Plutonial chinchompa
Plutonial chinchompa
Release date 28 August 2012 (Update)
Combat level 15
Race Chinchompa
Members Yes
Quest NPC No
Location(s) Varies
Sells items No
Gender Female
Examine A very large chinchompa.

Asleep: It's fallen asleep.


The Plutonial chinchompa is a very big chinchompa discovered by Nyriki which plays a role in the Big Chinchompa Distraction and Diversion. In the D&D you will need to catch Soporith moths and then feed them to the chinchompa in order to get it to sleep. Doing so will earn you competence points which you can spend on various reward at the reward shop from Nyriki or Mieliki Tapio (the second being located in the Tree Gnome Stronghold). Rewards include quota tickets that you can spend on catching some hunter species in private hunter areas, several ingredients and Hunter experience.

You can start the D&D by either going by hunter spots around Gielinor to find Nyriki and enter the cave the chinchompa resides in or by going to Mieliki's place in the Tree Gnome Stronghold and using the orange portal that is located there as well to teleport straight to Nyriki.

Plutonial chinchompa (asleep)

The plutonial chinchompa sleeping.