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Port Khazard is a port located south-east of East Ardougne and north-east of Yanille. It is not visited often, except for chartering ships to other locations, the Fishing Trawler minigame, some quests like Recipe for Disaster, and for Treasure Trail clues.

Ways to get there

Fishing Trawler minigame

Players can start the Fishing Trawler minigame here by talking to Murphy. He also gives players the sextant required to complete Treasure Trails and helps players go diving, during and after the Pirate Pete subquest in Recipe for Disaster.

Fishing Trawler stores

In Port Khazard there are two general stores, each run by a Shopkeeper. Besides the usual goods, they also sell the equipment that is used during the Fishing Trawler minigame, such as bailing buckets or swamp paste. Despite the two separate buildings, they sell the same products.

Tindel Marchant

Tindel Marchants

Tindel Marchant's stall.

Tindel Marchant is a character who for 100 coins each can polish and restore rusty swords you bring to him. There's a chance the sword will be too damaged to restore. Restored swords range from bronze swords to rune swords, and he will purchase the more valuable ones from you.

Charter ships

Players can speak to either trader crewmember in Port Khazard to book passage on a charter ship and travel to other places for a fee. Destinations include Catherby, Port Tyras, Brimhaven, Port Sarim, Karamja, and Port Phasmatys.


Two planks near the general store (spawn time is approximately around two minutes). Players sometimes visit Port Khazard to pick up these planks.

Training spots

Port Khazard2

The poorly maintained houses.

  • There are two houses that have a range for cooking food.
  • There are three anvils in eastern Port Khazard.
  • There are two small mines in the town. One is located in the northern part of the village, behind house with anvils in it, and has one mithril and two tin rocks. Another is located just south of the village, and has one mithril and two copper rock. The Yanille mine is near the port and has clay, tin, copper, iron, coal, and mithril rocks.
  • The closest bank to Port Khazard is the Yanille bank. However, there is a Bank Deposit Box near the dock, where items can be deposited. Players using the mines in and near Port Khazard often use this box, as do players collecting the planks that spawn at the port.


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