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Pineapple Punch is a Gnome cocktail requiring 8 Cooking for 70 experience which heals 200 Life points. After consumption, the following message is displayed: "You drink the cocktail. It tastes great."


Pineapple Punch
Cooking level 8
Cooking XP 70
Burn level 8
Utensils Knife, Cocktail shaker
Ingredients Lemon, 2 Oranges, 3 Pineapples, Lime, Cocktail glass
Range only No
To make Pineapple punch:
  1. Cocktail shaker > Mix-cocktail > Pineapple punch.
  2. Use Knife > Lime > Chunks.
  3. Use Knife > Pineapple > Chunks.
  4. Use Knife > Orange > Slice.
  5. Cocktail shaker > Pour mixed punch


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