These were the Player Power polls for 2016.


RuneLabs: New Area

Tier Eligible Question
Dragonstone poll icon P2P icon The Guardians will be developing a whole new area of RuneScape this summer. Which of the following would you like to see being made? The actual content to be found in the winning area shall be determined in a later poll. Vote for all the options you like, the most supported idea wins.
Choices Percentage
Fossil Island31%
Eastern Lands (The Arc)45%
I don't mind13%

Gower quest reward finalists

Tier Eligible Question
Dragonstone poll icon P2P icon Last November we ran a "Design a Quest Reward" competition, and we have our 5 finalists! Now, you need to vote on your winner, which will be unlocked upon completion of the Gower Quest, due later this year. For full sized images and to join the discussion, head to the forum thread linked below!
Choices Percentage
Old friends - Vereor Umbra7%
Black lobster - Wolfgod Holo15%
Confetti lootbeam - XP Engineer19%
Balloony - Slim ShadyRS13%
Log-in screen teleport - Huknar31%
I don't mind15%

RuneLabs: New Area (2)

Tier Eligible Question
Dragonstone poll icon P2P icon The Guardians will be developing the first region of the Eastern Lands this summer: the Arc islands. We have taken the most popular suggestions from RuneLabs, plus one of our own, and the winner will be included in our update later this year. Please vote for any options you like!
Choices Percentage
Skilling boss42%
First Contact quest30%
PvP content (Pirate vs Pirate)10%
Slayer/combat area44%
Hunter area18%
New Ports adventurer16%
I don't mind7%

Favourite Update of 2016

Tier Eligible Question
Dragonstone poll icon F2P icon What have been your favourite updates of the year in 2016? We will be discussing the results in our 2016 retrospective livestream on Tuesday 13th December, starting 5pm Game Time on Twitch. Choose up to 3 options.
Choices Percentage
15 Year Anniversary event13%
Invention skill25%
Nomad's Elegy quest2%
Sliske's Chocolate Factory2%
God Wars Dungeon 223%
NXT Game Client39%
River of Blood quest5%
Kindred Spirits1%
Falador Massacre event3%
Gower quest4%
Telos, the Warden3%
Port Sarim Invasion2%
The Arc Islands10%
Beach Party6%
Skilling pets25%
Catherby rework3%
Bounty Hunter1%
Children of Mah quest7%
Other - tell us!2%
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