Pirate shirts come in a variety of colours. They offer no bonuses. Shortly after their release, these shirts were worth around 30 to 50k, but have since dropped in price significantly. However, after the release of the Rocking Out quest, their prices went up again as a shirt was required to complete the quest.

Red, blue, white and brown shirts can be purchased from the store on Mos Le'Harmless after completing the Cabin fever quest.

White shirts are also available from, and the only colour found, when ransacking Customs evidence files.

Grey, purple, and orange shirts can only be obtained from looting Pirate implings.

Colour Price
Pirate shirt (white).png Pirate shirt (white) 42 coins (update)
Pirate shirt (red).png Pirate shirt (red) 791 coins (update)
Pirate shirt (blue).png Pirate shirt (blue) 1,665 coins (update)
Pirate shirt (brown).png Pirate shirt (brown) 526 coins (update)
Pirate shirt (grey).png Pirate shirt (grey) 1,024 coins (update)
Pirate shirt (orange).png Pirate shirt (orange) 106 coins (update)
Pirate shirt (purple).png Pirate shirt (purple) 698 coins (update)


  • These shirts were previously known as stripy pirate shirts, prior to the update on 19 March 2018.
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