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Whenever a ship returns from a voyage, there is a chance that the player will receive a random event, indicated by a pop-up message in the chat box. Rewards from random events include special effects that can be applied to voyages, extra voyage or crew rerolls, and the ability to reroll adventurers or visiting captains for hire.

Depending on which event is received, the player can trigger the minigame by talking to Felix the Black Marketeer to play A Simple Favour, Surula the Barmaid to play Last Orders, or Seasinger Umi to play Helping Hand. The player will be reminded that they have a minigame available by a yellow minigame icon appearing above the appropriate person's head and on the minimap. Disconnecting or logging out during a Random port event will cause you to lose the event, but as long as you have not yet started the event, it will still be available the next time you log in.

Each voyage can trigger a random event. However, when a random event has been awarded but not yet completed or failed, further random events are blocked. Therefore, to maximise random event rewards, it is important to complete any minigame earned.

Felix The Black Marketeer: A Simple Favour

The Black Marketeer chathead

Felix's random event presents the message: "The Black Marketeer had a little trouble with some assassins. Speak to him to relive the event." In this minigame, the player helps the Black Marketeer work off his debt to the Death Lotus Assassins. The player takes control of Felix and must find 3 out of 5 ninjas hiding in various barrels around the dock, then locate and identify each ninja's victim.

Death Lotus assassin event

A Death Lotus member assassinating their target

Only one ninja's victim can be searched for at a time. The player first searches for a ninja's barrel (these are easy to identify because the top is open so you can see the ninja hidden inside when the camera is rotated to a top-down view). If the player doesn't find a ninja within a set period of time, an arrow will appear pointing to one. Once the player has found a ninja, the ninja will give a clue hinting at who the intended victim is (one of the Wandering Strangers). The player, still controlling Felix, must then identify the correct victim; if the player guesses incorrectly, the ninja will give further clues to help the player narrow his search. Clues can specify what the target is wearing ("The target is wearing a hat"); colour or style of clothing ("No, the top is the wrong colour", "That's not my target, the top was a different style"); or gender ("Well, that's not right. Completely the wrong gender for a start"). There are no penalties for misidentifying the victim, and no apparent time limits or limits on the number of guesses, so if desired, the player can ignore the clues and simply try all the wandering strangers until the correct one is selected.

Tip: You can see all the remaining ninjas at any time, even though you can only search for one ninja's victim at a time. Try to check nearby barrels as you move around the port searching for victims. That way you'll avoid wasting time running around the port looking for the next ninja.

Surula's Bar: Last Orders

Surula chathead

After completing a voyage, players will sometimes receive the following message: "The Barmaid had a tricky time while the Ship was away. Speak to her to relive the events." For this minigame, the player takes control of Surula and must serve beer to 20 clients in the bar area, upstairs, and nearby outside, all in less than 10 minutes. Surula can hold only 2 beer glasses at once so she has to return to the bar to get more after serving every two customers. Some of the clients will protest that they did not order any beer, but they will still accept it anyway and will still count toward the event's successful completion.

This is the only random event with a time limit, but 10 minutes is far more than enough time. Once a client has been served, the "Serve Patron" option will no longer appear on the NPC. This is a good indicator of whether the patron has been served already or not. Visiting adventurers (Whaler, Assassin, etc.) will be present in the bar during the event and can be clicked on to offer them beer, but they will always refuse, so they can safely be ignored.

Seasinger Umi: Helping Hand

Seasinger Umi chathead

When Umi's event is available, the message "Seasinger Umi had a small issue when helping out around port. Speak to her to relive the event" appears in the chatbox. After it appears, talk to Seasinger Umi to take control of her and help her with job, which requires finding hidden items around the storehouse of your port. The Warehouse worker will task you with finding two or three items, giving you a description of the item needed. They can all be found within crates or barrels on the first floor of the lodge. There is no time limit.

Worker's description Umi's description Container Item
Some sailors feel they need to be better armed. We have some spare weapons in here. A well crafted cutlass. I'm surprised someone has misplaced this. Black Barrel Well crafted cutlass
The dry dock workers need some extra tools to correct the length of some misordered planks. A simple saw, still sharp though. Black Barrel Simple saw
Ammo for the ship weapons is running low. I'm sure I saw some being sent up here. A hefty cannonball. Could do some serious damage to ships, or toes if you drop it. Black Barrel Hefty cannonball
The sailors love their drink. Surula needs restocking of the usual stuff. A bottle of rum. It's not the best stuff, but they won't notice. Normal Barrel Bottle of rum
Some of our loading equipment has had a part stolen, we need to find a spare part for the turning mechanism. A cog. It looks a little worn, but should still work. Normal Barrel Cog (Player-owned port)
The lines on the ship are always getting damaged. Get some fresh lines so the they can secure the cargo. A sturdy looking rope, not frayed at all. Normal Barrel Sturdy looking rope
Food supplies on the voyages can be extended by letting the sailors catch their own meals. A good rod. It's not super or anything. Crate Double Good rod
Fishing rod
We've received a new anchor, but nothing to attach it to the ship. The inventory for the warehouse said it was sent here. A length of chain. Great for jobs that rope can't handle. Crate Double Length of chain
We need to patch a hole in a sail. Find something suitable. A bolt of cloth, similar to sail material. Crate Double Bolt of cloth (Player-owned port)
The sailors have got themselves in a pickle - they've knotted all the rope into a big mess. Find them a tool to help them out. A marlinspike. Great for untangling knots. Crate Single Marlinspike
Some of the crews have reported that they need more light on deck during night watch. A lantern. Will probably need a new candle soon, but it will do for now. Crate Single Lantern (Player-owned port)
One of the repairmen dropped a tool into the sea while working. All I know is that he was attempting to nail up a sign. A hammer. It's hit quite a few nails on the head. Crate Single Hammer (Player-owned port)
Someone in the dry dock underestimated how much wood they would need for a job. I think we have some extra in here. A fine oak plank. Crate Single Fine oak plank
Oak plank


Add effects interface

Successfully completed random events will reward the player with various rerolls or effects that can be applied to ships. The possible rewards are

  • Adventurer rerolls: Redeeming an Adventurer reroll from the Visitors drop-down menu generates a new set of visiting adventurers and special voyages. Only adventurers in the port will be replaced. Adventurers who are currently out of the port on voyages will remain under way and will be able to complete them. Because the Visitors menu will only show two adventurers at a time, you may need to check the bar or the Special voyages interface to see the new adventurers. Up to three of these can be held at one time.
  • Captain rerolls: Redeeming a captain reroll from the Visitors drop-down menu immediately replaces the visiting captain for hire. Up to two of these can be held at one time.
  • Crew rerolls: Redeeming a crew reroll reward from the Crew Roster interface adds 5 crew rerolls to the total available. Up to three crew reroll rewards can be held at one time. Crew reroll rewards do not expire, but once redeemed, any unused rerolls will be lost at reset.
  • Voyage rerolls: Redeeming a voyage reroll reward from the Standard voyages interface adds 5 voyage rerolls to the total available. Up to two voyage reroll rewards can be held at one time. Voyage reroll rewards do not expire, but once redeemed, any unused rerolls will be lost at reset.
  • Effects: Most effects provide a one-time boost to a single ship, increasing one stat by 10% for a single voyage. Stackable effects may be added more than once to a single ship. For example, if your Seafaring is 1500 but the voyage needs 2000, you could use two Seasinger's Cries for +20% Seafaring (+150 each), increasing the chance of success from 75% to 90%. Lifeboat/Protect Crew Effect is permanent, but must be applied to each ship.

To apply effects, open the Voyage interface, select the appropriate ship (by clicking the ship icons or using the left and right cursor keys), press the button "Add Effect", and select the effect(s) to be applied to the ship. You can also use the "Add Effects" button to check which effects are active on any ship in port. Any effects which have been applied to the currently selected ship will be labelled "Active". The available effects are shown in the table below.

Fortune of the Sea does not apply to experience voyages.

Item Name Bonus Bonus
Bag of Winds Bag of Winds +10% speed Yes check
Yes, up to 3
Ration Pack Ration Pack +10% morale
Powder Keg Powder Keg +10% combat
Seasinger's Bottled Cry Seasinger's
Bottled Cry
+10% seafaring
Lifeboat Lifeboat Prevents the drowning of crew members (permanent). X mark
Lotus-Tint Spectacles Lotus-Tint
+50% crew XP
Fortune of the Sea Fortune of
the Sea
+10% rewards
or penalties

The maximum number of any given reward that can be stored is 3 for most rewards, but only 2 for captain rerolls and voyage rerolls. If getting a reward would make the number held by players exceed the maximum quantity for that reward, they get the message "You already have as many of this item as you are allowed." However, Ration Packs, Powder Kegs and Seasinger's Bottled Cry can all have up to 10 stored, if acquired from voyages. Voyages do not give the same quantity warning that events give. Reroll rewards serve to simply top up or replace things that are topped up or reset at 00:00 UTC anyway, and the usual expiry rules apply. Because of this, you may wish to avoid using them near the end of the day unless you expect to have time to use the benefit they provide.



  • The Bag of Winds is named after the bag given to Odysseus by Aeolus, the god of wind, in The Odyssey.
  • Umi's description of the fishing rod is a reference to the good and super rods from the Pokémon video games.
  • Ship repairs still count as a voyage and can result in a random event.
  • Before the third expansion on 26 January 2015, 5 ninjas had to be found and helped instead of only 3 during Felix' random event. In the same update, the green clothing of the wandering strangers was updated to yellow. The assassins' voice-over still said "green" instead of "yellow", however this has been fixed since then.
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