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| start = Speak to [[Arianwyn]] in eastern [[Lletya]].
| start = Speak to [[Arianwyn]] in eastern [[Lletya]].
| difficulty = Grandmaster
| difficulty = Grandmaster
| length = Long (~2-5 hours)
| length = Very Long (5 hours)
| members = Yes
| members = Yes
| requirements = {{Questreq|Plague's End}}
| requirements = {{Questreq|Plague's End}}

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Plague's End is the ninth and final quest of the elf series. It is a grandmaster quest and requires completion of Within the Light, Making History and Catapult Construction, in addition to level 75 in eight skills. It has been released prior to Prifddinas, and one of its rewards is access to the city.[3] The Dark Lord, the Iorwerth Clan, King Lathas and the Plague of West Ardougne are plot points dealt with in the quest.[4]

Official description

Lord Iorwerth, head of the Iorwerth elf clan, has a new plan to summon the Dark Lord, a being with the power to re-grow the elf city of Prifddinas as an Iorwerth-only city. Help Arianwyn put a stop to this plot by gathering the elders of Prifddinas and re-growing the city before Iorwerth can.


Start pointQuest map icon
Plague's End icon
Speak to Arianwyn in eastern Lletya.
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyGrandmaster Grandmaster
Official lengthVery Long (5 hours)
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.
Quest Quests:
(You won't be able to start the quest without having all requirements. Boosts will not work.)
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.


Enemies to defeat

Infiltrating the Iorwerths

Arianwyn chathead

Speak to Arianwyn, and he says that the dwarves have cleared the rock-slide in the Corridor of Light, so we can sneak inside and try to find out what Lord Iorwerth is up to. You'll need to get a set of mourner gear to disguise yourself as a Deathguard, or a Mourner. An easy way to get the mourner gear if you've lost it, is to teleport to the world gate with your Sixth-Age circuit, and run east to the gate, and kill one of the mourners(can also use the Eagle's Peak lodestone and run south, or teleport with the book of char and run south).

Equip the mourner gear and speak to Arianwyn again, and he will teleport with you to the Corridor of Light. If you speak to the Dwarf here, he will give you a Report he found on a dead elf, written by Iestin, who hopes to see Prifddinas restored to its former glory.

Enter the door to the west to a storeroom, then the next door, where the Deathguard captain will demand to know what you were doing in the storeroom. Say that you thought you saw a mouse, and that it might have gotten into the food stores. Say that you didn't tell him because you knew he was busy. He tells you to relieve the guards in the room to the west, who are guarding the archaeologist Iestin Edern.

Speak to one of the guards, and they will leave. Speak to Iestin and he will ask one of you to take his report to the Mayor of Prifddinas. Arianwyn tells you that you should go while he remains on guard, and you also should try to find out more about Iorwerth's plan. Iestin's report says that he will be able to regrow Prifddinas soon, but he could be able to work faster if he knew the overall plan, particularly what power source Iorwerth intends to use.

Prifddinas elf camp

The camp inside Prifddinas, under the control of the Iorwerths.

Take the stairs to the north, and you will arrive inside Prifddinas, where you will find Starving elves and Mourners. Go north into a building and speak to the Mayor. The Iorwerth master plan is on her desk, but she won't let you look at it. She asks you to check up on her lunch order, a shipment of gnomish foods from Arposandra.

Head south to the gnomecopter, talk to the mourner standing in front of 3 elves, tell him the mayor wants him to distribute the food between everyone. Then go back to the mayor and tell her the food is being distributed by the guards, she will leave and this will give you the ability to take the masterplan. Then head back to Iestin Edern and Arianwyn, give him the masterplan.

Uprising in Ardougne

Go through all the chat options with him and Arianwyn will tell you to go to Bravek on the first floor of the civic office in West Ardougne, north of the church, and to Councillor Halgrive in East Ardougne at the church. If you don't have weapons with you to defeat a few mourners (level 33 up to the level 100 head mourner) pick them up while in East Ardougne.

Speaking to the Councillor, and he will be shocked by your story, but will believe you due to your reputation. He will give you a proclamation that will give you control over the East Ardougne army, but he tells you you need to get in control of West Ardougne first, as it will not be much good against the mourners.

Speak to Bravek in the West Ardougne Civic Office, and he will reveal that he suspected the Plague was a hoax all along, and that it was fairly obvious for someone inside the city, but he didn't speak up about it as he didn't want to "catch the plague" himself. While he is unable to help you himself, he gives you a list of people to convince to start an uprising:

  • Elena - Found in a house in the northern part of East Ardougne, slightly west of the river.
  • Koftik - Found at the entrance to the Underground Pass
  • Ted and Martha Rehnison - Found in a building in the north of West Ardougne
  • Nurse Sarah - Found south west of the church in West Ardougne
  • Jethick - Found in the town square of West Ardougne
  • Carla - Found in between two rows of houses in the west of West Ardougne
Attack on the Mourner HQ

Attacking the Mourner HQ.

Talk to each of them and they will meet you in the West Ardougne church. You MUST remove your mourner gear (removing the mask will work) before you talk to them or they will be uncooperative. When you've spoken to all of them, go there. In the church, talk to any one of the seven, go through all of the chat options, finally starting the strike!

Bring weapons and go to the mourners' HQ (north-eastern corner), kick in the door and kill all of the mourners on the ground floor. Continue through the trapdoor. Once downstairs, kill all the mourners and the head mourner. Once you defeat the head mourner you can choose to kill or spare him after asking some questions.

Fighting Sir Hugo

Battling Lathas's guard, Sir Hugo.

When the mourners are defeated, Elena will give you a flag, and replace the flag on top of the mourners' HQ with it and Sir Hugo and Sir Edmond will arrive. Show them the proclamation from the Councillor and, after arguing about what to do next, they will go back to the castle. Get some food if you need to and go to the East Ardougne castle, talk to Sir Edmond near the entrance, get up to the throne room and kill Sir Hugo (level 107) guarding King Lathas. Talk to the king and decide to let him live or die. Then go back to Iestin Edern with either Arianwyn's teleport or the hole near the east gate of Prifddinas.

Iestin Edern will tell you the regrowing the city is the only option to defeat them, and you need to find and gather all the elders. He will reveal that Arianwyn is Lord Cadarn, and that he can fill in for Lord Iorwerth, meaning you only need to find six others.

Finding the Six Lost Elders

Gwir chathead

Go back to Lletya and talk to Gwir, (the scribe) about the lost elders. Gwir will tell you to get a book from the bookcase near her. Read it, and you will discover it contains various riddles that give clues as to the whereabouts of the elders. Ask Gwir about each of the elders for more clues as to their whereabouts.

Lord Amlodd

Lord Amlodd sleeps the sleep of the uncalled.
Lord Amlodd chathead

When you ask Gwir about Amlodd, she will give you an Amlodd charm. Bring the charm to a summoning obelisk, and you will discover that you can make an Amlodd pouch with the charm, an empty pouch, 1 of each charm (gold, crimson, green and blue) and 200 spirit shards. Once you have the materials, summon the pouch, and Lord Amlodd will appear. He will tell you that he was in the Spirit Realm with the other spirit creatures. Tell him that it is time to regrow Prifddinas, and he will go to Prifddinas Undercity.

Lord Crwys

Lord Crwys's brothers call to him when they are wounded.
Lord Crwys chathead
Cut any of the trees in the Isafdar forest, and a yellow light will go from it into the direction of Lord Crwys, but it will disappear after a few seconds, making cutting multiple trees a necessity.

The lights lead to an area near the Tyras Camp, to reach it, go west of the lodestone through the dense forest, north across a tripwire, then into the dense forest. Just before passing through the last tree of the dense forest, there is a nearly-dead tree on the west side that can be inspected. If the inspect option is not visible yet, try to to chop down a nearby tree first. Use a plant cure potion on it and the tree will transform into Lord Crwys. Alternatively, travel to Port Tyras through a charter ship, head north from the Tyras Camp, head east, and head south into the same patch of dense forest.

Cryws will tell you that he turned into a tree to escape Iorwerth, and that he was sick due to the corruption of the Poison Wastes by Arposandra, and due to the Dark Lord growing in power. Tell him that it is time to regrow Prifddinas, and he will go to Prifddinas Undercity.

Lady Hefin

Lady Hefin walked westward on the water.
Lady Hefin chathead
File:Poison Wastes Path.png

Gwir reveals that the Poison Wastes used to be a lake, and that the riddle likely refers to them. You will need to cross the Poison Wastes to find her, passing through a small maze of rocks. To gain access to the maze, head south of Lletya, just past the magic trees, and jump onto the rocks. Continue to jump over the rocks and islands until you reach an Elf Hermit, see the map to the right for the correct path.

Traversing the Poison Wastes

Traversing the Poison Wastes.

You will eventually reach a small tent with an Elf hermit, although she denies being Lady Hefin. Ask her about Seren, and she will tell you about her, and then ask you some questions about what she just said. Answer the following:
  1. Seren's faithfulness to the elves
  2. The symmetry of crystals
  3. I don't know.

She will then reveal that she is in fact Lady Hefin, and is impressed by your willingness to learn about Seren. Tell her that it is time to regrow Prifddinas, and she will go to Prifddinas Undercity.

Lady Ithell

Lady Ithell put her soul into her greatest work.

When asked about Lady Ithell, Gwir reveals that she was the one who built Lletya, and that she died shortly after finishing it. You must now find five symbols carved into the wood around Lletya. The symbol are small and blue.The symbols are located:

Building the Ithell statue

Building the statue of Lady Ithell.

  1. On the ground floor of the main building, east of the bank stall.
  2. On the main first floor platform, reached by climbing the central stairs. The symbol is on the outer north wall of the altar building to the east.
  3. On the ground floor on the inside wall of the building south of the well.
  4. On the first floor of the dyes shop in the north-west of Lletya.
  5. On the ground floor on the inside wall of the archery shop.

After inspecting all the carvings, you will discover that they form a design for a statue in the center of Lletya, built using 10 magic logs.

Head to the center of Lletya and you will find a hotspot, build it, and Kelyn will talk to you from the balcony and ask you to come upstairs. When you speak to her, she will explain that she is from the Ithell clan, and that on looking at the statue, she gained some of Lady Ithell's knowledge, and has become her successor. Tell her that it is time to regrow Prifddinas, and she will go to Prifddinas Undercity.

Lady Meilyr

Lady Meilyr brewed a map in the dungeon of the kin.
Lady Meilyr chathead
When asked about Lady Meilyr, Gwir will give you a Meilyr recipe. Read the recipe and you'll see that to make the potion, you need to add red and blue mushrooms to a 3-dose super defence potion. Red mushrooms and blue mushrooms can be found by passing the moving tree gates north of Lletya, and going a short distance south towards the magic trees. Both types of mushroom may also be found by the lodestone.
Meilyr's hideout

Lady Meilyr's secret dungeon.

Grind the mushrooms and then add them to the potion to make a 3-dose Meilyr potion. Head to the castle above Daemonheim, which is the "dungeon of the kin" referenced in the clue, and drink the potion. A portal will appear inside the castle (main hall, ground floor - just north of the bank) that will take you to a small room within Daemonheim, with Lady Meilyr found within.

She will reveal that she and the other elves discovered Daemonheim during King Baxtorian's campaign, and that she is there to study its rare herbs while hiding from Iorwerth. Tell her that it is time to regrow Prifddinas, and she will go to Prifddinas Undercity.

Lady Trahaearn

Lady Trahaearn journeyed south from the well.
Lady Trahaearn chathead

The well referenced in the clue is the Well of Voyage, found at the Tirannwn entrance to the Underground Pass. Enter the pass from the cave just north of Lletya, pass by the summoning obelisk, and head east to find the Well of Voyage. Go south of the well to find a cracked wall. Mine it, and you will discover a new cavern.

Fighting the Trahaearn automatons

Fighting the automatons guarding Lady Trahaearn.

Inside, you will be attacked by three Trahaearn automaton, one for melee, one for ranged, and one for magic. Although they use abilities, they are fairly easy to defeat. Once defeated, inspect Lady Trahaearn on her chair in the south of the room. You will discover that her exoskeleton is broken, and that it can be repaired using a rune bar.

Once fixed, she will float out of her chair, and thank you for repairing her exoskeleton, which she reveals is necessary to keep her alive in her advanced state of aging. Tell her that it is time to regrow Prifddinas, and she will go to Prifddinas Undercity.

Confrontation with the Dark Lord.

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Dark Lord chathead

Return to Lletya and have Arianwyn take you back to the undercity of Prifddinas, where all the elders have assembled. Arianwyn will tell you go to the Tyras Camp to convince the commander to attack Lord Iorwerth's army so you'll be able to perform the ritual undisturbed. Travel to Port Tyras (Port Sarim Lodestone, then charter ship) and talk to General Hining. He will agree. Go back to Lletya and speak with Arianwyn to teleport back to the undercity.

Speak to one of the Elders, they will tell you to enter the library. Do so and you'll find a light puzzle. You will have to activate the eight seals protecting Prifddinas, by guiding light onto the Prifddinas seeds with mirrors, which means you must do a light puzzle 8 times, once for each Elder crystal. Some mirrors will already be there and cannot be rotated or removed. After the first puzzle, you will also have to fight Shadows and Greater shadows between puzzles, which Iestin theorizes to be minions of the Dark Lord. From the third puzzle onward, you will also face the Dark Lord himself between puzzles.

Fighting the Dark Lord

Fighting the Dark Lord between one of the puzzles.

The Dark Lord attacks using magic, and has an area of effect attack not unlike that which Dawn uses, which rapidly harms you for 10% of your maximum life points each hit. Due to the frequency at which he uses this attack, melee is not recommended over ranged or magic. As he and his minions are weak to fire spells, magic is recommended over ranged. Note: If you choose to use range, deflect magic (you will be tormented with magical attacks from The Dark Lord and the Greater Shadows) and anguish are highly recommended. Use Anguish prayer curse for a range attack and Torment prayer curse for a magic attack.

A simple strategy is to keep moving around the arena, casting spells at the Dark Lord in short intervals. This allows avoiding the majority of the area of effect attacks, although be careful when clicking around the area as it's easy to accidentally click and attack one of the other shadows thus keeping you in one place long enough to get hit by the area of effect attacks. When he is about to use his area of effect attack he raises a single arm in the air, where as he will pull both arms towards his side for a normal attack. When the Dark Lord has been defeated for that round, you can kill the remaining Greater shadows one at a time by moving into their respective corner and attacking them from there.

If you hide behind the light-emitting crystal platform you may get the chance (particularly on later waves) to attack the Greater Shadows while being blocked from the Dark Lord's attacks. This can allow you to build up adrenaline to use more powerful attacks against the main boss.

If you die, your gravestone will be placed either in Lletya or next to Eastern gates to Prifddinas, depending on from where you last entered the under-city of Prifddinas.

Dark Lord's death

As Prifddinas is restored, the Dark Lord is finally killed.

It is advised to start placing/rotating mirrors from the central receiving crystal to find the correct way much easier. Once the path is complete, activate the crystal and the Dark Lord will attack (again). Leaving after completing a phase will only restart the last battle you've done, so you can restock if needed. Note that a phase is considered to start when a puzzle is completed, not after the fight for that phase so if you teleport out after the fight but before completing the puzzle you will need to do the fight again.

The Dark Lord will eventually be revealed to be a darker aspect of Seren, cast out when she split herself at the end of the Third Age. Once you have successfully activated all eight crystals, the light will destroy the Dark Lord and the city will start regrowing. You do not need to fight the Dark Lord after completing the eighth set of crystals.

Congratulations! Quest complete!


Plague's End reward

Note: If you lose any of the reward lamps for any reason, you will not be able to re-obtain them.


Development history

Main article: /Pre-release


Plague's End head banner
  • Plague's End requires the highest levels in Construction, Dungeoneering, Herblore, Prayer and Summoning of any quest. This also makes it the quest with the highest amount of highest skill requirements.
  • When asking Gwir for information on Lady Hefin she mentions that there are legends of holy people walking on water. This is most likely a reference to Jesus who walks on water in the Christian Bible.
  • King Lathas apparently dies anyway even if you choose to spare him, because both General Hining and later the Dark Lord mention his death, with the latter claiming to have gained energy from it.
  • Upon completion of the quest, no message appears in the player's Adventure log.
  • After the quest, all Mourners in Ardougne and West Ardougne will be replaced with Knights of Ardougne. These knights have different drop tables, and cannot be pickpocketed.


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