Pigzilla, also known as the Behemoth pig, is a gigantic pig surrounded by Piglets found inside Martin the Master Gardener's pen in Draynor Village. Compared to most other pigs, Pigzilla is much bigger, which is why it is known as the Behemoth pig.

Pigzilla seems to be a local celebrity in Draynor, having a task in the Lumbridge and Draynor Tasks named after them. Even Khnum, a former guard of Al-Kharid and leader of The Skulls knows of Pigzilla.


  • Pigzlilla was originally the size of an ordinary pig, but on 12 October, with the graphical update to pigs, one of the pigs in the Draynor Village pen was drastically increased in size. This may have originally been a bug, but a few weeks later new dialogue was added to Martin the Master Gardener that identified the pig as Pigzilla.
  • There was previously another pig on Falador Farm bigger than Pigzilla.
  • With the release of Bringing Home the Bacon, Pigzilla was renamed from Pig to its true name, and attained its current examine text, with its previous one being "Swine."
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