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Port Sarim Jail

The exterior of the prison.

Port Sarim Jail is a top security prison located in Port Sarim, commonly referred to as the worst jail in Gielinor. Before the removal of Shantay passes, players used to be sent to the jail by Shantay if they twice refused to pay his fine of five coins after declaring to be an outlaw, though were able to escape quite easily by picking the lock or teleporting out. The Port Sarim lodestone in particular is only a few steps away from the exit. In Hazeel Cult, if a player takes Ceril Carnillean's side, Butler Jones is sent to Port Sarim Jail at the end of the quest.


Port Sarim Jail location

Location of the Port Sarim Jail in relation to Port Sarim.

Port Sarim Jail is home to many criminals and outlaws, all standing in their cells looking bored, or hopefully rethinking their lives.


Port Sarim guards

The guards' quarters.

Level 22 muggers are found in their cell and are good training for low-levelled mages and rangers.


In Dragon Slayer, players need to speak to the goblin Wormbrain to obtain the third map piece needed to sail to Crandor. Players have the choice of paying him 10,000 coins for the map piece or killing him and using the Telekinetic Grab spell (level 33 Magic) to get the map piece he drops.


The level 46 pirate is found in his cell in the jail, waiting faithfully for the moment when he will rule the seas once again. He is roomed with Cap'n Hand, who breaks the fourth wall by telling players that his cellmate isn't much use for a conversation, seeing as he does not have a talk-to option.

Black Knight

Port Sarim Jail interior

The cells on the ground floor.

This level 48 Black Knight is identical to his counterparts in the Black Knights' Fortress, yet less fortunate to be found standing in jail. He is good experience for medium-levelled rangers and mages, killing him will not count towards the "It's Nothing Personal" task of the Falador Tasks. After the Black Knights received a graphical update, he remained with the same graphics for some time afterwards, though this was fixed.


A man of no honour, this thief is the average level 22 version that can be found on the streets of southern Varrock.


Watching over the jail are several guards.

Port Sarim guard

A jail guard.

Rick Turpentine

The former highwayman and random event, Rick Turpentine, is imprisoned in the jail. He takes jubilation in the death of the mugger he is jailed with.

Cap'n Hand

The former pirate and random event, Cap'n Hand, is imprisoned in the jail.

Prison Pete

Formerly in the ScapeRune random event, Prison Pete can now be found in the jail. He has strong fears of being re-abducted by Evil Bob.

Port Sarim Invasion

Main article: Port Sarim Invasion

In July 2016, Port Sarim was invaded by Jed and the Skulls. They managed to seize many of the prisoners, leaving Prison Pete and Wormbrain. In response, the prison guards, led by Bennet, fought back and recruited adventurers to help man the cannon on the roof and make repairs.


Sleeping prison guard

Sleeping on the job

  • Prior to the rework, there used to be a lone jail guard, who sat on a chair asleep.
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