The Poltergeist, whose name is Leif, is a ghost encountered in a puzzle while training the Dungeoneering skill. It is usually found on Abandoned, Furnished, Abandoned 2, and Occult floors. The goal of this puzzle to open the sarcophagus to unlock the door. However, the player is "too distracted" with the Poltergeist patrolling.

You have to read the coffin to determine the specific herb used to burn the censers. Obtain 4 of the herb from the plant pot. Consecrate them by clicking on them, similar to cleaning herbs in Herblore but this requires Prayer. Once done, use each of the herb on the four censers, and light them (with a tinderbox in the tool belt). The coffin is opened, and the door is unlocked.

Completing this room requires the certain levels in Herblore, Firemaking, Thieving, and Prayer.

Poltergeist room puzzle

The Poltergeist room


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