Pineapple pizza detail

Pineapple pizza is the highest level pizza in RuneScape, healing 1624 life points (812 per bite). It can be made at level 65 Cooking by adding pineapple chunks or pineapple rings to a cooked plain pizza, and gives 197 total experience (52 experience for adding the pineapple to the plain pizza).

Using pineapple rings is recommended, because a player gets four rings, but only one pile of chunks per whole pineapple. These can also be obtained by asking a Cook in a player-owned house to serve food. They will be deposited on a player's table in their dining room.

Pineapple pizza
Cooking level 65
Cooking XP 45
Burn level Unknown edit
Utensils Nothing
Ingredients Plain pizza, Pineapple
Range only Yes
To make Pineapple pizza:
  1. Use knife > pineapple (select pineapple ring to save cost of pineapples) (becomes pineapple ring)
  2. Use plain pizza > pineapple ring (becomes pineapple pizza)


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