Poison chalice detail

The poison chalice is a green, sickly-looking beverage given out by the dwarf Stankers, found at the Coal truck mining site.

The poison chalice features in the Seers' Village Tasks, in which players complete an easy task by giving one to King Arthur.

The chalice can be drunk by players. Its effects are random, but include:

  • Temporarily boost Crafting, Fletching, or Thieving by 1 level.
  • Temporarily boost combat ability (Attack, Strength, and Defence) by 4 or reduce it by 3.
  • Heal or damage the player: healing players up to 490 life points or damaging them from 30 to 600.

Damage seems to be based on a percentage of the player's life points, at two levels: 5% damage and 60%. It also seems that player with a high amount of life points have lower chances of being damaged by drinking from the poison chalice.

This could be used similarly to nitroglycerin. It can be a potent item for those who use Dharok's set as it damages a lot (up to 600), but it is very risky as it may heal or lose too many life points. After an update the killing effect of this potion was removed, your health will not fall below 25.


Stankers hands you a glass of strangely coloured liquid...

You drink the strange green liquid.
Response Effects
You feel a little better. Attack, Strength, Defence go down by 1-4; Crafting up 1
It has a slight taste of apricot. No change
You feel a little strange. Attack, Strength, Defence down by 1, Crafting up by 1
It restores some life points. Heals some life points.
You feel a lot better. Heals life points. Thieving up by 1.
Wow! That was amazing! You feel really invigorated. Attack, Strength, Defence up by 4; Thieving up 0-1
That tasted a bit dodgy. You feel a bit ill. Life points down by 30-50 (5%); Attack, Strength, Defence down by 1-2
That tasted very dodgy. You feel very ill. Life points down by up to 600 (60%); Attack, Strength Defence down by 3-4


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  • Despite it saying "Poison", it doesn't actually poison players.
  • The Seers' Village Easy Task is called 'Le Mort d'Arthur' after the classic compilation of stories by Sir Thomas Mallory. It is also the title of an episode of the BBC series Merlin.
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