Pirates' Hideout

The hideout of crashed pirates!

Pirates' Hideout location

The Pirates' Hideout is a building located in deep level 50 Wilderness. A lockpick and 39 Thieving are required to pick the door lock, gaining entry.

Many aggressive pirates are located here. There are also 4 Thieving chests that have to be searched for traps before the player can loot them, and half of a redberry pie (125 life points healing) spawns in the hideout.

It is inhabited by some of the former crew of Captain Bentley, when their ship ran into a squall, which pushed the ship towards the rocky shore. Bentley himself and a few select men were able to escape in a small row boat, but the rest of the crew got were washed ashore as the ship was wrecked on the jagged rocks. The survivors then constructed the Pirates Hideout, where they live to this day.


The Pirates' Hideout, no landlubbers to be seen!

Strategies and equipment

While travelling to the Pirates' Hideout, for reasons such as Treasure Trails, it is somewhat safe to teleport to Deserted Keep east of the Mage Arena, using the Ardougne Wilderness lever west of the castle, or the one-way lever in the ruins south of Edgeville. After cutting the spiderweb blocking the top of the exit from Deserted Keep, many players run south of the Mage Arena and swing back north to the hideout.

  • Spirit terrorbird familiars and Tireless Run scrolls are very helpful. They preserve one's ability to escape if necessary by keeping run energy high, and the terrorbird will fight beside you in multi-combat wilderness. Expect to use about 5-10 scrolls running to the nearby Treasure Trail locations.
  • Other run-boosting equipment is less helpful but still useful. super energy potions, explorer's ring 3/4, and similar items are good ideas if one's Summoning level is below 52.
  • Another method of escaping is running to Ghorrock after starting or finishing The Temple at Senntisten as this is outside the wilderness and can be teleported out of even if previously teleblocked.

The pirate ship.

The Curse of Zaros

To the west of the hideout there is a wrecked ship. Here, you can find Rennard the thief from The Curse of Zaros, a miniquest in which the player can obtain ghostly robes.

Music unlocked

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