StandardDraynor Bank Robbery
Pillory guard chathead

The pillory guard is a special guardsman who used to run the Pillory random event in one of the following towns with a pillory: Varrock, Yanille, or Seers' Village. He would randomly abduct thieving players, who must then solve the combination to get teleported back to their previous place. As of his retirement, he is now located at each of the three pillaries. If pickpocketed, he still cages players, who can beg to be released.

During the Draynor Bank Robbery, the pillory guard appeared and attempted to stop the Wise Old Man. The Wise Old Man hits a 2000 on a pillory guard with a spell similar to Saradomin strike, killing him.

The pillory guard seemed to be wielding a steel longsword, while wearing a steel chainbody, and wearing a helmet similar to the spiny helmet (without the spikes on top), all of which were old equipment versions.

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