Plain fishing urn detail

A plain fishing urn can be created at 41 Crafting. It is used with the Fishing skill to help with gaining experience.

Two pieces of soft clay must be used on a potter's wheel. Then, the plain fishing urn (unf) must be fired to create a plain fishing urn (nr). It must then be bound with a water rune, allowing it to be filled, and teleported when full. The urn is filled when the player has earned 2500 Fishing xp with the urn in inventory.

Once the fishing urn is full, it becomes a plain fishing urn (full) and can be teleported to Ernie for 500 Fishing experience.

If catching two fish at once with high Agility, the urn only fills with xp from the first catch. The second does not count. However, harpooning swordfish while wearing the swordfish gloves will result in filling the urn faster.

Note: You can only have 10 filled fishing urns ready for teleporting. If you have 10 the next urn will not get filled until you teleport at least one urn away. Then you can fill up to another 10 urns.

FishLevelExperience% filling# to fill
Raw shrimpsRaw shrimps1100.4250
Raw crayfishRaw crayfish1100.4250
Raw minnowRaw minnow1100.4250
Raw karambwanjiRaw karambwanji550.2500
Raw sardineRaw sardine5200.8125
Raw herringRaw herring10301.284
Raw anchoviesRaw anchovies15401.663
Raw mackerelRaw mackerel16200.8125
Raw troutRaw trout2050250
Raw codRaw cod23451.856
Raw pikeRaw pike25602.442
Slimy eelSlimy eel28652.639
Raw salmonRaw salmon30702.836
Frog spawnFrog spawn3375334
Raw tunaRaw tuna35803.232
Raw rainbow fishRaw rainbow fish38803.232
Raw cave eelRaw cave eel38803.232
Raw lobsterRaw lobster40903.628
Raw bassRaw bass46100425
Leaping troutLeaping trout4850250
Raw swordfishRaw swordfish50100425


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