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Pikkenmix is Pikkupstix's young apprentice. He plays a role in the Distractions and Diversions event Familiarisation. His location rotates around different summoning obelisks every couple of hours.

Players find him via clues from Pikkupstix, clan chats, or simply exploring the world. Familiarisation can be potentially started once every 2 hours but can only be played once a week. He will brief players on the instructions and allow them to enter the spirit realm.

When players complete the event for the week, Pikkenmix will offer them a choice between a Box of summoning ingredients or a charm drop enhancer, which will grant them triple charm drops for a maximum of forty minutes. Players do not need to select their rewards immediately. If desired, the rewards can be obtained by speaking to Pikkupstix in Taverley after the event is complete.


  • His name is a word-play on pick 'n' mix children's sweets.
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