Pirate leggings (beige, red, blue, and brown) can be purchased from the store on Mos Le'Harmless after completing the Cabin fever quest. Pirate leggings in the colours purple, grey, and orange can be only obtained by looting a Pirate impling, traded from another player, or from the Grand Exchange. They offer no bonuses.

Beige Pirate leggingsBeigeScript error coins (update)
Red Pirate leggingsRed677 coins (update)
Blue Pirate leggingsBlue602 coins (update)
Brown Pirate leggingsBrown68 coins (update)
Grey Pirate leggingsGrey2,675 coins (update)
Purple Pirate leggingsPurple558 coins (update)
Orange Pirate leggingsOrange366 coins (update)
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