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This article is about the regular version. For the mature version, see Mature pigswill.

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Pigswill is a type of fermented alcoholic beverage made from raw bacon. Players may brew this beverage at 64 Cooking to produce 8 pints of beer. When consumed, It will heal up to 1100 life points and boost your Farming and Summoning levels by 3, while decreasing your Attack and Strength level by 3.

Pigswill requires two buckets of water, two barley malts, four pieces of raw bacon, and some ale yeast. Using a keg on the finished barrel makes pigswill (keg).

Players must have completed the quest Bringing Home the Bacon in order to brew this beverage.


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  • There was a bug that prevented Pigswill from ever going past its fermenting stage, leaving the ale to never be made fully. Due to this, the ale had an incredibly high street price. This was fixed on 8 February 2016.
  • On the day of release, another bug made the brewing vat in Keldagrim vanish and become non-interactable. This was eventually fixed.