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Each animal has four growth stages: Baby, Adolescent, Adult and Elder. Each growth takes a certain length of time and will only advance if the animal is in the pen, even if you are logged out. Animals will not advance growth stages while in your inventory or bank. Being at your farm will speed up the rate of growth by 7%.
Each animal has four growth stages: Baby, Adolescent, Adult and Elder. Each growth takes a certain length of time and will only advance if the animal is in the pen, even if you are logged out. Animals will not advance growth stages while in your inventory or bank. Being at your farm will speed up the rate of growth by 7%.
{| class="wikitable"
'''Time per stage'''
* Rabbits: 15 min
! Animals
* Chickens: 1 hour <!--Unsure but deffinetly wasn't 30 minutes-->
! Growth stage time
* Chinchompas: 7.5 hours
* Sheep: 30 min
| Rabbits
* Spiders: 4 hours
| 15 minutes
* Zygomites: 9 hours <!--18 hours from baby to adult-->
* Cows: 2 hours <!--Unsure but like 2 Chickens's steps-->
| Chickens
* Yaks: 15 hours
| 1 hour <!--Unsure but deffinetly wasn't 30 minutes-->
* Dragons: 17 hours <!-- weird cuz mod said ~3,5 days from egg to adolescent -->
| Chinchompas
| 7.5 hours
| Sheep
| 30 minutes
| Spiders
| 4 hours
| Zygomites
| 9 hours <!--18 hours from baby to adult-->
| Cows
| 2 hours <!--Unsure but like 2 Chickens's steps-->
| Yaks
| 15 hours
| Dragons
| 17 hours <!-- weird cuz mod said ~3,5 days from egg to adolescent -->
===Gathered produce===
===Gathered produce===

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Player-owned farm

The player-owned farm near Ardougne

The player-owned farm is an activity released on 3 September 2018. It allows players to manage their own livestock at Manor Farm north of East Ardougne, similar to managing their own house and port. It was developed by Mods Raven, Rowley, Chaose, and James H.[1][2][3].

Players can start maintaining their livestock by speaking to Granny Potterington at the farm north of Ardougne, requiring at least level 17 in Farming and level 20 in Construction. As with farming fields, players see their own livestock (crops) and not other people's, so the player-owned farm is not instanced.

The player-owned farm features the Farming achievements, and four seasonal music tracks at the farm (which are required for completionist cape). These seasonal music tracks are only available during its season or can be listened to/unlocked by using the seasonaliser to change the season at the farm.


The main hub of the player-owned farm is the Manor Farm. The Ardougne lodestone is located directly next to the farm, and the Ardougne cloak provides a teleport to the farming patches. Granny Potterington is located at the center of the farm, in front of her house.


Players must first start the tutorial by talking with Granny Potterington and completing the following steps:

  1. Pick up Jack the yak from behind the farmhouse and give him to Granny.
  2. Sell Jack to Prezleek (yak buyer), located beside the well in front of the house.
  3. Buy a deed for a small pen from the Farmers' Market (right-click "Farmers' market" on Granny).
  4. Buy two rabbits from the market and check each of them in the inventory.
  5. Build the small pen and place the two rabbits inside.
  6. Check the rabbits by clicking on them in the pen and click "Cure Disease". Then investigate all options and choose "Administer treatment". Click flu.
  7. Check the rabbits have some food by placing the mushed fruit in the trough, and head back to Granny.
  8. Pass the time with her until the rabbits have matured.
  9. Take the two rabbits out of the pen and bring them to the breeding pen behind the main farmhouse.
  10. Once a baby rabbit has been bred, it can then be sold off to Myfi (rabbit buyer) (next to the well).
  11. Speak to Granny for the optional information of how buying and selling works (this will be helpful for later).


After completing the tutorial players may purchase pen deeds from the reward shop to unlock more pens. They can then build pens in which to keep their livestock using Construction materials. Players can build a maximum of 2 pens of each size; small, medium, and large.

Players can place livestock in their pens and raise them. The types of livestock that players can raise includes rabbits, chickens, chinchompas, sheep, spiders, zygomites, cows, yaks, and dragons. Animals have a "checked" and "unchecked" state. Unchecked animals are bankable, and stack in the player's bank. Once an animal is checked it will no longer stack in the bank and will have unique stats. Checked animals will not be tradeable on the Grand Exchange, but it is possible to trade them directly with other players.

An animal's stats will include its health and happiness levels and its weight, speed, and attractiveness which will be measured in grammes, gallopers, and beauty marks. Animals will have names; there will be up to 30 possible names for each gender of each different type of animal. Animals will advance through the growth stages of egg, baby, adolescent, adult, and elder.[2] Players must care for the animals by providing them appropriate food. Farming experience is gained for each stage advanced. Some types of animals may not have all of these stages. Animals may be sold at any stage of their development.


Different livestock can be obtained via hunter, combat or summoning. Buyers will appear corresponding with whichever livestock you've grown.

Animal type Breed How to obtain Item Buyer
Rabbit Rellekkan Cream rabbit Killing rabbits in Isfadar or near the Golden tree Rellekkan cream rabbit Myfi (rabbit buyer)
Rabbit Piscatorian cottontail Hunting Rabbits in Piscatoris Hunter area Piscatorian cottontail rabbit Myfi (rabbit buyer)
Rabbit Common Brown Obtained during the tutorial or killing rabbits Common brown rabbit Myfi (rabbit buyer)
Zygomite All Harvesting Morchella mushrooms, Bittercap mushrooms, or Arc mushrooms Gloomshroom zygomite, Zanarian zygomite, Arcspore zygomite, Daemoncap zygomite Zoe (zygomite trader)
Dragon All Killing chromatic dragons Green dragon egg, Blue dragon egg, Red dragon egg, Black dragon egg Raptor (dragon expert)
Yak Fremmenik Killing yaks Fremennik yak Prezleek
Spirit Summoning - Making Pack yak pouches Spirit yak Prezleek
Chicken All Purchased from the Farmers' Market Chicken egg Henrietta (chicken chaser)
Cows All Purchased from the Farmers' Market Kandarin cow, Chocolate cow, Strawberry cow, Vanilla cow, Bull Milkshake (cow fancier)
Sheep All Purchased from the Farmers' Market White ram, White ewe Ralph (sheep hugger)
Spider All Killing spiders around Runescape Spider egg Rumbleguts (spider shopper)
Chinchompas All Hunting chinhompas Mieliki Tapio


There are two pens of each size in your farm and one breeding pen. You cannot have different animal types in the same pen, nor put animals in the incorrect sized pen.

Pen size Max n° of animals

(of same type)

Animal type
Small 6 Rabbit, Chicken, Chinchompa
Medium 4 Sheep, Spider, Zygomite
Large 3 Cow, Yak, Dragon


Animals require feeding to grow effectively, and retain higher happiness and health levels. Once an animal has been added to a pen, you can fill their trough with suitable elements, listed under the animal's info in the pen or clicking "get info" for animals in your inventory. Add the appropriate food to the trough, which can hold up to 1000 produce. Food is eaten every ~2 hours and, if the animal eats it, will raise their health and happiness a bit. Foods can be taken out of the trough as mush in order to reuse with other pens, but the original seeds cannot be reclaimed.

An easy trick for maintaining food in the trough is to go to Arhein in Catherby and buy his daily stock of 40 pineapples for 2gp each. Alternatively, you can teleport to Karamja via lodestone and pick the pineapple plants, or go to the banana plantation.

To feed the dragons, any meat will do, so killing the cows east of Lumbridge is the fastest method to rapidly fill up on raw meat. You can also buy raw beef from Rufus's shop in Canifis, which stocks 100 beef, 30 chicken, and 10 of various other meats such as rat meat. Fish works as well, so non-ironman can buy 1000 cheap fish such as tuna off Grand Exchange to fill up the trough.

Seeds can easily be obtained by pickpocketing the Master Farmers near the Ardougne lodestone.

Animal Food
Seeds Vegetables Fruits Flowers Mushrooms Meat Fish
Rabbit Yes check Yes check Yes check Yes check X mark X mark X mark
Chicken Yes check Yes check Yes check X mark X mark X mark X mark
Chinchompas Yes check Yes check Yes check Yes check Yes check Yes check Yes check
Sheep X mark Yes check Yes check Yes check X mark X mark X mark
Zygomites X mark X mark X mark X mark Yes check X mark X mark
Spiders Yes check X mark X mark X mark X mark Yes check X mark
Cows X mark Yes check Yes check Yes check X mark X mark X mark
Yaks X mark Yes check Yes check Yes check X mark X mark X mark
Dragons X mark X mark X mark X mark X mark Yes check Yes check


There is a chance of animals becoming diseased. There are 6 different diseases with different symptoms. Players will have to correctly identify the animal's disease and cure it to gain Farming experience.[4] To do this players must examine different parts of the animal (such as the mouth, eyes, legs, and stomach) to gain information about symptoms. From this the player can identify the correct disease and create a potion cure. Animals cannot die from a disease, their stats are lowered instead. Using the incorrect treatment would result in lowering the animals' stats further.

Disease Symptoms
Head Eyes Mouth Stomach Legs and Feet
Flu Sneezing / Light Fever Blood shot Nausea Sweaty
Curse Lumpy nose/Smelly breath/Light within throat/mumbles something Glazed/Glowing Strange noises Tapping
Dry nose Dry nose/Sore nose
Wooting Cough Cough Darting Around/Mirth on Eyes Spots at jawline Swollen/Gas Unsteady
Nose is fine Mirth, more mirth than normal Not in gastronomic distress Fine
"hu hu huu" Cough Fine Coughs regularly Fine
Foot-in-mouth Smelly breath Fine Fine Fine Fine
Inflamed gums/nasty marks Smell like shoes Slightly chewed on
Breath smells oddly like socks Fine Fine Doesn't appear to be in gastronomic distress Fine
Bone Rattle Teeth click Shivering Click


Older animals can be added to a breeding pen to create baby animals. Animals can only breed in the adult and elder stages, and only one male and one female should be placed in the breeding pen, to leave the most room for babies. The breeding chance of a pair of animals will be affected by their stats. If their health and happiness is low, their breeding chance is reduced. Make sure they have food, their pen is mucked free of droppings, and wait. There are treat items, such as honey and fruit milks, that speed up the process a bit. Diseased animals will not breed, so cure them and come back. Players are able to use the breeding process to create baby animals with particular traits. Desirable traits include jovial, where the animal's happiness is more easily maintained; robust, where the animal is always healthy; and golden, where more Farming experience is gained from raising the animal. If an animal has the "infertile" trait, it will never breed. Animals are able to have up to 3 traits. There is a chance for players to receive "shiny" animals from breeding. Shiny animals have a different appearance to regular ones, give more Farming experience as they are raised, and are more valuable when sold. You can boost breeding chance by using the farming perk totems on small pens with elder rabbits in them. The master farming outfit should also help. To keep track of all the breeds you have already collected, you can go to Granny's faithful companion, Sam the sheepdog, and view your breeding log.

Animals Breeding rate Success chance
Rabbit 5 minutes 25%
Sheep 1.5 hours
Cow 5 hours 70%


Players may sell their animals for magic beans. The number of beans depends on the species, stage of growth, traits, etc. The buyers change daily and will default to the lowest level animal type of that size (rabbits, sheep or cows). It will always want what you have in your pen. If you have more than 1 type of animal, the buyer has an equal chance of wanting either of them.

  • Small buyers reset every day
  • Medium buyers reset every 2 days, stays for 1 day.
  • Large buyers reset every 3 days, stays for 3 days.

Players can sell up to 12 small animals, 8 medium and 6 large, daily, to their respective buyer.

Animals Growth stage
100% (base value)
Small Rabbit N/A 5 25 21 18
Chicken 4 8 40 34 28
Chinchompa N/A 50 250 213 175
Medium Sheep N/A 16 80 68 56
Spider 50 250 213 175
Zygomite N/A 170 850 722 595
Large Cow N/A 34 170 144 119
Yak N/A 165 825 701 578
Dragon 200 400 2,000 1,700 1,400

This table does not take into account animal traits, buyers' preferences nor master farmer outfit bonuses.

Growth stages

Each animal has four growth stages: Baby, Adolescent, Adult and Elder. Each growth takes a certain length of time and will only advance if the animal is in the pen, even if you are logged out. Animals will not advance growth stages while in your inventory or bank. Being at your farm will speed up the rate of growth by 7%.

Animals Growth stage time
Rabbits 15 minutes
Chickens 1 hour
Chinchompas 7.5 hours
Sheep 30 minutes
Spiders 4 hours
Zygomites 9 hours
Cows 2 hours
Yaks 15 hours
Dragons 17 hours

Gathered produce

Every time one of your animals grow, you can gather its produce for items and Farming XP.

Animal Farming XP Items
Egg to Baby Baby to Adolescent Adolescent to Adult Adult to Elder
Rabbit N/A 100 175 225 2 Rabbit teeth
1 Rabbit foot
Rooster 250 375 750 1,125 10 Feather
Hen 10 Feather
1 Egg
Chinchompa N/A 6,000 2 Chinchompa residue
Sheep N/A 250 3 Wool
Spider 9,000 2 Spider fangs
3 Spider silk
Zygomite N/A 16,000 2 Mort myre fungus
2 Zygomite fruit
Bull N/A 1,000 1,750 2,250 2 Bull horns
1 Cowhide
Cow 1 Bucket of milk
1 Cowhide
Yak N/A 13,000 2 Yak tufts
Dragon 20,000

This table does not take into account animal traits, nor master farmer outfit bonuses.


Once an animal reaches the elder growth level the player will receive less for selling them. However, elder animals may be added to a pen with a farm totem for a chance to gain a perk that affects gameplay outside of the area. Possible perks include a chance to gain a clue scroll from harvesting; increased damage to all spiders including Araxxor/Araxxi; and a chance to save skillchompas. There will be a total of 12 animal perks: 1 per gender for cows, chickens, and sheep; and one each for the other animal types.[5]

By adding an elder animal to a pen equipped with a farm totem, players receive a Tier 1 perk. By putting the same species of animal in the second pen that is also equipped with a farm totem, players instead receive the Tier 2 perk. Animals that have male/female perks that differ but occupy the same pen (equipped with a farm totem) will receive both the male and female version of the perk.

Pen Size Animal Source Perk Name Tier 1 Effect Tier 2 Effect
Small Rabbit Like Rabbits Breeding success increased by 7%. Breeding success increased by 10%.
Chicken Headless Chicken A 3% chance to halve feathers used (minimum 1) when fletching arrows, darts, or bolts. Chance of halving feathers increased by 5%.
Rooster As the Rooster Crows A 7% drop chance increase to receive ghostly essence while fighting enemies that drop it, for a number of kills after hearing a rooster's crow. Drop chance increased by 10%.
Chinchompa Unknown A chance to save a skillchompa on use. Unknown
Medium Sheep Have Ewe (Many Wool) Gain 2 pieces of wool on successful shearing. Unknown
Ram Randomly Accessed Memories Gain divine strands from farming activities at 50% of the rate from Divination. Unknown
Spider NopeNopeNope Increases damage against all spiders by 2% (including Araxxor/Araxxi). Damage increased by 3%.
Zygomite Unknown Unknown Unknown
Large Cow Milky, Milky All Cooking XP earned from churning is at 2x normal. Unknown
Bull Bully for You A 1 in 5 chance to not deplete a compost bin when collecting compost from it. Unknown
Yak Unknown Unknown Unknown
Dragon Unknown A chance to get an ancient effigy while checking a fully grown farming patch, only if ultracompost is used. Unknown

Ultracompost can be made with dragon poo, which increases yield of Farming patches and dramatically decreases disease chance.[6][2]


Any animal may have up to three different traits. The amount and nature of these traits is random but can be influenced by various traits. Traits can also be re-rolled by using a trait re-roller, though only one trait can be re-rolled at a time

Trait name Description
Baroo What does this ancient word mean?
Baroo? Is it a question? What is the question? Speak to me, oh noble yak.
Baroo Baroo Well, that's just rude.
Big Boned This animal puts on weight more easily.
Butterface A fantastic physical specimen, just not much to look at.
Chatty This animal won't be quiet.
Chaotic This chicken[sic] walks the path of chaos.
Charmed This animal is happier and healthier than other animals
Chief This rabbit commands the warren.
Chocolatey Goodness Its hide tastes ever-so-slightly chocolatey. It's hard to resist licking it.
Constipated This animal never produces dung.
Curvy This big-boned beauty will win many competitions, just not a race.
Enigmatic You're not sure what this trait does. If, indeed, it does anything.
Evil This animal is not nice.
Exalted This animal is so special it awards more XP on harvesting.
Fearless Why are you running? Dogs aren't dangerous.
Fortunate This animal is considered very special and farmers will pay more beans for it.
Freak of Nature This creature is a medical marvel. Curing it is worthwhile.
Frost Breath It can breathe a deadly stream of frost.
Fussy Eater This animal puts on less weight.
Genetic Inferiority Offspring of this animal are less likely to have multiple traits.
Genetic Instability The unusual genetics in this animal means its offspring are more likely to have multiple traits.
Genetic Mutation The unusual nature of this animal means its offspring are more likely to have multiple traits.
Genius This animal is super smart.
Giver This animal awards more XP when harvested.
Glistening This animal is more likely to produce shiny offspring.
Glorious This chinchompa[sic] is simply glorious.
Golden Gift There are no golden eggs, but this creature will occasionally pass...'nuggets'. Wash hands after handling.
Good This animal is really rather pleasant.
Good Breeding This animal carries some rare breed ancestry in its genetics.
Handsome This animal is better looking than most others.
Hyperactive This animal is faster than most others.
Immune This animal is practically immune to disease.
Incy Involuntarily cynical, like many spiders.
Insane This animal thinks it's a biscuit. We have no idea why.
Jovial This animal always sees the glass as half full.
Joyful This animal is almost always happy.
Lawful This chicken[sic] walks the path of law.
Limited Efficiency Harvesting this animal will award more materials, but at the cost of lower XP and bean value.
Lithe Fast and beautiful, but not terribly sturdy.
Lucky This animal is worth more beans when sold.
Loyal You're not sure what this trait does. If, indeed, it does anything.
Mysterious Does something mysterious.... or nothing, but if nothing it does so mysteriously.
Neutral This chicken[sic] walks a neutral path.
Nice but Dim Generous with XP, but less popular with farmers and is not so good with materials on harvesting.
Nuclear Be REALLY careful with this one!
Nightmare Kill it with fire!
Old at Heart This animal ages faster than most others.
Owsla This rabbit[sic] guards the warren carefully.
Perfected This animal is a perfect example of its breed.
Plain This animal is not as attractive as some of the other animals.
Prize Specimen A shining example of what this breed is capable of.
Producer This animal awards more materials when harvested.
Poisonous Breath It can breathe a deadly cloud of poison.
Radiant This animal is practically shining.
Ravensworn This animal knows the secret handshake and has knowledge of the deeper mystery that is the Ravensworn. It won't share.
Regular This animal produces dung regularly.
Robust This animal is more resistant to disease.
Shock Breath It can breathe a deadly blast of lightning.
Sickly This animal gets sick more easily.
Slowpoke This animal is slower than most others.
Smelly This animal smells really bad.
Sparkling There's something almost 'shiny' about this animal.
Stingy This animal isn't as generous with harvested materials.
Strawberry Scented It smells delicious.
Stressed This animal suffers from 'performance anxiety'.
Strong Genes This animal is more likely to produce offspring of the same breed.
Studly This animal has a much higher breeding chance than other animals.
Sullen This animal always sees the glass as half empty.
Surly This animal is unpleasant and so worth fewer beans.
Taker This animal isn't as generous with harvested XP.
Touch of Vanilla It sweats vanilla essential oils for some reason.
Unlucky for Some Other farmers will happily purchase this animal, but it's not so good for you for XP or materials.
Unstable Careful, this one could explode at any moment.
Virile This animal has a higher breeding chance than some others.
Wincy Keeps flinching. Seems to expect everyone to crush it with a rolled-up paper.
Whimsical You're not sure what this trait does. If, indeed, it does anything.
Young at Heart This animal ages much slower than most others.

Mucking out

Each animal produces different types of muck in their paddock. Muck does not affect happiness or health of the animals. When you "muck out", you gain farming experience depending on the type of muck that you attempt to clear. The amount of muck in each pile varies (minimum = 1, maximum = unknown).

Animal Muck How often piles appear Experience per action
Rabbit Mammal Droppings 20
Chicken Bird Droppings 10 minutes 20
Sheep Manure 4 minutes 50
Green Manure 120
Zygomites N/A Never N/A
Chinchompas Mammal Droppings 20
Spiders N/A Never N/A
Cows Manure 50
Green Manure 120
Yaks Manure 50
Dragons Manure 50
Green Manure 120

You can collect the manure from cows and sheep if you have an empty bucket in your inventory.

Manure - used for regular compost

Green manure - used for super compost

Other activities

Manure mound

Main article: Manure mound

The manure mound can be found northeast of Granny Potterington's house. It may be continuously turned for Farming experience. Strange rocks, golden rocks, and master farmer fragments can be obtained from turning the manure.

Pickle the cat

Main article: Pickle the cat
Pickle the cat chathead

Pickle the cat may be talked to using a catspeak amulet or a cramulet. If he has caught 10 or more mice, talking to him will complete the In a Pickle achievement.


Main article: Beehives

Players can interact with the beehives behind the large pen on the east side of the farm. Certain types of plants may be added to a beehive which can result in a variety of different honeycombs.

Plant Honeycomb Chance Production time Boost
Marigolds Marigolds Delicious honeycomb Delicious honeycomb ? ? Happiness
Rosemary Rosemary Dense honeycomb Dense honeycomb ? ? Weight
Woad leaf 5 Woad leaf Medicinal honeycomb Medicinal honeycomb ? ? Health
Nasturtiums Nasturtiums Runny honeycomb Runny honeycomb ? ? Speed
Snape grass Snape grass Sweet honeycomb Sweet honeycomb ? ? Attractiveness

Farmers' Market

Main article: Farmers' Market

The Farmers' Market is the shop operated by Granny Potterington.


Summoning pets that are near a paddock will reappear inside that paddock.

When first starting out, it may be easier and faster to buy baby animals from the farmers' market for the specific seller. Buy 2 extra animals (one male and one female). Once all babies are adolescents, keep the best two and sell the others. At adolescent, you'll receive more beans than you spent and this will help get the breeding off the ground.

Music unlocked

Pre-release teasers

The teasers are no longer active. They were removed when Player-Owned farm was released.
Expand section to view more.

With the update on 28 August 2018, strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate cows replaced all regular cows in RuneScape (except Zanaris) as a teaser for player-owned farm. They were replaced by regular cows again when the player-owned farm was released.

During Double XP Weekend (31 August to 3 September) seven special farm animals[7] were also available to spot around RuneScape, doing so awarded a small experience lamp for each of them. Finding an animal prompted the message:

You've found X/7 special farm animals. Keep an eye out for more.

The animals wander around a general location and disappear after being clicked on, similarly to spotting the raven in Prifddinas. Finding all seven animals awarded an additional large experience lamp and prompts a dialogue box from Granny Potterington inviting the player to the farm: Thanks for finding them all for me, these little blighters really like to cause me trouble. You seem like a handy sort, pop by my farm sometime and say hello. -Granny Potterington.

Animal Location
Golden chinchompa Menaphos Merchant district
Golden ram Burthorpe
Harlequin cow Aminishi
Jackalope Prifddinas Hefin district
Lizard chicken Lumbridge
Magical zygomite Prifddinas eastern gate
Sacred yak Daemonheim


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