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| Constipated
| Constipated
|This animal never produces dung.
|This animal never produces dung.
|You're not sure what this trait does. If, indeed, it does anything.
| Evil
| Evil

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Danger sign
Death during this activity is not safe.
While this activity is not inherently dangerous, should you die by other means you will still lose your items and will need to reclaim them from Death or your grave.
Player-owned farm

The player-owned farm near Ardougne

The player-owned farm is an activity released on 3 September 2018. It allows players to manage their own livestock at Manor Farm north of East Ardougne, similar to managing their own house and port. It was developed by Mods Raven, Rowley, Chaose, and James H.[1][2][3]

Players can start maintaining their livestock by speaking to Granny Potterington at the farm north of Ardougne, requiring at least level 17 in Farming and level 20 in Construction. Unlike similar content, despite players having different livestock, the player-owned farm is not instanced.

The player-owned farm features the Farming achievements, and four seasonal music tracks at the farm (which are required for completionist cape). These seasonal music tracks are only available during its season or can be listened to/unlocked by using the seasonaliser to change the season at the farm.

Getting there

Getting to the farm is simple; just teleport to the Ardougne lodestone which will teleport the player just outside the farm. Alternatively, player could use an Ardougne teleport tablet and run north of the city, teleport there directly using the Ardougne cloak or run south from the Seers' Village lodestone. Granny Potterington is located just in front of the main farmhouse.



Players must first start the tutorial by talking with Granny Potterington and completing the following steps:

  • Pick up Jack the yak from behind the farmhouse and give him to Granny.
  • Sell Jack to Prezleek (yak buyer), located beside the well in front of the house.
  • Buy a deed for a small pen from the Farmers' Market (right-click "Farmers' market" on Granny).
  • Buy two rabbits from the market and check each of them in the inventory.
  • Build the small pen and place the two rabbits inside.
  • Check the rabbits by clicking on them in the pen and click "Cure Disease". Then investigate all options and choose "Administer treatment". Click flu.
  • Check the rabbits have some food by placing the mushed fruit in the trough, and head back to Granny.
  • Pass the time with her until the rabbits have matured.
  • Take the two rabbits out of the pen and bring them to the breeding pen behind the main farmhouse.
  • Once a baby rabbit has been bred, it can then be sold off to Myfi (rabbit buyer) (next to the well).
  • Speak to Granny for the optional information of how buying and selling works (this will be helpful for later).


After completing the tutorial players may purchase pen deeds from the reward shop to unlock more pens. They can then build pens in which to keep their livestock using Construction materials. Players can build a maximum of 2 pens of each size; small, medium, and large.

Players can place livestock in their pens and raise them. The types of livestock that players can raise includes rabbits, chickens, chinchompas, sheep, spiders, zygomites, cows, yaks, and dragons. Animals have a "checked" and "unchecked" state. Unchecked animals are bankable, and stack in the player's bank. Once an animal is checked it will no longer stack in the bank and will have unique stats. Checked animals will not be tradeable on the Grand Exchange, but it is possible to trade them directly with other players.

An animal's stats will include its health and happiness levels and its weight, speed, and attractiveness which will be measured in grammes, gallipers, and beauty marks. Animals will have names; there will be up to 30 possible names for each gender of each different type of animal. Animals will advance through the growth stages of egg, baby, adolescent, adult, and elder.[2] Players must care for the animals by providing them appropriate food. Farming experience is gained for each stage advanced. Some types of animals may not have all of these stages. Animals may be sold at any stage of their development (If you can find anyone to sell them to...)


Animals require feeding to grow effectively, and retain higher happiness and health levels. Once an animal has been added to a pen, you can fill their trough with suitable elements. For example, chickens prefer seeds as food. Add any stray seeds you like to the trough to nourish the animals. Foods can be taken out of the trough as mush in order to reuse with other pens, but the original seeds cannot be reclaimed.


There is a chance of animals becoming diseased. There are 6 different diseases with different symptoms. Players will have to correctly identify the animal's disease and cure it to gain Farming experience.[4] To do this players must examine different parts of the animal (such as the mouth, eyes, legs, and stomach) to gain information about symptoms. From this the player can identify the correct disease and create a potion cure. Animals cannot die from a disease, their stats are lowered instead.


Older animals can be added to a breeding pen to create baby animals. The breeding chance of a pair of animals will be affected by their stats, such as disease. Players will be able to use the breeding process to create baby animals with particular traits. Desirable traits will include jovial, where the animal's happiness is more easily maintained; robust, where the animal is always healthy; and golden, where more Farming experience is gained from raising the animal. Animals will be able to have up to 3 traits. There will be a chance for players to receive "shiny" animals from breeding. Shiny animals will have a different appearance to regular ones and will give more Farming experience as they are raised and be more valuable when sold. To keep track of all the breeds you have already collected, you can go to Granny's faithful companion, Sam the sheepdog, and view your breeding log.

Once an animal reaches the elder growth level the player will receive less for selling them. However, elder animals may be added to a pen with a farm totem for a chance to gain a perk that affects gameplay outside of the area. Possible perks include a chance to gain a clue scroll from harvesting; increased damage to all spiders including Araxxor/Araxxi; and a chance to save skillchompas. There will be a total of 12 animal perks: 1 per gender for cows, chickens, and sheep; and one each for the other animal types.[5]

By adding an elder animal to a pen equipped with a farm totem, players receive a Tier 1 perk. By putting the same species of animal in the second pen that is also equipped with a farm totem, players instead receive the Tier 2 perk. Animals that have male/female perks that differ but occupy the same pen (equipped with a farm totem) will receive both the male and female version of the perk.

Animal Source Perk Name Tier 1 Effect Tier 2 Effect
Rabbit Like Rabbits Breeding success increased by 7%. Breeding success increased by 10%.
Chicken Headless Chicken A 3% chance to halve feathers used (minimum 1) when fletching arrows, darts, or bolts. Unknown
Rooster As the Rooster Crows A 7% drop chance increase to receive ghostly essence while fighting enemies that drop it, for a number of kills after hearing a rooster's crow. Unknown
Sheep Have Ewe (Many Wool) Gain 2 pieces of wool on successful shearing. Unknown
Ram Randomly Accessed Memories Gain divine strands from farming activities at 50% of the rate from Divination. Unknown
Cow Unknown Unknown Unknown
Bull Unknown Unknown Unknown
Chinchompa Unknown Unknown Unknown
Spider Unknown Unknown Unknown
Yak Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zygomite Unknown Unknown Unknown
Dragon Unknown Unknown Unknown

It will be possible to make Ultracompost with dragon poo which increases yield of Farming patches and dramatically decreases disease chance.[6][2]


Players may sell their animals for magic beans. The amount of beans depends on the species, stage of growth, traits, etc. The buyer changes every day and will default to the lowest level animal type of that size (rabbits, sheep or cows). It will always want what you have in your pen. If you have more than 1 type of animal, the buyer has an equal chance of wanting either of them.

  • Egg: 10%
  • Baby: 20%
  • Adolescent: 100% (base value)
  • Adult: 85%
  • Elder: 70%


Any animal may have up to three different traits. The amount and nature of these traits is random but can be influenced by various traits. Traits can also be re-rolled by using a Trait Re-roller, though only one trait can be re-rolled at a time

Trait name Description
Big Boned This animal puts on weight more easily.
Chatty This animal won't be quiet.
Chaotic This animal walks the path of chaos.
Chief This rabbit commands the warren.
Constipated This animal never produces dung.
Enigmatic You're not sure what this trait does. If, indeed, it does anything.
Evil This animal is not nice.
Fortunate This animal is considered very special and farmers will pay more beans for it.
Freak of Nature This creature is a medical marvel. Curing it is worthwhile.
Frost Breath It can breathe a deadly stream of frost.
Fussy Eater This animal puts on less weight.
Genetic Inferiority Offspring of this animal are less likely to have multiple traits.
Genetic Mutation The unusual nature of this animal means its offspring are more likely to have multiple traits.
Genius This animal is super smart.
Giver This animal awards more XP when harvested.
Golden Gift There are no golden eggs, but this creature will occasionally pass...'nuggets'. Wash hands after handling.
Good Breeding This animal carries some rare breed ancestry in its genetics.
Hyperactive This animal is faster than most others.
Jovial This animal always sees the glass as half full.
Joyful This animal is almost always happy.
Lucky This animal is worth more beans when sold.
Mysterious Does something mysterious.... or nothing, but if nothing it does so mysteriously.
Old at Heart This animal ages faster than most others.
Owsla This animal guards the warren carefully.
Perfected This animal is a perfect example of its breed.
Plain This animal is not as attractive as some of the other animals.
Prize Specimen A shining example of what this breed is capable of.
Producer This animal awards more materials when harvested.
Regular This animal produces dung regularly.
Robust This animal is more resistant to disease.
Sickly This animal gets sick more easily.
Slowpoke This animal is slower than most others.
Stingy This animal isn't as generous with harvested materials.
Stressed This animal suffers from 'performance anxiety'.
Studly This animal has a much higher breeding chance than other animals.
Sullen This animal always sees the glass as half empty.
Sparkling There's something almost 'shiny' about this animal.
Taker This animal isn't as generous with harvested XP.
Virile This animal has a higher breeding chance than some others.
Young at Heart This animal ages slower than most others.

Farmers' Market

Main article: Farmers' Market

The Farmers' Market is the shop operated by Granny Potterington.

Music unlocked

Pre-release teasers

With the update on 28 August 2018, strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate cows replaced all regular cows in RuneScape (except Zanaris) as a teaser for player-owned farm.

Starting on 31 August seven special farm animals[7] were also available to spot around RuneScape, doing so awarded a small experience lamp for each of them. Finding an animal prompted the message:

You've found X/7 special farm animals. Keep an eye out for more.

The animals wander around a general location and disappear after being clicked on, similarly to spotting the raven in Prifddinas. Finding all seven animals awarded an additional large experience lamp and prompts a dialogue box from Granny Potterington inviting the player to the farm: Thanks for finding them all for me, these little blighters really like to cause me trouble. You seem like a handy sort, pop by my farm sometime and say hello. -Granny Potterington.

Animal Location
Golden chinchompa Menaphos Merchant district
Golden ram Burthorpe
Harlequin cow Aminishi
Jackalope Prifddinas Hefin district
Lizard chicken Lumbridge
Magical zygomite Prifddinas eastern gate
Sacred yak Daemonheim


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