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Port resources are resources found and used exclusively within the Player-owned ports minigame. They are obtained primarily from standard voyages, but special voyages offered by adventurers can sometimes offer port resources too. Port resources are used to buy crew, upgrade the ship and buildings, and can be traded with the Trader for trade goods. A failed voyage can also cause some port resources to be taken and used for repairs.

The type of port resource offered by a voyage is dependent mostly on the region focused on by the Port Management interface, but resources from other unlocked regions can also be offered, with a decreased chance. The amount of resources offered by a voyage determines the difficulty of the voyage. The Black Marketeer also offers a small amount of one port resource each day, in exchange for coins.

Port resources are distinct from trade goods, which are used solely in construction of rewards usable outside of the minigame.

Resources cap out at 999,999, however chimes are limited to only 200,000 (although it is possible to exceed this number, it will go back down to 200,000 after the daily reset).

Resource Region Black Marketeer price each
Chimes icon Chimes All 200
Bamboo icon Bamboo The Arc 300
Gunpowder icon Gunpowder The Skull 400
Slate icon Slate The Hook 500
Cherrywood icon Cherrywood The Scythe 600
Jade icon Jade The Bowl 800
Stainless steel icon Stainless steel The Pincers 1,000
Terracotta icon Terracotta The Loop 1,400
Azure icon Azure The Shield 1,800
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