A player recruits captains and crew through the crew roster interface. This is also where the player may get the most detail about individual captains or crew members. A player may have a maximum of 5 captains and 25 crew members at any given time.

Captains and crew members are assigned to ships through the Shipyard interface by clicking on the plus sign under the ship stats at the top of the window. At any given time, a ship may have only 1 captain, but may have up to 5 crew members assigned to it. Captains and crew members add their stats (Morale, Combat, Seafaring, and Speed) to those of the ship to determine a voyage's chance of success. They may also possess other traits that affect the rewards for success or penalties for failure.

Captains and crew members become better through experience gained by successfully completing voyages. The farther you progress into the Wushanko Isles, the better will be the captains and crew available for hire. Although there are free captains and crew members available, replacing them with better crew members hired using chimes and port resources will be critical to advancing through the game.

Using the Lifeboat perk from port Random events can save a captain or crew member from death.


Captain (PoP) icon

A ship must have a captain before it can go on a voyage. Until a captain has been assigned to a ship, crew cannot be assigned to it and previously assigned crew will not be shown. Each ship may only have one captain assigned to it.

Only one visiting captain is available for hire at a time. If the visiting captain is hired, the spot will remain vacant until reset at 00:00 UTC unless a Captain Reroll is used. Captain rerolls are available as rewards for completing the port random event minigames. At reset, or when rerolled, the visiting captain (if any) is replaced by a new randomly determined visiting captain, and the current visiting captain is lost.

Base stats and specialties

Captains have base stats determined by their quality. Their base stats are the same for 3 stats while a fourth stat, their specialty, will be approximately double that value. The player starts with a free captain of the lowest quality. The first two tiers of captains are available immediately, but additional tiers of better, more expensive, captains become available as more areas are unlocked.

Base stats Speciality Cost Chimes icon Unlocked
50 100 0 The Arc
100 200 100
200 500 2,500 The Skull
350 700 10,000 The Hook
N/A The Scythe, The Bowl,
The Pincers, The Loop
Varies, see table below The Shield
The Shield
Morale Combat Seafaring Speed Cost Chimes icon
1,050 550 600 350 35,000
600 1,050 550 350 35,000
550 600 1,050 350 35,000
550 550 550 950 27,500

Some high-level bar upgrades increase your chance of attracting captains with particular specialties. These are not available until The Bowl region has been unlocked.

Your crew

The Crew Roster shows your currently recruited units on the left and a recruiting interface on the right. You may get more information about individual captains or crew members by selecting them in the crew display. Information on the selected captain or crew member is shown below your crew display. If the unit is not on a voyage, it may be dismissed from the roster by clicking on the icon and then clicking on the red button in the bottom left corner.

Captains and crew members are assigned to ships from the Shipyard interface.


Each captain and crew member has statistics in Morale, Combat, Seafaring, and Speed. These are determined by four factors:

  • The base stats of the particular type of unit, which are shown in the recruiting interface. The base stats alone determine the xp gain of the unit.
  • The level boosts gained by the unit.
  • Any traits that the unit has.
  • Personal bonuses specific to an individual unit. These do not appear in the crew roster until the unit has been recruited.

When a captain or crew member has been highlighted in the Crew Roster interface, if you hover your mouse over the Stat name (Morale, Combat, Seafaring, or Speed), you can see how much of the stat value is due to base value, level boost, personal bonus, or named traits.


Each captain and crew member has a level (which starts at 0) and can be increased by gaining experience on voyages. When captains and crew members gain a level, their stats are increased by 10% of their base stats. This level boost is not affected by previous level boosts, personal bonuses, or traits. Therefore, for example, a Smuggler (with a base stat of 70 Seafaring) always gains exactly 7 Seafaring per level.

The maximum level is 10. Captains earn half the experience a crew member would earn from the same voyage.

Level Exp.[1] Cum. exp.[2]
0 7 N/A
1 14 7
2 29 21
3 50 50
4 100 100
5 200 200
6 400 400
7 700 800
8 800 1,500
9 1,700 2,300
10 N/A 4,000
  1. ^ Experience required to reach the next level.
  2. ^ Cumulative experience required to reach this level.


Voyages within regions earn a standard amount of experience for captains and crew depending on the kind of voyage undertaken. Captains earn half the experience normal crew members do (rounded down). Experience bonuses from Rallying Cry and Lotus Tint Spectacles[1] stack additively, for a total of 20% bonus for the captain and each crew member.

All resource voyages within a region (including those offered by adventurers and Surula) earn the same experience. Story and trait voyages earn the same experience as standard resource voyages. Clue voyages probably earn this same amount as well, although this needs confirmation. No information is presently available for voyages which award skill experience (e.g. Slayer XP). Scroll and trade goods missions may give the same XP but more data is required.

Voyages which partially succeed give normal XP. Voyages that have failed provide 1 XP (0 XP for captains).[2]

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Region Mission Type Experience
The Arc Resource 7
The Arc Clue 7
The Skull Resource 11
The Skull Clue 12
The Skull Scroll
The Hook Resource 17
The Hook Clue 17
The Hook Scroll
The Hook Trade goods
The Scythe Resource 29
The Scythe Scroll
The Scythe Trade goods 40 or 41
The Bowl Resource 53
The Bowl Clue 53
The Bowl Scroll
The Bowl Trade goods 77
The Pincers Resource 65
The Pincers Scroll
The Pincers Trade goods 95
The Loop Resource 73
The Loop Clue 73
The Loop Scroll
The Loop Trade goods 104
The Shield Resource 85[3]
The Shield Scroll 108[4]
The Shield Trade goods 108
  1. ^ The effect of Lotus Tint Spectacles is to give a 10% experience bonus to the captain and each crew member. Its in-game description of "+50% XP" is wildly inaccurate.
  2. ^ Based on a small number of failed voyages in The Shield region.
  3. ^ The "Cross Guard" mission that awards a Tengu tsuba is treated as a resource voyage for experience purposes.
  4. ^ The Biologist's scroll mission gives only 104 experience, but the stats it requires are also of The Loop difficulty.


Captains and crew members may have between zero and four traits, which are modifiers given in addition to the unit's base statistics. They can only be removed through The Memory's final clue voyage, Life Without Regrets. It is possible to have the same trait in multiple trait slots, thereby stacking the trait's effect if the effect is stackable.

Some crew member types start with specific inherent traits, such as the Merchant trait for the Ardougne Shopkeeper, or the Staunch trait for Golems. Only inherent traits are shown in the recruiting interface under the picture of the crew member prior to recruitment. Any other traits are only shown after recruitment.

Captains tend to have a much higher chance of having traits at recruitment than crew members. Some voyages list a trait for your captain as a reward. If completed successfully, the captain used to complete the voyage will gain the listed trait. However, the traits (as mentioned above) can only be removed through The Memory's final clue voyage.

Effects of the traits can be seen when hovering over the trait. The effects appear to be processed by crew placement from left to right, which can be important for abilities that do not stack. For example, if you have a First Mate and an Eastern Overseer on a single voyage (both with Solidarity), if the First Mate is to the left of the Eastern Overseer, his lower Solidarity bonus will be applied first and the Eastern Overseer's higher bonus will be ignored. The possible traits are:

NameTrait TypeBonusesAmount
No traitMiscellaneousNo bonuses -
AlbatrossShip Modifier[1] Reduces ship speed -1% total speed
Awe-InspiringMoraleImproved Morale +100 Morale
CowardlyCombatReduced Combat -40 combat
CursedMulti-TraitAll stats reduced -50/100 morale
-50/100 combat
-50/100 seafaring
-100/200 speed
EagerMoraleImproved morale +40 morale
Eagle-EyedSeafaringImproved seafaring +40 seafaring
Fast Learner Experience +10% experience gain +10% experience for that Crew member
FeebleLife / DeathIncreased risk of death -
Good fortuneMiscellaneousIncreases the chance of gaining a random event on completing a voyage (does not stack) -
GluttonSpeedReduced speed -150 speed
GloombringerShip ModifierReduces ship morale -1% total morale
LandlubberSeafaringReduced seafaring -100 seafaring
LeaderShip ModifierImproved ship morale +1% to total morale
LiabilityShip ModifierReduced ship combat -1% total combat
LookoutShip ModifierImproved ship speed +1% total speed
LoyalLife / DeathChance to prevent captain death -
MerchantMiscellaneousImprove the goods retrieved from a mission by X (does not stack with multiple merchants but does stack with warehouse upgrades)[2] +10% (Shopkeeper)
+20% (Trader)
+25% (Merchant)
+30% (Jade Merchant)
+33% (Terracotta Merchant)
Misery GutsMoraleReduced morale -40 morale
Multi-talentedMulti-TraitAll stats improved +50 morale
+50 combat
+50 seafaring
+100 speed
MutinousLife / DeathIncreased risk of Captain's death (Captains can also have this trait) -
OpportunistMiscellaneousBetter returns from partial mission success -
PacifistCombatReduced combat -100 combat
PilfererMiscellaneousReduced chance of partial mission successIn the event of mission failure with partial rewards, the message will change to reflect that those rewards were "pilfered" and you will not receive any experience or goods.
PluckyCombatImproved combat +40 combat
Quick-FootedSpeedImproved speed +80 speed
Rallying CryExperienceAll exp gains for this crew member's boat are increased by 10% (does not stack) -
ResurrectsLife / DeathCrew lost on a mission are returned from beyond to serve you in death.[3] -
SeafarerSeafaringImproved seafaring +100 seafaring
SeafriendShip ModifierImproved ship seafaring +1% to total seafaring
Short SightedSeafaringReduced seafaring -40 seafaring
Slayer Combat Improved combat +100 combat
SlowSpeedReduced speed -80 speed
Slow-WittedExperience10% reduced XP gain -
SolidarityMulti-TraitAdds X to all stats per each unique type of crew member aboard, including the captain (does not stack).[4] +25 (First Mate)
+50 (Eastern Overseer)
+75 (Bureaucrat)
+100 (Judge of Dice)
+125 (Kharidian Exile)
StaunchLife / DeathWill give its own life to save a crewman in distress -
Storm MagnetShip ModifierReduced ship seafaring -1% total seafaring
TacticianShip ModifierImproved ship combat +1% total combat
Tough as NailsLife / DeathChance to avoid deathUnknown
UndeadLife / DeathUndead keep their initial stat bonuses from life, but gain no more XP (this is bugged – they do not keep their initial stat bonuses) -
VapidMoraleReduced morale -100 morale
WorkhorseSpeedImproved speed +150 speed
  1. ^ As with the Merchant trait, 1% modifiers are multiplicative with the bonus from their associated building, the Shipwright. Thus, a Nautical Shipwright and a captain with a "Seafriend" trait would provide a multiplier of 1.05*1.01 = 1.0605, which the game rounds down to a flat 6%. The equation for this example is: ((seafaring of captain + crew + ship)*1.06) = Total seafaring. Similarly, a negative modifier would result in an equation similar to the one above, but with a multiplier of (0.99*1.05) instead. Note that these traits DO stack.
  2. ^ The Merchant bonus works on trade goods as well as resources. It rounds down: a 25% bonus on 10 spices returned 12 spices. The way it stacks with the warehouse bonus is multiplicative, rather than additive. So if there is a 30% merchant bonus and a 10% warehouse bonus, the total bonus will be 43% (1.1 * 1.3 = 1.43), not 40%.
  3. ^ The resurrected character returns with the ghost's base stats and whatever bonuses the character originally had. They do not retain their prior stats. Ghost crew members do not gain experience.
  4. ^ Example: If you have a Captain, First Mate, 3 Smugglers and a Stowaway, you have 4 types so ship gains +100 to each skill. Therefore, as there are 6 possible unique types, the ship can gain a maximum of +150 to each skill from solidarity. In addition to this, despite the tool-tip the speed part (and only the speed part) of solidarity stacks, even with 2 units with the same tier of solidarity.

Crew members

Only 3 crew members for hire are displayed at any one time. When a player hires one, a reroll is consumed and a new crew member is generated to fill the slot. Only 15 crew rerolls are available each day--if no rerolls are left, the slot remains empty. If a player does not want to hire a crew member, they may click the green reroll button in the corner of the crew slot, consuming a reroll to immediately forfeit them and generate a new crew member for hire. The crew reroll count is reset to 15 at midnight UTC. Any crew left in the three slots will carry over to the next day.

If there are empty slots and no available rerolls, at midnight UTC a crew member will replace that slot at the cost of one reroll.

Up to 5 crew members may be assigned to a ship. Only crew members assigned to a ship have an effect on that ship's voyage.

For the single-stat crew members, the dominant colour of the icon can be used to tell what type of crew member they are; green is morale, red is combat, and blue is seafaring. There are also unique crew members in each region. Every region has an unlockable crew member (Cyclops, Siren Whalerider, Chimera, Sea Witch, Judge of Dice, Oxhead and Horseface, Wisp and Kharidian Exile). Most regions also have a Golem unit, which costs fewer chimes but more of that resource of its type (for example, a Slate golem costs 400 chimes, but also costs more slate than a single-stat crew-member like a Golden Katana Clansman). Many regions have a unit with the Solidarity trait, such as the First Mate, which will boost stats based on the number of unique units aboard their ship. Some regions also have a unit with the Rallying Cry trait, offering bonus experience to everyone aboard when they are sent on voyages. Some regions have a unit with the Merchant trait, offering extra resources to the port if the voyage is successful. Finally, there are units with dominant speed traits, enough to make voyages in the new region faster to complete.

Not all crew types are available to the player at the start of the mini-game. As the player unlocks new areas and accomplishes certain voyages, more (and often better) crew types will become available. For example, one of the first additional unlocks is the Cyclops, which is received when the Island of Cyclosis voyage is successfully completed.

Upgrading your lodgings increases the chance of attracting crew of higher quality. Upgrading them to a specific type of lodging adds the lodging's effects to the current effects it has. (e.g. a Swashbuckler lodging would increase the chances of better crew members by 7%, while those who focus on Combat have a 3% bonus, increasing it to 10% for Combat crew members).

The base statistics, costs, and other data for the crew types are listed in the tables below.

Crew Type Statistics Unlock Area
or Task
Morale Combat Seafaring Speed
Drowned ghost
Drowned ghost
Indentured Zombie
30 30 30 60 Resurrection1 Undead

1 If a unit with the Resurrects trait is aboard, a failed voyage resulting in a lost captain or crew member may instead result in the lost captain or crew member being replaced by an Indentured Zombie.

The Arc

Crew Type Statistics Cost To Recruit Unlock Area
or Task
Morale Combat Seafaring Speed Chimes icon Bamboo icon
Travelling Drunk Travelling Drunk 70 0 0 0 - - The Arc
Stowaway Stowaway 0 70 0 0 - - The Arc
Smuggler (Player-owned port) Smuggler 0 0 70 0 - - The Arc
Varrock Chef Varrock Chef 150 0 0 0 80 - The Arc
Brimhaven Pirate Brimhaven Pirate 0 150 0 0 80 - The Arc
Catherby Fisherman Catherby Fisherman 0 0 150 0 80 - The Arc
Dwarven Engineer (Player-owned port) Dwarven Engineer 0 0 0 400 60 30 The Arc
Ardougne Shopkeeper Ardougne Shopkeeper 50 0 0 0 60 30 The Arc Merchant (+10%)
Bamboo Golem Bamboo Golem 60 100 0 0 60 30 The Arc Staunch
First Mate First Mate 50 50 50 0 100 100 The Arc Solidarity (+25)
Cyclops (Player-owned port) Cyclops 100 150 0 0 300 200 Cyclosis Rallying Cry

The Skull

Morale Combat Seafaring Speed Chimes icon Gunpowder icon Area / Task Trait
Eastern Bannerman Eastern Bannerman 350 0 0 0 250 80 The Skull
Eastern Musketeer Eastern Musketeer 0 350 0 0 250 80 The Skull
Eastern Guide Eastern Guide 0 0 350 0 250 80 The Skull
Fireworks Enthusiast Fireworks Enthusiast 0 0 0 800 100 120 The Skull
Palmist Palmist 0 0 200 0 100 120 The Skull Good Fortune
Exploding Golem Exploding Golem 170 200 0 0 100 120 The Skull Staunch
Eastern Overseer Eastern Overseer 120 120 120 0 400 300 The Skull Solidarity (+50)
Siren Whalerider Siren Whalerider 0 200 350 0 600 300 Siren's Shell Rallying Cry

The Hook

Morale Combat Seafaring Speed Chimes icon Slate icon Area / Task Trait
Blazing Lantern Clansman Blazing Lantern Clansman 500 0 0 0 600 120 The Hook
Golden Katana Clansman Golden Katana Clansman 0 500 0 0 600 120 The Hook
Storm Riders Clansman Storm Riders Clansman 0 0 500 0 600 120 The Hook
Firework Expert Firework Expert 0 0 0 1,200 400 160 The Hook
Trader Trader 150 0 0 0 400 160 The Hook Merchant (+20%)
Soothsayer Soothsayer 0 0 300 0 400 160 The Hook Good Fortune
Slate Golem Slate Golem 250 300 0 0 400 160 The Hook Staunch
Feral Chimera Feral Chimera 350 500 0 0 1,200 400 Chimera Straits Rallying Cry

The Scythe

Morale Combat Seafaring Speed Chimes icon Cherrywood icon Area / Task Trait
Card Sharp Card Sharp 750 0 0 0 1,000 140 The Scythe
Crows' Nest Sniper Crows' Nest Sniper 0 750 0 0 1,000 140 The Scythe
Cartographer Cartographer 0 0 750 0 1,000 140 The Scythe
Explosives Expert Explosives Expert 0 0 0 2,000 500 220 The Scythe
Merchant Merchant 250 0 0 0 500 220 The Scythe Merchant (+25%)
Cherrywood Golem Cherrywood Golem 300 500 0 0 500 220 The Scythe Staunch
Bureaucrat Bureaucrat 250 250 250 0 1,200 500 The Scythe Solidarity (+75)
Sea Witch Sea Witch 350 0 750 0 2,000 600 The Winds' Home Resurrects

The Bowl

Morale Combat Seafaring Speed Chimes icon Jade icon Area / Task Trait
Farcrier Farcrier 1,000 0 0 0 2,000 200 The Bowl
Bounty Hunter Bounty Huner 0 1,000 0 0 2,000 200 The Bowl
Sea Dog Sea Dog 0 0 1,000 0 2,000 200 The Bowl
Firework Maniac Firework Maniac 0 0 0 2,500 1,200 450 The Bowl
Jade Merchant Jade Merchant 300 0 0 0 1,200 450 The Bowl Merchant (+30%)
Sacrificial Soothsayer Sacrificial Soothsayer 0 0 450 0 1,200 450 The Bowl Good Fortune
Jade Golem Jade Golem 400 650 0 0 1,200 450 The Bowl Staunch
Judge of Dice Judge of Dice 450 450 450 0 4,000 1,000 Crescent Isle Solidarity (+100)

The Pincers

Morale Combat Seafaring Speed Chimes icon Stainless steel icon Area / Task Trait
Travelling Band Travelling Band 1,200 0 0 0 4,000 600 The Pincers
Ferocious Tiger-Rider Ferocious Tiger-Rider 0 1,200 0 0 4,000 600 The Pincers
Harem of Fortune Tellers Harem of Fortune Tellers 0 0 1,200 0 4,000 600 The Pincers
Oxhead and Horseface Oxhead and Horseface 500 500 500 0 6,000 1,000 Shambling Lair Resurrects

The Loop

Morale Combat Seafaring Speed Chimes icon Terracotta icon Area / Task Trait
Party Animal Party Animal 1,500 0 0 0 6,500 750 The Loop
Sea-fort Guard Sea-fort Guard 0 1,500 0 0 6,500 750 The Loop
Pearl Diver Pearl Diver 0 0 1,500 0 6,500 750 The Loop
Reef Rider Reef Rider 450 450 450 2,500 7,000 600 The Loop
Terracotta Merchant Terracotta Merchant 650 0 0 0 5,550 1,250 The Loop Merchant (+33%)
Wisp (Player-owned port) Wisp 300 750 750 800 5,550 1,250 Light Under Sea Rallying Cry

The Shield

Morale Combat Seafaring Speed Chimes icon Azure icon Area / Task Trait
Zhonghu Player Zhonghu Player 2,100 0 0 0 8,000 850 The Shield
Gu Bodyguard Gu Bodyguard 0 2,100 0 0 8,000 850 The Shield
Stargazer Stargazer 0 0 2,100 0 8,000 850 The Shield
Azure Golem Azure Golem 900 1,100 0 0 2,500 1,500 The Shield Staunch
Kharidian Exile Kharidian Exile 450 450 1,450 850 7,000 1,500 Exile's Point Solidarity (+125)

Flavour text

Every crew member has a flavour text providing information about his or her personality or history. These flavour texts have no effect on the crews' performances.

A little less briny than the sea.
Ate a cake, and has it.
Reference to the phrase "You can't have your cake and eat it too".
Ate a whole shark in one bite.
Reference to the fact that shark and other large fish are single-bite food items in RuneScape.
Ate all the pies.
Refers to the song "Who ate all the pies?"
Believes penguins are our friends.
Refers to the penguin quest series and Hide and seek activity.
Believes penguins are our enemies.
Refers to the penguin quest series and Hide and seek activity.
Black belt in troll-fu.
Carves spoons from teak.
Claims to have invented rope.
Reference to Ned's similar claim.
Dances a fair hornpipe.
Dances like nobody's watching.
Dances when nobody's watching.
Dances, whenever, whatever.
Reference to a song by singer Shakira.
Dedicated follower of fashion.
Reference to the 1966 song "Dedicated Follower of Fashion" by British invasion band The Kinks.
Demands additional biscuits.
Didn't get custody.
Didn't really solo Nex.
 A reference to an old saying by players that they "soloed Nex", before doing so was possible.
Doesn't know port from starboard.
Nautical version of the phrase "doesn't know his left from his right".
Drank the spittoon for a dare.
Earned the Fremennik name 'Farstink'.
Pun on the Fremennik honourific 'Far-strider' obtainable by completing the hard tasks in the Fremennik Province Tasks.
Eats only hardtack.
Biscuit or cracker, made from flour, water, and sometimes salt. Inexpensive and long-lasting.
Enjoys long walks on the beach.
Reference to the cliched personal description often overused in dating-help bios.
Gets terrible land sickness.
A reference in opposition to the common occurrence of sea-sickness.
Getting over a bad breakup.
Gives love a bad name.
Reference to the song "You Give Love a Bad Name" by the band Bon Jovi.
Got scurvy before it was mainstream.
Referencing to the "... before it was mainstream" Internet meme.
Grumbles only mildly in inclement weather.
Reference to the game Dwarf Fortress.
Had a cake, and ate it.
reference to the saying "Having your cake, and eating it too".
Has a butterfly tattoo. Don't ask where.
Reference to a "tramp stamp", which is often a tattoo of a butterfly.
Has a citadel in the sky.
Reference to Clan Citadels.
Has a phobia of the ship's wheel.
Hunts sea monsters for fun.
Is a connoisseur of fine cheeses.
Is currently reading YOUR stats page.
A reference to the player reading THEIR stats, possibly playing on the idea of feeling as though one is constantly being watched.
Is constantly dropping the bass.
Reference to the musical technique of a brief stylised pausing in percussion instrument(s) and resuming with a large scale burst typically alongside with other bass instrument(s).
Is constantly dropping the shark.
Is constantly jumping the handcannon.
Referring to the common saying "Jumping the gun", with a Handcannon being the closest equivalent in RuneScape.
Is constantly jumping the shark.
Referring to the "Happy Days" television episode which coined the attention grabbing gimmick phrase.
Is secretly a vegan.
Is the cause; not the symptom.
Reference from Rocky Horror Picture Show ("I'll remove the cause, but not the symptom")
Is the evil twin.
Like the evil twin random event, this is a reference to the old folk-belief, that one twin will be good and one will be evil.
Is the fly in the ointment.
Reference to the old idiom 'a fly in the ointment' meaning a small defect that spoils something valuable or is a source of annoyance.
Is the reason the rum is gone.
Reference to the hit movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl in which Captain Jack Sparrow asks "Why is the rum gone?" This quote is itself referenced in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.
Is the symptom; not the cause.
Reference from Rocky Horror Picture Show ("I'll remove the cause, but not the symptom")
Is wearing rainbow-striped pants.
Just wants to be loved.
Keeps cats on board.
Knows about the puppy.
Reference to the puppy found on the boat and cared for by Lance in Apocalpyse Now.
Knows that wasn't rum.
Knows where the bones are buried.
Knows why the rum is gone.
Reference to the hit movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl in which Jack Sparrow asks "Why is the rum gone?" This quote is itself referenced in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.
Lied about being a pirate.
Probably a reference to Lazy Town's song "You are a pirate".
Lied about liking rum.
Lost a party hat[sic] in a shark attack.
Loves life in all its forms.
Makes earwax scrimshaw.
Not a fan of pies.
Not to be underestimated.
Once ate the whole thing.
Reference to the catch phrase from an early 1970's Alka Seltzer ad, "I can't believe I ate the whole thing".
Once dated a mermaid.
References the other flavour texts regarding dating, marrying, then divorcing a mermaid.
Once married a mermaid.
References the other flavour texts regarding dating, marrying, then divorcing a mermaid.
Once divorced a mermaid.
References the other flavour texts regarding dating, marrying, then divorcing a mermaid.
Once gazed into the Abyss.
Reference to Friedrich Nietzsche's quote "He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an Abyss the Abyss also gazes into you."
Once got King Roald's autograph.
Once punched a porpoise.
Reference to The Oatmeal's book/comic strip explaining why the reader should punch dolphins.
Once had a wash.
Once threw up off Brimhaven Dock.
Once wrestled a bear.
Possibly a reference to the metalcore band 'iwrestledabearonce'.
Once wrestled a shark.
Once wrestled a moral dilemma.
Pun to the other "wrestled"-lines.
Passionately hates tea.
Reference to Truth Tea pun
Plays the flute. Badly.
Prefers the helm over the aft.
Ran away from the circus.
Reference in opposition to one "running away to join the circus".
Reliable only when drunk.
Reliable unless drunk.
Saving up for a top hat.
Reference to the top hat item in-game, obtainable from treasure trails, which were a high value item when introduced (4m+) but sharply declined over time.
Possibly, also a pun-based reference to the Achievement Banner personal message "Working towards a Phat", as Party Hats are significantly more expensive than Top Hats.
Seventh child of a seventh child
Reference to the folk belief, around since the Middle Ages, that the seventh son of a seventh son is born with tremendous magical and/or healing powers.
Sings a fine shanty.
Smells remarkably like an admiral pie.
Reference to the saying that something "smells fishy" as the admiral pie is made with salmon and tuna.
Sometimes comes on too strong.
Survivor of five keelhaulings.
Reference to a form of punishment given to sailors at sea, in which a sailor was dragged under the hull of a ship by a long rope. Few people managed to survive this punishment.
Thick as two short planks.
Proverb, meaning "Exceedingly/Very stupid".
Thinks nobody knows about the puppy.
Reference to the puppy found on the boat and cared for by Lance in Apocalpyse Now.
Vicious and heartless.
Voted 'Most Hairy' at nursery school.
A reference to the common practice of voting class members "Most (blank)", e.g. "Most likely to succeed."
Wants a pet unicorn.
Possibly a reference to RuneScape players often asking for horses, despite Jagex's consistent refusal to add them.
Wants to be a captain.
Wants to be a hero.
Wants to be buried at sea.
A reference to a common burial method for pirates and seamen.


  • The crew member Oxhead and Horseface is a reference to the traditional Chinese guardians of the underworld of the same names.
    • Prior to the Player-owned ports update on 7 January 2014, the Oxhead and Horseface had base stats of 600 for all characteristics except for a speed of 0. These were then lowered to the current 500.
  • During a failed voyage resulting in a lost captain being replaced by an Indentured Zombie, it is possible to have more than 25 crew members. Once a captain has been replaced by an Indentured Zombie the 26th crew member will be inaccessible until one of the twenty-five visible crew members have been dismissed. At the moment the number of crew members attainable from captains being replaced by an Indentured Zombie is unknown.
  • It's possible for a Sea Witch to die in a voyage, resulting in said witch resurrecting herself as a Drowned ghost.
  • The Drowned ghost's dismissal button has the word "Dismissed" replaced with "Jettison". This does not apply to other crew members.
  • It is possible to have two opposite traits that cancel each other out (such as plucky and cowardly), have multiple of the same traits, and having traits on captains that do not make logical sense, such as mutinous (chance of killing the captain) and loyal (chance of saving the captain).
  • The Zhonghu Player crew member plays the Zhonghu, a Chinese stringed instrument developed during the 20th century.
  • Originally, at least 3 other traits were meant to be added: "Gambler", "Pirate Band" and "Explosive"; although they still exist in the game, none of the crew or captains are able to have this trait.
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