For the Hunter technique, see falconry.
Piscatoris falconry area
Piscatoris falconry area map

The Piscatoris falconry area is a fenced-off area east of the Woodland Training Area, south of Piscatoris. The area is run by Matthias, the only non-player character in the falconry area. The area is used to catch spotted kebbits, dark kebbits, and dashing kebbits, which require Hunter levels 43, 57 and 69 to be caught using a gyr falcon, respectively. Matthias will lend the player one of his falcons and his glove for 500 coins to train falconry. To receive the falcon, however, you must not be wearing anything in the weapon slot, the shield slot, or the glove slot.

Both the falcon and the glove will be lost whenever the player leaves the area, although it will not be lost if the player logs out and switches worlds. As long as you are in the immediate area when you log in, you will not lose the Falcon.

How to get there

  • From the Fairy ring AKQ teleport location, walk east. The falconry area has its entrance on the northern side of the fence.
  • Teleport to Varrock and use the Spirit tree via the Grand Exchange, teleporting to the Tree Gnome Stronghold and walking on foot. If players have completed Swan Song, players may use Kathy Corkat free of charge for quicker transport, otherwise you can pay her 50 coins.
  • Purchasing or obtaining a Phoenix lair teleport from Treasure trails rewards, then walking East.
  • Teleport to the Eagle's Peak lodestone and walk north.
  • Using the Guthix Memories to teleport nearby and then walk/run east.


  • The Falconry was present even before the Hunter skill was released after the Swan Song was released. It was fenced off entirely and could not be entered by any means. It was a way of teasing players until it was actually released along with the Hunter skill.
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