ward. Click on the door and Jimmy will recite the phrase, and the door will be opened. Before heading upstairs, make sure to investigate the poster right next to the stairs in order to reveal that the first floor keys are hidden underneath one of the beds on the 1st2nd floor[UK].

Distracted prison guard

Distracting the guard.

Burning crassion guard

Burning the crassian pods.

Going up will reveal a Crassian guard; however, it will ignore you as long as you have the customs outfit on. Searching the wardrobes north of the stairs will give the player a 'Rum'. Using the previously obtained pineapple on the slime found next to the stairs will give the player a sticky pineapple. This must then be used on Wilson to make a pineapple Wilson. Use this on south-west door to distract the guard. After the guard has been distracted, go into the room and search the north-eastern bed to obtain the first floor keys. (If the "Investigate" option does not appear on the bed, make sure you searched the poster in the previous step.) This will unlock both the doors leading into the room containing the Crassian pods. Using the 'Rum' on the pods (if you drink by mistake, get another rum) will cause them to set fire, distracting the Crassian guard and will allow access to the 2nd3rd floor[UK].

Escaping Rock Island Prison

Escaping the prison.

Walking up the stairs to the 2nd3rd floor[UK] will start a cutscene involving Mi-Gor and a shadowy figure. They will have a short talk about their invasion of Mos Le'Harmless before noticing you. This will force you all the way to the ground1st floor[UK] where everyone else will have noticed that they have been noticed, and will run towards the north of the prison and east to the docks to jump off the pier (Dive Pier). Jumping into the pier will land the player, Bill Teach and Madame Shih on the east coast of Karamja.

Finding Rabid Jack

Zombie pirate head chathead

After landing on the east coast of Karamja, talk to either Bill or Madame Shih. Talking to them reveals that neither Two-Eyed Eric or Jimmy the Parrot made it back to mainland, claiming that a monster of sorts grabbed them. Continuing the conversation, they will offer you a teleport back to Mos Le'Harmless where they say that they should meet underneath the bar. Go the north-west part of the city and sit on the chair in the bar. The player will ask the barkeep if they want a "Long drop". Responding yes to this will push the chair forward and into the hidden base.

Secret pirate meeting

A secret pirate meeting.

Inside the base, you will find yourself back with Bill and Madame Shih, along with Cap'n Izzy No-Beard, Brass Hand Harry and a zombie pirate head. When it comes time to interrogate the head, interrogate him kindly and then say you can come to an agreement. The head will claim to know the location of Captain Rabid Jack's base of operations, but will not lead you there until you do a few things for him first. He will ask the player to find him a pet to spend their time with and also a spot along the sea in order to see the sunset properly. He will jump into your inventory in order to get these tasks complete.

To get the pet, players must visit Gertrude to try and get a kitten. Upon visiting her, she says all her kittens have already been rehomed to different adventurers and tries recommending talking to one of her children. Philop and Kanel can be found in the house, while Wilough and Shilop can be found in Varrock centre. Talking to them reveals that they have heard potential kittens at the lumber yard. The easiest way to get to the lumber yard is with a lumber yard teleport. Once there, enter through the west gap in the fence and once inside, search any of the jiggling crates to find that Wilson has made his way main-land. The head will be happy with Wilson being his pet, and Wilson agrees. He will then ask the player to make a collar so that others cannot claim Wilson. This can be made out of 2 pieces of leather and a gold bar.

Watching the sunset

Watching the sunset.

In order to see a sunset properly, you will have to bring the head to the Karamja coast. The exact location is just south-west of the deposit chest located south of the lodestone. Walking close to the spot will prompt a chatbox message from the head saying that it is the perfect spot. Placing him down by the coast, he will realise that something is missing. He will first ask for a Blurberry special*, but find that it isn't perfect. He will then ask for a Drunk dragon*, but still not find it to be perfect. He will then ask for a Choc saturday*, which he will be satisfied with. Once he has drunk the drinks and seen the sunset, he will say he is happy and will reveal the location of Jack's base of operations, but will not say it until he is back in the secret basement.

*premade versions of the drink DO work, you can purchase all 3 for 30 each at the Gnome Stronghold at Blurberry's Bar.

Once back in the basement, the head will reveal the location of Jack. Once revealed, Madame Shih will offer that they can leave immediately. Be prepared for a fight before accepting yes.


Fighting Zogoth

Fighting Zogoth.

Leave the basement, gear up at the bank, then head to the southwest part of the island, you will see a rowboat (marked on the mini-map).

The player and the rest of the crew will arrive at the supposed location of the base of operations. However, upon arrival, there is nothing but ocean. Madame Shih notices that the ship has been slightly damaged due to some coral reefs, and will ask the player to repair the hull below deck. Enter the door found west of everyone to attempt to go below deck. Before going below deck, however, Rabid Jack will appear and teleport Madame Shih away. After this, tentacles will appear around the ship, which have to be attacked and killed. Once all four have been killed, a cutscene will start, where Zogoth appears.

Again, like its counterpart, the main body takes up one end of the ship, and it is from that point that melee attacks, and special attacks, will be launched.

If standing towards the back half of the ship, Zogoth can slam down tentacles onto the player and deal typeless damage. These can be dodged, however are tedious to do so, hence why it is suggested to stay in melee range.

Its attacks include a water jet that knocks players to the back of the boat where the boss fight is situated and a melee attack, but will only use it when in range. The water jet sprays a stream of water from one side of the ship to the other. It will only reach the half of the ship closest to Zogoth, so can be easily avoided.

At half and quarter health intervals, Zogoth will temporarily shield itself from attacks and spray acid from above. The shield blocks direct damage from player, however area of effect attacks (such as death's swiftness or sunshine) and damage over time effects (such as combust or dismember) may continue to harm him. The damage from acid sprays can be avoided by running away from shaded spots.

Zogoth is also able to summon minions in the form of crassian warriors and scouts. The warriors will attempt to attack the player within melee range, and will try to move to the player. If the player is attacking Zogoth with ranged or magic attacks, it is possible to kill the summoned crassian warrior before any damage is taken. The scouts, however, will attack the player from the opposite end of the ship to where Zogoth is. It is best to ignore this minion if attacking with melee, as entering melee range (including halberd range) can cause a tentacle to appear, which will hit the player for typeless damage until either the player retreats, or dies. If the player retreats, the tentacle also retreats. If you die, your gravestone will appear at the edge of the dock on Mos Le'Harmless.

Rabid Jack's Invasion

Pieces of Hate invasion interface

After defeating Zogoth, you will be brought back to Mos Le'Harmless to find out that Jack has invaded the city with his crew of DKS, zombie captains, zombie pirates, and zomboats.

There are two waves to deal with, the player is required to clear four areas in the first wave and seven areas in the second. Barrelchests and zombie captains must be killed before each objective can be completed. After clearing an area of all zombies and completing the objective, its corresponding section in the interface will disappear. If areas are not cleared quickly enough, the number of skulls in the interface will increase and eventually turn red, indicating that zombies are spreading to other areas. Spreading zombies will cause zombies to respawn in areas that may have already been cleared, prolonging the invasion further. Information on each wave is listed below:

  • Wave 1 (initial attack):
    • Main Gate: Kill the DKS and the zombie captains at the main gate, then repair the barricades.
    • West Wall: Kill the zombie captains on the western wall, then help the pirate up to his feet.
    • SE Cannons: Kill the zombie captains at south-east coast of the town, then repair the cannons and sink the zomboats.
    • SW Cannons: Kill the zombie captains at south-west coast of the town, then repair the cannons and sink the zomboats.
Pieces of Hate invasion locations
  • Wave 2 (next attack)
    • Main Gate: Kill the DKS and the zombie captains at the main gate, then repair the barricades.
    • West Wall: Kill the zombie captains on the western wall, then help the pirate up to his feet.
    • SE Cannons: Kill the zombie captains at south-east coast of the town, then repair the cannons and sink the zomboats.
    • SW Cannons: Kill the zombie captains at south-west coast of the town, then repair the cannons and sink the zomboats.
    • East River: Kill the zombie captains at river east of the town, then destroy the makeshift bridges.
    • Crop Circle: Kill the DKS and the zombie captains at the wheat field north of the town, then destroy the cannon.
    • Beach Head: Kill the DKS and the zombie captains at the coast north-west of the town, then destroy the grounded ship.

Braindeath Island Distillery

Mi-Gor chathead

Once the attack on Mos Le'Harmless has been fended off, the player will realise that the invasion was too easy to fend off and will wonder whether it was just a distraction. The player will then be asked to go to Braindeath Island to check if Mi-Gor is there. A teleport to the island will be offered. Once at the island, the player can walk south, then west along the outside (past Davey) to the west side of the room they are in, (go down stairs, walk around and back up) and listen to the window (near the sink) to overhear some conversation between Mi-Gor and Captain Braindeath. Mi-Gor wants the secret ingredient to the Braindeath 'rum' for his plans, however Captain Braindeath will not give it up.

After the conversation has been overheard, speak to Davey, who is hiding in the brewers' quarters. He will tell the player to go listen into the conversation again, but this time from the window near him. Doing so will start a cutscene of Mi-Gor and Captain Braindeath talking once again. Mi-Gor orders Braindeath's workers thrown into the fever spider pit unless he reveals the secret. Braindeath spots you from the corner of his eye and claims that the secret ingredient is witchwood - however, Murphy sees through his lie and Mi-Gor has the rest of the workers killed.

Clogging the hopper

Clogging the hopper.

After the cutscene, talk to Davey once again and he will reveal that Braindeath was referring a plan called 'Operation Witchwood'. He will then give you a barrelchest disguise in order to infiltrate the plant. Head out of the factory again into an open space and equip the disguise. The player must then talk to Captain Donnie south of the factory and demand that he fetch some witchwood. Donnie will do so by taking 50% Luke's leg and giving it to you. Return to Davey and then attempt to get past the Barrelchest, who will ask for a pass code. Speak to Captain Donnie once again and tell him that Mi-Gor wishes to see him. He will then tell you to go in his place, but quickly decides he wants to do it himself, since he has a grudge against him. You will overhear the passphrase, and after the cutscene, Donnie is ejected from the brewery for his vulgar language towards Mi-Gor. Use it to enter the brewery, and go up from the south-eastern ladder. Head to the north-western corner of the 1st2nd floor[UK] and put the leg into the pressure barrel and use the lever next to it to press it down.

Baron von Hattenkrapper bomb run

Destroying the dungeon entrance.

After forcing the leg down the hopper, the distillery will explode and and rum will go over everyone in the distillery. Pick up the barrels of 'rum' on top of the crates in the south or north western corners and head back downstairs, walking past the guard to head back outside. At this point, the disguise can be taken off. Head back over to 50% Luke, who is now 66...% Luke to go through the gate. You can also choose to have a humurous chat about nicknames with him. Head to the top of the hill past the gate to find Baron von Hattenkrapper sitting upon the perched rock near the stagnant water. The player will ask him to bomb the entrance to the dungeon to let some of the crabs escape to disrupt the factory. He will then ask for the barrels of 'rum'. Hand them over, and the player will take control of the Baron in order to bomb the entrance.

After the entrance has been successfully bombed 3 times, a cutscene will occur where the crabs escape the dungeon and enter the brewery. The barrelchests are overwhelmed and soon they rush Mi-Gor and Murphy. Players will find themselves in Braindeath's office. Speak to Mi-Gor, now reduced to a decapitated head, who unwittingly reveals Jack's base of operations.

Underwater temple

Kitten (Pieces of Hate) chathead

After finding out the location of the base, the player will have to head back to the secret basement in Mos Le'Harmless to tell the information to everyone else. Once there, they will suggest sailing off immediately. Before accepting, make sure you have suitable items for a boss fight with you. Familiars and followers are not allowed in this battle, so make sure you dismiss any that you may have out.

Jumping ship

Fleeing the burning galleon.

After sailing off, a cutscene will occur where the ship will crash and start to set on fire. The player will have to grab a diving suit off the west of ship and then jump ship to the east. This will cause the player to jump to some underwater islands. Following the islands along, you will once again encounter the kitten from previously in the quest. It will give the player vague unsettling statements, and they are not necessary to continue the quest. Following the islands will bring the player to Ulthven Kreath where Rabid Jack can be found.

Rabid Jack Fight

Rabid Jack chathead

Enter the temple, where you will see Rabid Jack standing next to a portal where a giant black hand will appear. He will also have Madame Shih hostage just outside the temple. Frustrated with the player's constant disruption of his plans, he will battle you.

It is strongly recommended for all players to bring at least level 80 combat gear, as well as high-healing food, such as rocktail or sailfish, including a one-click teleport, such as the ectophial. Stat boosting potions or overloads (if available) may also be necessary for those with stats under level 90. In general, the fight should be rather straightforward for higher level players who are familiar with boss mechanics, such as those found in The Heart. However, even with that knowledge, it is very easy to be stunned, and killed.

It has been stated by several players that every mechanic, excluding the stun attack, can be prevented by regularly drinking form the 'Rum' Barrels. By "regular" drinking, it has only been confirmed that a player must drink every 3-5 attacks to negate any effects other than the stun attack. This does not mean that other attacks will not happen. Only that a small number of players have confirmed that, with regular drinking, they never encountered other attacks. This fact could simply be down to luck.

Death during this fight is not safe. If you die or teleport away during the fight, you will have to start from the beginning. Your gravestone will appear next to the rowboat on Mos Le'Harmless.

At the start of the fight, Jack has 35,000 life points.

Fighting Captain Rabid Jack

Fighting Rabid Jack.

Jack fights only with melee, and has a special attack where he will grab the player, stunning them for a prolonged period of time and dealing small but rapid amounts of typeless damage. To counter this, use freedom or anticipation - this will stop both the stun and the damage he deals from it. The likelihood of him grabbing you appears to increase if you run away from him; for this reason melee is recommended over ranged or magic. Damage Jack as quickly as you can, watching for the black hand from the portal. It will occasionally smash down on the player's position, dealing around 5,000-10,000 melee damage if you are hit by it. Leave Freedom on standby, as you can easily get killed if you are stunned when the hand slams down on you.

There is also an insanity mechanic when battling Jack, shown on the buffs and debuffs bar as a black cat icon. To counter this, drink from the barrels of rum littered around the room - avoid drinking more than 5 though, or you will take up to 90% of your maximum health as damage due to alcohol poisoning. The higher your stacks become, the camera will rotate wildly and more hallucinations of Jack will appear. These hallucinations have 1,000 life points, and can easily be killed with area-of-effect attacks such as cleave and hurricane.

When Jack reaches 0 health, he will become unattackable, but he cannot attack you either at this time. Loosen one of the four ancient chains, after which Jack restores his health. Once a player has done this a total of four times, the next time they reduce Jack to zero life points, a cutscene will trigger.

Finishing up

After defeating Jack, he'll realize that you've almost sealed the portal. Taking no chances, he grabs onto a chain and drops into the portal, which is closed by the boulder that you loosened during the fight. Talk to Madame Shih. You can speak to her about the recent event, but regardless, she'll tell you to meet her back in the basement.

Head to the basement, where the pirates of Mos Le'Harmless will celebrate Jack's apparent demise. Madame Shih is a bit wary, knowing that they did not kill off Jack, but is told by Izzy to relax and celebrate. Make sure you have six free spots in your inventory in order to claim the rewards.

Congratulations, quest complete!


Pieces of Hate reward
Additional rewards/activities
  • Roake Kal (RuneScore 10) - Decipher all four murals in the sunken temple.
Music unlocked




  • The name is a reference to Pieces of Eight, a currency often associated with pirates.
  • One of the attackable Barrelchests in the quest, DKS, is named after the winner of a GameBlast 2018 eBay auction.[3]
  • When telling the Zombie Head its make-up is cute during interrogation, it replies with "I don't do cute! I do drop-dead GORGEOUS!", which is a reference to a quote from Alyssa Edwards from RuPaul's Drag Race.
  • One of the names thought up for 50% Luke during the quest is a reference to the fighter Mokujin from the Tekken franchise. Mokujin also roughly translates to "wooden human" from Japanese.
    • Dozens of Luke's names parody various media, including Luke Skywalker.
  • After scaring away the guards in The Rock, the player may continue to shout through the jail cell door. One of the lines include: "Chinchompa blood can't melt steel beams!", which is a parody of the meme phrase "Jet fuel can't melt steel beams"
  • During the Zombie Head interrogation, Using the Insane interrogation option, The player will remark "MAY THE RATS EAT YOUR EYES! THE DARKNESS COMES!" Which is a paraphrased quote said by Maxmillian Roivas from Eternal Darkness.
  • A hardcore ironman dying to Xau-Tak's hand broadcasts the hand as "Black hand".


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