Platelegs are a type of armour worn mainly by warriors in the leg slot. Among melee attack types, platelegs provide good life point bonuses and armour rating, but is more vulnerable towards Magic attacks. However, platelegs have very good defence against ranged attacks.

Platelegs are made with the Smithing skill or purchased at the plate legs shop identified by the Platelegs shop map icon icon on the map. One such location is Louie's Armoured Legs Bazaar in Al Kharid. Horvik's Armour Shop offers iron platelegs.

They are more popular and consequently cost more than the plateskirt, even though they share the same stats and weigh 1 kg more, and they are not gender-locked, i.e. male characters can wear plateskirts and female characters can wear platelegs. In RuneScape Classic, the NPC Thrander could transform platelegs into plateskirts and vice versa for free.


Temple platelegs

These platelegs are unique in that while they might not offer a large amount of physical protection, they offer an increase in prayer points.

Image Name Level to use
Initiate cuisse Initiate cuisse 25 Defence
Proselyte cuisse Proselyte cuisse 30 Defence & 20 Prayer

Stealing Creation platelegs

Table of platelegs
IconClassLevel to useLevel to make
Platelegs (class 1)Class 11 DefenceDefence1 SmithingSmithing
Platelegs (class 2)Class 220 DefenceDefence20 SmithingSmithing
Platelegs (class 3)Class 340 DefenceDefence40 SmithingSmithing
Platelegs (class 4)Class 460 DefenceDefence60 SmithingSmithing
Platelegs (class 5)Class 580 DefenceDefence80 SmithingSmithing

Dungeoneering platelegs

Table of platelegs
TierItemLevels to use
1Novite platelegs Novite platelegs1 Defence-icon Defence
2Bathus platelegs Bathus platelegs10 Defence-icon Defence
3Marmaros platelegs Marmaros platelegs20 Defence-icon Defence
4Kratonite platelegs Kratonite platelegs30 Defence-icon Defence
5Fractite platelegs Fractite platelegs40 Defence-icon Defence
6Zephyrium platelegs Zephyrium platelegs50 Defence-icon Defence
7Argonite platelegs Argonite platelegs60 Defence-icon Defence
8Katagon platelegs Katagon platelegs70 Defence-icon Defence
9Gorgonite platelegs Gorgonite platelegs80 Defence-icon Defence
10Promethium platelegs Promethium platelegs90 Defence-icon Defence
11Primal platelegs Primal platelegs99 Defence-icon Defence

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