Pirate bandanas are pieces of pirate clothing. The white, red, blue, and brown variants are sold on Mos Le'Harmless. They can be attached to an eyepatch by Patchy to make a bandana and eyepatch or they can be attached to a left eyepatch to make a bandana and eyepatch (left). The grey, purple, and orange bandanas can only be obtained by looting a pirate impling.

Colour Price
Pirate bandana (white).png Pirate bandana (white) 253 coins (update)
Pirate bandana (red).png Pirate bandana (red) 505 coins (update)
Pirate bandana (blue).png Pirate bandana (blue) 145 coins (update)
Pirate bandana (brown).png Pirate bandana (brown) 484 coins (update)
Pirate bandana (grey).png Pirate bandana (grey) 172 coins (update)
Pirate bandana (orange).png Pirate bandana (orange) 78 coins (update)
Pirate bandana (purple).png Pirate bandana (purple) 574 coins (update)


  • Prior to the update on 19 March 2018, the red, white, blue and brown bandanas were called pirate bandana while the grey, purple and orange bandanas were called bandana. Since the update, all bandanas are called pirate bandana.
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