Pig decoy
Pig decoy
Release date 9 July 2013 (Update)
Members Yes
Location Falador Farm
Examine A lifelike pig simulacrum.
Almost exactly like a real pig, if a pig caused terminal narcolepsy.

Pig decoys are built by the player during the Bringing Home the Bacon quest in order to fool the Bacon addicts. They are built with 3 planks each, and then wrapped in bacon, both of which are supplied by Eli Bacon. The player must constantly add more bacon to the decoys to distract the addicts, allowing Eli to rescue the pigs.

Later on in the quest, the player once again wraps them in bacon, but this time uses "Sleeping potion" (in actuality extremely potent poison) on them, turning them into Pig decoy (p++++). The addicts then eat the bacon, which supposedly puts them to sleep.

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